Cute Programmer in Japan! (GaijinLife ep.5)

Cute Programmer in Japan! (GaijinLife ep.5)

Yokoso Peeps, it’s Oz and today I’m here with another episode of GaijinLife. Today I’m here with… Hi I’m Yurui! Apparently this area is famous for cats, as you can see. I think the reason is that there’s a lot of stray cats But so far I haven’t seen any. I thought that was a stray cat but it’s just a sculpture So where are you from? I’m from China. China. What part? South, near the sea. Ok. Do you speak Cantonese or Mandarin? We speak Mandarin but we also have a dialect. And you speak English fluently so where did you learn English? Actually I went to Britian when I was 16 for high school. And then I went to Canada for University after. Toronto, right? Yes You went to University of Toronto? Yes What did you study? Computer Science…I was originally in Math and Physics but I transferred to computer science Wow, cool. So you speak English, Mandarin and Japanese? From 1 to 10 what would you say is your Japanese level? I don’t know…6 6? Ok, have you taken the JLPT test? Yah What level did you take? N1 N1. And did you pass? Yes Then you’re not 6. That’s like 9! That’s because I know Kanji. Ok, of course because Chinese people have kanji too. But, I’m gonna say you’re 9. They love cats here Another fake cat. And the first real stray cat (nora neko). Looks like my cat Kaede. Sleeping. Mission Accomplished! Why did you move out of China? Was it your parent’s business or you just wanted to leave China? I went there alone. I went there alone. I was thinking it’s fun exploring So you just wanted to get out of your home area and see new parts of the world. How was it? Was it everything you expected? Did you have a good time or it was difficult? At the beginning I can’t speak that much but I tried to listen to others and try to copy what they say. That’s how I learned English. And how did you find Toronto and university life in Toronto? It was good? It was freezing! It was freezing. It was cold right! In winter, yah. So after you finished university did you go back to China? No. I’m actually taking one gap year. Now I’m doing an Internship in Japan. What kind of company are you working for? IT company. IT, because you’re doing computer science. How do you find working in a Japanese style office? Actually, it’s an international company so everyone speaks English. Oh really? Are all the people in the office Japanese or people from different parts of the world? Most of them are foreigners Does everyone speak Japanese together or English together? At work you must speak English. All the emails and confrences are in English. But when we have lunch together they speak Japanese. Have you been back to China since you left for highschool? I go back during summers. ok. Why did you decide Japan? I like anime! You like anime! Do you like anime? Actually I’ve never watched anime in my life. What is your overall impression of Japan? Tokyo is really convenient. Like you can have access to a convenient store 24/7 What about outside of Tokyo? Not so much? I went to Hokkaido. It was like Toronto actually. Cold right! And then Kyushu Oh, so you’ve been South and North. Yah, it’s Inaka (countryside) Do you like Inaka? You need a car. You need a car, yah ok. I think Japan is a really nice place to live i f you know Japanese. And you do because you passed N1. Are you single? No. Do you have a boyfriend? Yah Ok, cool. Is he like Japanese or foreigner? He’s from iceland. Iceland! Wow, cool! So it’s cold in iceland right? Are you ok with that? I don’t know. So does he live in Iceland or does he live in Japan? He lives in America. Oh, he lives in America. What part? Rhode Island. Rhode Island. Wow. Have you been to America? Yah Have you been to Rhode Island? It’s Inaka. I’ve heard of Rhode Island but I’ve never been there. Can I ask how did you meet a man from Iceland who’s living in Rhode Island in your life? We met when I was doing an exchange program here He was also an exchange student. At the beginning we had orientation together I had a boyfriend that time so he remembered me but I didn’t remember him. That’s a girl thing. Girls never remember guys. A new semester started and we had the same class together and we started to get to know each other. I understand Mandarin and English but you’ve only been in Japan for how long? a year? Yes but I was taking class. In University? Yah But still. To pass N1 is really tough. So how did you study? How did you get so fluent in Japanese? What is some advice you can give people? I started learning Japanese when I was first year in university. We had a really good teacher. In Toronto? Yah. We practiced almost every day because we have tutorial everyday. And I don’t know, watch anime. What do you think is the hardest part about learning Japanese? What part of Japanese is the toughest? Actually the difficult part might be keigo (polite Japanese) You mean the business formal? You need to know how to react, becasue Japanese people try to be humble and you shouldn’t push it. Other cultures are a little bit more direct right? So it’s more indirect communication And also for the vocabulary part do you know like when they describe there’s heavy rain they say “zaa zaa” The sound kinds of words. The sounds are hard right? It’s really hard! In English it’s called onomatapeia. So apparently this shop is famous. There’s a huge line up in front of it. So we decided to try it. this is tora (tiger) flavor. It’s chocolate and white chocolate mixed. Wanna try some? Oishii (delicious)? I don’t know. It’s Ok. It’s pretty good. I don’t why it’s so famous. I think it looks cute so pretty good. Yah What’s your favorite Japanese food? Tomago Yaki. That’s good. What Japanese food don’t you like? Horse. Meat Raw horse meat. Oh, ok. Basashi. You don’t like that? I don’t know. It’s hard to chew. What Japanese music do you like? Do you know YUI? I love YUI! YUI’s awesome! What Japanese movie do you like? Do you know Shichinin no Samurai? Oh yah, someone else mentioned it. 7 Samurai. So what’s your favorite anime? GinTama. What is your favorite Japanese word? Do you know the kanji “Ai”? Ai is Love? Yes What’s a Japanese hobby that you like? Nihon buyo What’s that? It’s Japanese dancing. Like you wear a kimono and then… LIke with a fan and everything? Oh, that’s cool! So thank you for joining me today. It was fun talking to you. Goodtimes! Let’s hang out again. Thumbs up if you like this video. Leave any comments you want below. If you have any questions, go ahead. If you haven’t already subscri bed to my channel do it because my videos are awesome, Ozzy Awesome! Take care, see you next time. Peace!

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  1. 外での撮影もいいですね。今日はインタビューでしたね。見つけた彼女もワールドワイドですね。

  2. She's cute. I don't know why but the oven made of volcanic rock from Mt. Fuji sticks in my head. What do they make there?

  3. Nice scenery for an interview. That was a peaceful spot. She makes Canada sound like a big ice cube lol! This year we had a really nice summer too, with HOT weather 😛 Great interview. Her English is very clear and precise. I'm impressed!

  4. この女性は髪型とかファッションとかも日本人みたい。

  5. I was convinced that women like that do not exist 🙂
    IT, Anime and beautiful at the same time… I need to raise my standards heheh.

  6. 5:22 I could feel the pain in his heart as soon as she answered that question. I was like Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  7. that tora stick is what we have here as a "dry"cake called "Tiikerikakku" which is a bigger actual cake and is translated to "Tigercake"

  8. Thank you for making this video. I am attending a University for a Computer Science degree. Since I was child I always wanted to live in Japan. I seriously could NOT find one single information on any females in this area. Which kind of made me terrified. She is the first I have ever seen. ^_^

  9. Did computer engineering from Canada and came to Japan for work because she loves anime… I thought I was the only person who was thinking this to do but from Norway not from Canada

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