Customisable Mechanical Keyboard! – Rakk Lam-Ang Pro Review

Customisable Mechanical Keyboard! – Rakk Lam-Ang Pro Review

I’ve said before that budget mechs are getting
better. So let’s see how this Rakk Lam Ang Pro fairs. And first of all, like the Ilis I checked
out a while back, this is primarily available in the Philippines. So this video will mainly be for them. But I’ve seen this keyboard under different
brands, so you may be able to find it elsewhere. And I did receive this keyboard early, so
this may not represent the final product. Okay, so there’s 2 main versions of the
Lam-Ang. There’s the Lam-Ang Lite, which uses Outemu
switches, and Outemu hotswap sockets. Therefore pretty much being only hotswappable
with other Outemu keyswitches. Then we have the Lam-Ang Pro. And this comes in 3 different configurations. There’s one with Kailh BOX White keyswitches. One with Kailh Speed Bronze keyswitches. And then a Barebones version which does not
come with any keyswitches, keycaps, or extra top covers. The one I have today is the Kailh Speed Bronze
Lam-Ang Pro. In the hands, there’s a bit of flex, but
nothing to be worried about. And it is packing some decent weight, as it
has the internal steel plate. And while we do have it like this, let’s
look at the hotswap feature. So my one came with Kailh Speed Bronze keyswitches,
but more importantly, it has Kailh Hotswap sockets. This is very different to the Outemu hotswap
sockets that you see on many budget mechs, as those pretty much only accept Outemu keyswitches. The Kailh sockets on the other hand accept
pretty much all MX style switches, like it says on the box, universal. So that means Cherry MX, Gateron, Kailh of
course, Outemu, etc etc, all fit. And the RGB SMD LEDs are out of the way, so
that’s all good. But if you have 5 pin PCB mount keyswitches,
you would have to snip off the plastic prongs. Anyway, let’s put the caps on, so we can
have a better look at the keyboard. It comes with 3 different top covers. We have the default metallic grey. There’s white. And also a darker metallic grey/black. There’s not a huge amount of difference
between these 2, but it is still noticeable in different lighting conditions. To swap them out, there’s a bunch of Phillips
head screws around the keyboard. And once you unscrew them, you have to unclip
the plastic piece. So what I like to do is put my finger in where
the USB C port is, and just pull up. You don’t want to be super forceful, as
it is just plastic tabs, and being plastic tabs, they can snap and break, although I
haven’t had that issue. Over time they probably will become more prone
to breaking, especially if you constantly change them. I did like the Ilis because it had a magnetic
top cover instead, so there was no risk there. Unscrewing and screwing these screws in are
pretty annoying as well. I just left mine off, and the keyboard does
seem to stay together pretty well. The aesthetic design of the keyboard is quite
nice actually. I really like the simplistic look, with rounded
corners, and chamfer all the way round. The sides are also clean as can be, just being
flat. The only thing that does disrupt this a bit
is the scroll wheel and buttons above the arrow keys. But that’s just a personal aesthetic thing. And it is a feature of the keyboard as well,
as many people do like to have a volume wheel. And while I don’t really like the look of
it, I really did like actually using it to control volume, so I can understand the appeal. And it also controls the backlighting brightness. And yep, this keyboard has customisable RGB
backlighting. And therefore backlit keycaps. These are pretty thin 1mm ABS caps, but are
doubleshot, so the legends are another piece of plastic and will never fade away. And there’s a bunch of effects and patterns
that you can go through. Now I have seen that there is software for
this keyboard, as my friend from ShopzadaPH has covered it in his awesomely in depth review. But there’s no mention of it in the quick
start guide, and nothing on the website. So without asking, I have no idea where it
is. So definitely check out his video if you want
to learn more about that, but it looks like the usual. On the rear we have our USB type C port, again,
almost all new boards are adopting that. Although the opening is pretty small. I had 2 cables in my bedroom, and both didn’t
fit, so that was annoying. And we also have a USB passthrough, so you
can connect whatever to it. And it also lights up, which is pretty cool. The other big feature of this keyboard, is
that it has Bluetooth! This is something that’s becoming more and
more common with mechs which is nice to see, as even back like a year or two ago, they
were super rare. So first you need to turn on the switch on
the back. And switch to Bluetooth mode by pressing FN
plus TAB. This keyboard can pair to up to 3 devices,
which are on the Q, W, and E keys. So to pair, you press FN plus Q, W, or E,
and then set it up on your device. It’s easy, and it works perfectly well. The performance to me seems absolutely fine. Although for the most part I was only using
this for typing and casual use, so no gaming. But I didn’t notice much latency, and there
wasn’t any skipped keypresses or anything. So overall, I’m pretty happy with the wireless
performance. They state it has a battery life of 48 hours,
with the 2000mAh battery. I used it on and off for like a week, and
it’s still going strong. So yeh, sorry, don’t really have an accurate
battery life statement. As for the actual typing experience. I really liked it. It’s interesting that they only have 2 switch
options for the Pro version. Both being Kailh clickies. Both being clickbar clickies, that feel quite
similar. But yeh, they are nice clickies, and I do
prefer click bar over click jacket, as the click is more crisp and sharp. Although with the Bronze and Whites, there’s
not much of a bump. They’re very loud, and have two clicks,
rather than one, and here’s how they sound. The impressive thing for me is that the stabilisers
have minimal rattle. It’s always masked quite a bit with clicky
boards, but they are actually lubed, so that’s great. Opening up the keyboard is pretty easy, with
a bunch of Phillips head screws on top. Interestingly, there’s foam that goes between
the PCB, and the bottom plastic piece. It should make the typing experience slightly
better. But I guess it wasn’t super noticeable with
the clickies. But it is nice that they did that. And in the bottom piece we have our 2000mAh
battery. The mounting plate is made from 1.5mm steel,
which gives the keyboard most of its weight and rigidity. And here’s the PCB, and the Kailh hotswap
sockets. Completely different from the Outemu ones,
and require the PCB to specifically accommodate them. And as you can see, the contacts have a spring
action, so the pins just slide straight in, and won’t be too tight. Overall, I’m super impressed with this keyboard. Again this is primarily available in the Philippines,
but I have seen this sort of board under different brands. The Lite version with Outemu switches and
sockets comes in at around 2000php. The Pro Barebones with Kailh Sockets is a
bit more expensive. And then the ones with everything go just
over 3000 pesos. So they are going away from the low end budget
range, but that’s completely understandable for what we get. There’s not many keyboards with Kailh hotswap
sockets, which allow us to hotswap any keyswitch. It has customisable RGB backlighting. There’s removable top covers. Although I would be wary of the plastic clip
durability over time. USB passthrough. And it has Bluetooth capabilities which is
awesome. Barebeons may be the way to go, especially
if you don’t want clicky keyswitches, because that’s all it comes with. And the keycaps aren’t all that great. But if you like the look of it, and are in
the Phils, this is definitely a compelling choice even in this slightly higher price
range, as it’s packing a heap of features, and backs up my point. Budget mechs are getting better.

