Cyberpunk 2077 News – Keanu DOUBLES Screentime, CDPR’s Big Purchase & More CEs Released?!

Cyberpunk 2077 News – Keanu DOUBLES Screentime, CDPR’s Big Purchase & More CEs Released?!

What’s going on Neon Nation welcome back
to The Neon Arcade for some Cyberpunk 2077 News. Today we are going over Keanu Reeves and a
very big hint that the writing in Cyberpunk 2077 is looking to be very promising, CD PROJEKT
RED’s new acquisition, Collectors Edition details that you will want to know about if
you are still in the market for a Collector’s Edition, a New App to Cyberpunk yourself, some countdown to the
dark future episodes featuring Cyberpets and some community creations! Starting off with the most time sensitive
news here Collectors Editions for Cyberpunk 2077 have seemingly started to creep back into
stock in various US retailers after CDPR mentioned that there would likely be no re-stocks of
the CE and it was extremely limited. If you haven’t had a chance to get your
hands on a CE, and if you are in the US, I would definitely look into BestBuy and GameStop
right now as these are the places, I can confirm have online stock. Not sure why this is happening right now, but hey this
is one of the perks of being in the Neon nation, you guys get information first! Next up we have details about Keanu Reeves
and his increasing role behind the scenes of Cyberpunk. In an article by WCCFTech and originating
from TGCOM Journalist Gian Luca Rocco who spoke with Keanu Reeves Italian Dubber Luca
Ward, we learn that the Canadian actor enjoyed his Cyberpunk 2077-character Johnny Silverhand
so much he actually pushed to get his “screen time” doubles, which in turn led to doubling
Luca Wards lines for the Italian dub. Now this is a guy who does a ton of things
for others on set, and really doesn’t seem to make anything about him frequently staying
out of the limelight, and overall just being really philanthropic on and off his sets. For him to be vocal and actively want to double the screen
time just really speaks to how much Keanu likely feels aligned with the project and its overall
quality. Whatever our speculation about this could
be, it’s a really good sign for at the very least the writing of 2077. Speaking of Johnny Silverhand, the Cyberpunk
2077 twitter tweeted out a picture of the guitar CDPR took on their world tour showcase
to various conventions across the globe to show off Cyberpunk 2077. Really awesome design here, and as we’ve
shown before they also feature a ton of posters and ads at their booths including Silverhand’s
Album, Kerry Eurodyne posters, as well as products, braindances and more. In a response to a user question saying “Why
do I feel like we will be able to find this in game somewhere” the cyberpunk 2077 twitter
responds with this image, maybe giving some credence to this being a collectible, or lootable item in the game. That’s purely speculation on my part, but regardless, if there’s mod support expect
to see this around somewhere. We already know we will be getting a priscilla
like concert in Cyberpunk 2077, and we’ve speculated it could involve samurai, so you can also throw that
into the mix if you are going to theorize about potential scenarios in the game. Next up we have a new face filter app from
CDPR which allows us to Cyberpunk ourselves through various surface wiring and facial
augments. You can look like some Maelstromers and Cyberpunks
easily by downloading this Facebook specific filter. I deactivated my Facebook a month or so again,
so I reactivated it try it out and then deactivated it again which was a little annoying so hopefully
they’ll branch out to snapchat and Instagram with these filters. I do have to say though, that they look phenomenal Next up we have big news from CD PROJEKT RED
as they’ve purchased the Jagiellonska 74 building complex in Warsaw Poland. I hope I said that right I probably butchered it but hey, what are you gonna do? Now when it comes to this purchase, Adam Kicinski CEO of CD PROJEKT said“For over 20 years now CD PROJEKT has been
conducting its business from offices located in the buildings on the Jagiellonska 74”. “This is where we’ve brought amazing worlds
and adventures to life and invested in infrastructure allowing us to create great games. This is where we’ve put down our roots as
a company and where we want to continue to grow moving forward. But we want to do that on our terms – by
making it the company’s true HQ, one that we can freely shape to our needs and vision
as its owners.” This in combination with the Jagiellonska
76 building next door which was purchased in late 2018, gives CD PROJEKT 24K sq. m combined
to work with, and is superb news for the expansion of CD PROJEKT and CD PROJEKT RED, and will
hopefully result in more frequent great Triple A games in the future. Next, we have a small detail via the
and CD PROJEKT RED forums where a user asks if we are able to change the size of the text
or scale the UI as an accessibility option for those who are unable to read or have low
vision capabilities. We get a dev response here, that it is too
early to tell, but that it’s been brought to their attention. Modern games these days have an incredible
amount of accessibility options for those of us who struggle in certain areas, so I’m
hoping that little changes like these are somewhat of a priority so more people can
enjoy the experience. Next, we have some Countdown to the dark future
episodes which are really awesome this week which features cyberpets. Now I do want to mention that in 2077, it’s
been mentioned that animals are largely wiped out due to pandemics and you’ll likely only
see dogs and cats, and maybe some exotic pets held by the wealthy elite, so these facts
might be confined to the lore of 2020. In any case we start off with episode 308
we learn that in the 2020s Biotechnica and Adrek Robotics were rivals in the “Cyberpet”
business. Biotechnica focused on providing customers
with genetically tailored, vat grown and cybernetically enhanced animals, both as pets and for more
functional purposes. Ardek took a more ground up approach and were
more robotic but were sculpted to look more like animals. Adrek’s success can be attributed to the
ceretronic core: Bio-engineered neural tissue fused with AI-driven microprocessors modeled
after animal behaviors. Biotechnica’s digital watchdog has the catch
line “Rover is waiting for you and you alone when you get home” and whose basic functioned
more like an alarm system than a weapon, although it could be upgraded. The perfect pet package was a package which
installed custom-programmed behaviors into your existing pet, allowing the owner to skip
training it. The Biotechnica Cyberpred, is taking an efficient
animal predator, and adding cyberware to it to make it even deadlier. Cyberpreds are almost impossible to train
and so they were programmed based on scent on if they are to attack or not. Cyberpreds are usually large dogs, wolves
or big cats. Their modifications include neural processors,
olfactory boosters, skinweaves, bone and muscle lace, pain editors, grafted muscles and cyberclaws
and fangs. Advanced models included full cyberlimbs and
cybernetic senses. Finally, we have our community creations and
fan art section. Check out these creators if you like their
work! Thanks for watching and for more Cyberpunk
join Neon Nation by subscribing to The Neon Arcade.

