Daisy Ridley Explores Her Impact on The Internet | Data of Me | WIRED

Daisy Ridley Explores Her Impact on The Internet | Data of Me | WIRED

good god we've quantified your digital footprint so that you can see the impact you've had on the Internet this is what happens when you Google Daisy Ridley about 17 million results one section that comes up is people also ask can you answer these questions who is Obi Wan's daughter I didn't think obi-wan was allowed children isn't he a Jedi how old is Rey from Star Wars yeah we said like 19 20 my skin wasn't great so I took where accutane and its anti-aging I'm actually 27 playing down Rey was born 11 years after the Battle of Endor I tell if that information was available in the last two films I was in I was born 11 years after the Battle of Endor it's Daisy Ridley a twin no no my sister's just look incredibly like me where does Daisy really currently live I live in London great city these are your most viewed videos on YouTube maybe a trailer maybe the trailer for something oh yeah okay that's me I'm Fallon I took my best friend to Ireland we went on a little road trip I'm big seamus heaney fan so we went to his from his birthplace to his death place because I do organize great trips and on the way the trailer came out and we recorded me watching it as well people do and he was very moving so I guess that's that one only few questions loved that a lot somebody asked if they was actually my home and I was like much money do you think I have absolutely not flip cup mmm I was doing so well I thought was pretty good a flip Cup and then I lost my biz as these things happen three of those are in New York yes and I'm here right now we collected all the comments of those three videos and made this work loud Oh God broken I've said mean mean whatever view accent dun dun keep spoiler dude white arsenal smile OMG l'm al here as we noticed can you explain them mmm I do love Eminem and I can rap but I hear that the music hasn't been cleared otherwise I'd give you a sneak preview arsenal poor arsenalfan had everything know what goes on a football but I am a lifelong supporter of them we compare oh there's an overlap wow we get pretty close at points ah what do I have in there oh goodness in December 2015 you will more famous personal Thank You Internet according to Google people will search with these five other people can you guess who they are I'm gonna say Adam driver I'm gonna say mark hamill I'm gonna say Carrie Fisher for the basis of the film I'm in a philia I'm gonna say Noemi Watts and Oscar Isaac John there's my peanut Adam grumpy Dark Lord know me what's there she is Queen Gertrude Mark Hamill Carrie I would say that it is clear why they're all there they will see so she's twenty other people okay okay Oscar JJ Ryan Donal Harrison Kelly my version of Star Wars felicity other bit George Lucas found Billy in it Gwendolyn in it Tom Holland cows walking our next year Natalie Portman Star Wars Emma Watson maybe because she's British I have met her a couple times Laura Dunn fabulous Andy Lee Peter Anthony Emilia Clarke Peter Mayhew yeah I'm pretty thrilled to be you know in there pretty great group of people this is a Google Trends graph of your name searched over time hey I'm presuming when oh when force awakens came out and then B is when last Jedi came out and everyone was over me they were like yeah last just news I'd say C is when they announced the cost of Star Wars named such over just the last year god what interesting things have I been doing hey last year Oh maybe when like Kari and Richard you grant were announced first new Star Wars B is that April oh that's nice that's my birthday I was in Chicago thanks y'all and then C oh yeah yeah yeah the trailer had dropped or the rise of Skywalker very same time who aggressor shows related queries here at the top three jay-z I have no idea why I'm related to jay-z unless because my middle name is jazz people miss spelt Daisy Ridley pointing don't I point at this maybe I went through a phase of pointing up things ah if you had to complete this meme yourself how would you caption it you go to a failure please small films matter to I didn't know it was a thing but we were doing a charitable thing I believe it was a force for change thing and it said something like you could win so so annoying I'm pretty sure there were 4915 images of you on guess he went sort of well just this image from for every 20 2014 comes up I didn't want to do this my agent at the time because we knew that I'd go star was thought we needed some stuff but I think I look like a male bully band member from the 90s not loving that one but I do remember it was in cafe royale which is a very beautiful hotel yeah this is what you're known for on IMDB star wars force awakens scavenger goes on adventure scavenger played by me those who are shadow scavenger continues to go on an adventure scavenger still played by me Murder on the Orient Express murderer goes on an adventure one of a few murderer played by me also governess chaos walking women crash lands on new world chaos ensues and we walk all over the planet should be released next year I'll probably be back these are top rated movies of Rotten Tomatoes only yesterday I did the English translation of only yesterday which was actually released like 28 years ago in Japan with Dev Patel it is a joyful and a beautiful film it's a Studio Ghibli film based Takahata it's not Miyazaki so it's less fantastical it's more realistic and it's beautiful a woman goes to the countryside and sort of just remembers her childhood the Eagle Huntress I narrated I really had nothing to do with the insane successive this it's about a girl called Dashiell pan true story the first female Eagle Huntress and also I think the first woman to ever win the Eagle competition that happens very beautiful pop stars force awakens I was in that one that's nice that's got a nice review yes JJ on Twitter your name is search an average of nine thousand times a month I'm not that interesting but there we go there's me looking incredibly distressed here you're related search terms on Twitter Adam Daisy the Chelsea Smith is that Michelle Pfeiffer's like real name or something good God good God above oh my god that's impressive Michelle wherever you may be Wow the most liked video of you on any platform is this one off Michelle ah when I was a weed they're the most light one that's so liked that's cool I guess it's nice to see that behind the scenes abyss look at my guns in that one yes well the interesting thing about this film is we've concentrate more in the fact that their likes because the lightsabers were so heavy as unis said he was a new stunt coordinator it was more like broadsword fighting which isn't technically what it's supposed to be because lightsabers are supposed to be liked by nature so they actually made the lightsabers lighter for us we in this film have perhaps one of the most epic fights in cellars stay tuned these are the top ten posts involving on reddit this is the third most up voted post what can you tell us about chaos walking Todd Hewitt played by Tom Holland it's bad man and it should be pretty cool I think it's very strange to think about one's impact on the Internet I don't think I've had an impact on the internet as such but it's very exciting that a film on part of has had a trend of interest about it at various points and other things like Eagle Huntress things aren't as well known as Star Wars that's pretty cool the internet connects us all but be safe as you use it

