Crooked Media | Subscribe to our YouTube channel

Crooked Media | Subscribe to our YouTube channel

YouTube has a note for us guys what I say first impressions matter you can win the hearts of unsubscribe viewers with a captivating trailer we're gonna win your win your hearts hearts and minds so we have this podcast we do we talk about Donald Trump and politics yep and the news current events we have some laughs some haha' mm-hmm as we call them not all the time we don't call them all the time there's like ribbing joshing guys it's just great tips keep it short Hotel show don't tell it's a conversation assume the viewer has never heard of you know hook your viewers in the first few seconds on ask viewers to subscribe oh please so can you please subscribe pod save America pretty you know you're on it you're on it right now you're watching you're subscribed so we couldn't be easier to get you back click click the fucking click subscribe Jon Favreau this is Jon Lovitz the time Tommy Vietor I assumed you knew that you should never assume that we host pod save America we do it's a no bullshit conversation about politics it is yeah that's about it it's funny people like it some people don't yeah everybody the most loved it

20 thoughts to “Crooked Media | Subscribe to our YouTube channel”

  1. Ok, here’s an idea:

    What if we dressed up a bunch of ex-government employees up as “regular dudes” and had them redistribute their establishment talking points with a hipster-millennial twist?

    I really think I’m onto something here.

  2. I’m a shallow hipster millennial in the year 2019 and I have this problem; I’m not sure whether I should blindly accept vague mainstream establishment talking points at face value without question.

    Enter: Crooked Media

  3. I have never felt so much cringe in my life John Lovett is a pukey dweeb trying pretend he has something hip ti offer with his double speak

  4. Imagine the worst episode of Frazier. Then, remove all the funny parts and add three soy boys. That’s pod save ‘Murica, lots of salad tossing and scrambled eggs.

  5. Interested to hear your thoughts on Venezuela. Is it finally time to reconcile with the realities of socialism?

  6. My gosh. What have I done. You guys look nothing like I imagined, and so I'm going to forgot I ever came here and just go back to lessening to your pods.

  7. Love you guys, thank you for all the hard work. Its amazing to listen to all the podcasts and realize there are still sane people having discussions in this country.

  8. I am a simple, working class man. Born in the late 80's, raised in the 90's, and working by 2000 by the age of 12.
    I was raised a latchkey kid, taught by Dr. Drew via Loveline, and in love with President Clinton… Much to my folks dismay.

    You gentlemen are the most sane, entertaining, yet level headed figures.. No, idols, of my now adult life. Thank you. I only wish I could actually see each of you work live. It'd be as exciting as any punk show I've been to.. That's saying something! Salud from the 505!

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