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  2. Yeah, sucks that it's on facebook. I deactivated mine several years ago and my life's been improved since. I do enjoy instagram (which I guess is owned by fb, but is an entirely different experience) so I hope they port the filters over there.

  3. CDPR are so cooperative to the cyberpunk community, the way they take our opinions and questions into consideration makes me respect them even more as a company, it's just so rare to experience/witness these days

  4. If keanu Reeves the guy who looks like jesus kun wants to be more involved in a video game it truly must be the second coming of video games.

  5. Damn

    Johnny Silverhand must be an amazing character if Keanu wants more of him

    Edit: also i'm happy about Luca Ward dubbing Keanu

  6. I'm happy that Keanu can 'play' Johnny more in the game, because so we can have a better connection.
    I can't say it enough that i have great respect of 'CD Projekt Red' and all the People there (not like other Studios and sad for the people that works there…).
    The Collectors Edition looks so nice with the stuff in there.
    See you Neon🕹 🎮 😉

    By the way:
    I saw a docu about a person that want make a thing like a Chip, that will implant into your brain.
    After that i thought "woah, learning X.X !"
    And so you can download stuff like a language that you don't/can't speak 😭 (into your Brain) and after that you can speak the new "learned" language 🤓

  7. Thumbnail is dope, name pronunciation on point and the voice goes oh so hard, yet, soft leather. Further more after all this what do you say me and you get an apartment together 😉

  8. Nooo! I just spent like 300$ plus on a collectors edition on eBay. Damn. Guess I will get the ps4 one now just to secure I actually get one and not a box full of rocks lol.

  9. Thanks for this condensed update,love that you don't fill the video with minutes of …..well, useless fillers.I could point fingers in certain directions,but no. Always been enjoying your content,and looking forward to the upcoming time when we all can dive in this brain altering universe

  10. I hope they wont over use Keanu, don't get me wrong Keanu is a legend. But I want cp2077 stand on it's own without too much influence of a mega movie star. My opinion. Edit typo auto correct sucks

  11. Wouldn’t it make more sense if we just had cyber pets or a lil bit of robotic companions even if actual animals died out. Plus biotechnica cloned animals so if there’s cats and dogs like you say can’t they take the dna from said animal to make us a clone?

  12. rather only see Neo during cutscenes for the main story. I don't want constant distractions from him as I'm doing other missions. Like no companions either on jobs since I'll be a solo stealth ninja.

  13. I would recommend anyone to break their hype. Dont hype ypurself too much you will be dissapointed. I cannot wait to play this masterpeice but i dont hype it to heaven

  14. I just went completions on the witcher. I have every build, every piece of gear every possible ability point. I did this on the base game and ng+. There is literally nothing left for me to do on it. My asscheecks are now ready for cyberpunk.

  15. Is this real lmfao are there really collectors edition?!? I need to get one I’ve been waiting to preorder for that very reason

  16. CD Project Red: Double screen time for Keanu Reeves

    Everyone: Yes

    Literally Everyone: Yes

    Every Souls: Ermac voice Yes

    Me: Hell yeah…

  17. @TheNeonArcade Thank you so much for telling me the collector's edition is available again!!! it's probably not a 100% guarantee I will get one, but at least it's one step closer than I was before… We will find out in 160 days! Stay awesome!

  18. @TheNeonAcade. Try spelling there Ja-Gye-Lon-Ska for "Jagielońska". That should fix it more or less for Polish audience 😀

  19. Dude how do you have the time to read all these comments? You are a youtube God lol and fr thanks for taking the time to figure all this info out. You sir, are a blessing

  20. I hope we will be able to change the hud color. The red would irritate my eyes after a while, plus it can be hard to read sometimes. I'd like to be able to switch it to white or green. Blue can have the same issues as red, depending on the shade.

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    Do you know why
    This guy gives us the best content
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  22. Still super excited for this game. But I lost my hype when they stopped support for 3rd person. Hoping for a great game.

  23. It makes me laugh how ppl started to be hyped about CP2077 when they sow Keanu in game;) He is not the best actor, guy plays the same character in every action movie he is in. He has always the same text and face reactions. I was hyped for this game when I have seen first artwork 7 years ago and info that CDPR is goin to make Cyberpunk game with original creator of CB2020. Wonder howmany ppl are like me, probably maybe liek 20% ;p

  24. it would be pretty cool if CDPR used this new app to scan your face and make a customized character for you to use in the game and multiplayer based on your face .. allowing you to tweak it!!! JUST SAYING!

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