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  2. Are there really any way of getting RAKK keyboards in the US? They have some boards I wish that were had in the US, but it kinda sucks if there's no way to get them over here.

  3. this seems like the perfect keyboard to bring some friends into the hobby. thanks for telling us all about it. might try to send this to them as a gift sometime soon

  4. Just wow, the glorious gmmk is way more expensive than this keyboard but they offer the same features, rakk did a really good job making this keyboard. Reminds me of apple getting clobbered by china phones because of there price and specs, imagine if rakk can this ship keyboard globally.

  5. Outemu sockets fit Kailh and gateron switches without issue, as I've got a board with them I've tested with several different switches. Don't know about cherry though. The thing about other switches being tight is greatly exaggerated in my experience.

  6. 1:43 I am still waiting for the day when someone will create a hot swappable keyboard (full size) with holes for 5-pin switches … if you found one please tell me the name

  7. I love this channel!
    Would love to see a QWERTZ budget keyboard comparison, since we don’t get much love in the keyboard department, even though 🍒 is a German product. Well maybe that’s exactly the reason why….

  8. u know I bought a cougar attack 3x at pchub for 2395 !!! on sale, august clearance so I think its worth for the money, but not sure for availability because just hours the red switch out of stock, so I go with blue switches (cherry mx) 1000hz polling rate, but no rgb, but overall good build quality, and I like its design.
    btw this is not about the rakk lam-ang pro key just sharing XD

  9. is this purely a wireless keyboard that will require charging from time to time or could I permanently mount this on my PC?

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  11. thanks for the review as laways, finally I found what kind of hotswap socket that I needed.
    Just tried out Cherry MX and it feel very different from outemu, but most of other brand that use cherry mx does't have hotswap feautre, and now I know what kind of hotswap socket that can swap with all kind of switches.

    I hope you can share all other brand that use kailh hotswap socket since you mention that there are other.
    I just want to know maybe some of them are in my region.

    keep up the good work

  12. could you switch between bluetooth and wired mode? I would really love to use this on my dev work. 7:27 would save me 3+ cups of coffee!

  13. The AKKO 9009 Color 116 Keys Dye-sub PBT Keycaps set should work well on this? I've read that the keycaps has a cherry profile. 🙂

  14. Bought a barebones one thanks to this video, fitted it with box navy and some cheap SA caps, really happy with it.

  15. Funny to see a lot of people I see using mech keyboard only using 1% of full keyboard potential and most of the time it’s just a display specially most gamers. Or in some cases just Bragging rights.

  16. £52 for this. 3 top covers plus those switches looks to be a pretty good deal to me. I doubt if shipping would be a massive amount either

  17. Peripherals in the Philippines are cheap and good quality. But all the PC components and Gaming Laptops are overpriced asf

  18. in your opinion, which one is better? the rakk ilis or rakk lam-ang lite? im having a hard time choosing since the rakk lam-ang has so much more features but the rgb isnt all that bright but on the other hand the rakk ilis has the magnetic cover and alternate floating key design and is so much brighter but is a tad bit longer and lesser features. hope you find time in your day to reply to this since im having a dilemma hehehe

  19. I saw someone who bought this had a problem with the cable since u mentioned most of your type C cables doesnt fit the keyboard. just a heads up for those who are planning to buy this.

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