Daley College: Trayendo nuevas oportunidades a Chicago

Daley College: Trayendo nuevas oportunidades a Chicago

There is another way. Here it tells me when the last time I… I used to have an office job. I felt limited with how to use a computer. I only knew the basics but it wasn’t enough for what I needed to know
for that type of job. That’s what motivated me to find this program. I used to work in a factory and I didn’t even know how to turn a computer on. If the machine does this, push this button. If the machine does that, push that and you didn’t know why. I had a heart disease. They decided not to wait for me. They told me, I didn’t have a job. So I said, you know what, I’m going back to school to learn something so I can’t be let go as easily. I saw my unemployment as an opportunity to reinvent myself. Configuring an account with Google if you don’t already have one and creating a secure password. The majority of my students are Latino. The students struggle when they apply for jobs. They do not have the necessary digital skills because they don’t know how to use a computer or software. We are giving them the opportunity and opening the window for them to learn those skills. We are talking about an impact on generations. My professional goal is to finish my Associates degree and to work as a machinist. The Google classes will help me a lot with my next class. My next class, everything is computerized. I feel more confident. I can go out to apply for work and put it on my resume. If someone asks me, “How do you do this?” I know how to do it. Education is important for everyone. You never stop learning. They start very timid, with a lot of fears. As time passes, they develop. They talk about the things that they’ve learned and how they can contribute. A world of opportunity opens up for them.

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  1. Google/ Alphabet Inc.
    steals technology and assets, report the crime immediately, strickest punishment should be given.

  2. Stop throwing me under the bus Google. I've got a learning disability and huge student debt. I haven't succeeded in an office job because of my learning disability, and illegal immigrants are taking low skilled jobs away from me. "What about all of immigrants trying to make a better life for themselves?" Well what about me and my student debt? Google isn't supportive of a border wall, and additionally Google won't build a database for ICE and Border Patrol to keep record of the illegals.

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