Current State of Programmers in Software Industry and What needs to be considered

Current State of Programmers in Software Industry and What needs to be considered

Hello Everyone welcome to #TechThoughtsWithDaksh so there is a quote which is available all over internet
which states that if you are born poor not your mistake but if you die poor
it is your mistake now this quote is largely attributed to bill gates but I am
not exactly sure if he was the one who stated it but let’s assume this is
true but couple of days back while thinking about current state
of our Software Industry I came up with something similar here is how my quote looks like if you have joined as a programmer not your mistake but if
you are staying long time as a programmer or worse planning to retire as a programmer it is your mistake I know none of you will be surprised by this statement
because this is what the current state is this is how our culture has define the way of working in
knowledge industry nobody can remain programmer for long time because to show that they have progressed in their career they have to moved into management and non technical
position the worst aspect of this is that even the programmers who
are very good in programming and can contribute largely to the software or the code
quality are moving to a position where they cannot directly
contribute to software or the code this is the current culture and I am extremely doubtful if
one can retired as a programmer because you know what after sometime organisation will think
that you know what the guy has become old or lazy and he or she has family commitments and the resources is costly we can easily replace this
person with someone new and over a period of time one or other lay-off cycle will
get you So its highly unlikely that you will retire as a programmer Now because of this reason there is a mad rush to get rid of titles with says that developer programmer or
engineer and acquire a title which has the word manage in it I don’t know whether this is right or wrong I am no one to pass a judgement on this but I can tell you my opinion based on my own experience of
spending long time in software industry I am extremely worried extremely concerned about this
particular behaviour or situation or scenario because you know what knowledge industry is different than
other industries but what happened around 20 30 years back when the industry
started exponentially all of the people wear new what organizations did at that
point of time is that they hired people from other industry like manufacturing
construction to let them manage people in IT or Knowledge industry which was actually different then how we manage people in
other industry because of this exponential growth the people didn’t get
time to understand how the knowledge industry should be managed and we actually borrowed all the practices from other industries
including that if your pass a brick in 1 hour you can pass 10 bricks in 10
hours All those practices has lead to the degradation of software
quality the way people are actually writing software you know what today software control our lives our lives are directly dependent on good quality software we all know what happened with Boeing 737 Max 8 series of
aircrafts and where the corners were cut this is all public domain news ok so we know that if we continue to do that will continue to
get into these kind of situation where software will fail and that failure will cost us
heavily what my opinion is that we need to stop that and the only
way to stop that is to build this knowledge industry in the same way as a
building with Lego pyramids look in this pyramid bottom is also Lego top also Lego I am not saying give software developers the business
decisions but software developer or programmers they should be in control
of the technical decisions the decisions related to software and no matter with what hierarchy you put those people in those people should be placed according to this particular
pyramid itself where the Lego blocks represent the bottom and the Lego
blocks represents the top and we need to get out of this mindset saying that you know programmers are lowest strata of society we need to give programmer a value equivalent to what we
give a scientist you can see that a scientist can remain scientist for rest
of his or her life but a programmer cannot remain a programmer for the rest of
his or her life we need to change this we need to deliberate on this we need to come up with a different way of working in
Software Industry or knowledge industry so that was my today’s #TechThoughtsWithDaksh let me know what you feel about it I looking forward for your comments please do not forget to
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see you good bye good day

3 thoughts to “Current State of Programmers in Software Industry and What needs to be considered”

  1. @Daksh it is never going to be possible in India that a programmer will retire as programmer however in abroad it is other way around. In India if you are 6+ yrs of experience then management ka bhoot peeche lag jaata hai

  2. I became Project manager in 2008, i felt that was not my place. Still today I am a programmer and retire as programmer and will die as programmer

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