50 thoughts to “Daisy Ridley Explores Her Impact on The Internet | Data of Me | WIRED”

  1. I really enjoyed this format, I've never seen it before so props to the creatives who thought it up! Looking forward to seeing more of these!

  2. Oh crap she's gonna find out that several people think on her every day… well actually 3 times at day

  3. Michelle C. Smith is amazing, she's not only a fan but she's a stunt woman and an actress.. I found her a few years back and have been a fan ever since.. She has some serious skills, and it all began with baton twirling when she was a kid.. She's always been very disciplined and passionate about what she does.

    It would have been awesome to have her as a cameo in the final star wars but I'm sure it's a bit late for that.

  4. Don't know who she is, and after watching this I care even less, which is impressive because the bar was set quite low to start.

  5. 2:05 Are we not going to talk about how Daisy pronounced the acronyms like wtf & lmao phonetically? Does she actually know what these mean? 😂 I love her so much.

  6. London is a shithole. Nothing to be proud of Daisy. If course you probably live in a remote area on the outskirts.

  7. This is a very unique and informative segment. Very well presented, great animations and editing, and I'm also happy that you gave a shout-out to Michelle Smith. I didn't know about her before this video, but its nice that through these segments, with different celebs etc, we'll be able to see and find out about many other interesting things and people. All in all, I give props to those who came up with this video idea, did the research and put it all together. I'm very interested to see this segment with a lot of other celebrities and people in general.

  8. The biggest impact I've had on Daisy Ridley searches is that every once in a while I check to see if she's come back to Instagram. I really wish she would, she's funny and charming and poised and a good role model and I really wish all the haters would not have driven her away…

  9. Love her so much!! I truly love her hair. There should be like fanarts and stuff. That would be cool to see how she reacts. Also, I saw that in the Twitter search Tom Bateman’s name was there. They’re engaged now right? She didnt say anything about that though hmmmm 🧐 Probably because of how this was edited? And here I am wanting to have some tea!

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