Créateurs d’Émotions – Sylvain Psaltopoulos (Level Designer) et JP Parent (AI Programmer)

Créateurs d’Émotions – Sylvain Psaltopoulos (Level Designer) et JP Parent (AI Programmer)

It’s a really cool communication tool. I even call it magic, because it’s pretty unique what happens every time we dance with someone. I wanted to meet people, rather than stay only with my French friends. I always liked music. I always wanted to do couple dance. It took me out of my comfort zone. Then I came across rockabilly jive. It’s about learning to control my body in a way that I never really did. Gradually, I found myself teaching, because I had a good level. By meeting people, talking in parties, I realized that there are a lot of people in the video game industry who dance. And it is even thanks to that that I could have a job in video games. At Eidos-Montréal, I am an artificial intelligence programmer. I am a level designer. I spend my day, in general, sitting, typing on the keyboard. I am very in my head. I had been very shy for a long time. When I go out dancing, it’s completely different. I empty my mind. I think of nothing more, I think about dancing, trying to interpret music through my body. Dancing gave me a lot of confidence and I am much better at interacting with the members of my team. Dancing is contagious. Everyone is dancing, everyone has a smile. You really want everyone to dance. My name is Sylvain Psaltopoulos. My name is Jean-Philippe Parent. And I am a Level Designer. Artificial Intelligence Programmer. At Eidos-Montréal.

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  1. Expansor earing+ crewcut+ stupid moustache… If this is the baseline of the people that worked on tomb raider reboot no wonder the second and third game suck so much… Youve ruined a fairly interesting reboot with so much cuckery in your games.

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