Cost of living in Canada | Groceries and Prices

Cost of living in Canada | Groceries and Prices

Hey guys welcome back to my Youtube channel Its Igor here today and as I promised I’m going to take you a supermarket we are coming to Superstore I cannot show you the sign here let me try and show it to you real Canadian Superstore and yeah I came here before To record with my cellphone but the footage was so bad because of the darkness now came here with proper.. proper vloging setup and it should be way way better going to grab a cart just to pretend as if I am shopping here I’m actually planning to buy something but not too much today I’m here mainly for you to show you how it’s like grocery shopping in Canada What are the prices and everything? so as soon as you walk into a supermarket.. that’s what you’re going to see so this is the prices That’s organic..Strawberries..That’s why its expensive.. today the groceries are not that cheap but that’s just today sometimes they’re on discount and there are like couple of bucks only but this row is way cheaper you know the most funny thing is people staring at you that thing is never going to make me stop from smiling Alright so this is the grocery section that’s where you get all the fancy stuff Now… for example what’s it called Pineapples I actually forgot for a second how you say that that’s only 249 today so it’s kind of cheap 246 246… one piece and you have to know one thing that everything here is measured in pounds so it’s 450 something grams each pound ninety-seven cents for one pound of these ones So bananas are really cheap in Canada.. now apples let me show you apples.. actually know what… I’m going to dump this basket! It annoys the hell out of me… it’s specifically this Superstore that’s how it’s built they have grocery at the entrance each superstore you go they have basically the same products but it’s built in a different way here I like this one the most because once you walk in you get all the vegetables this stuff you can buy in bulk… it’s just this this entire row is stuff that you can buy in bulk like.. if you go to the other.. side so that’s this side like that’s the
entrance as you can see that’s President’s Choice so that side behind me right now.. that side is all food.. side on the other side of the store over there it’s all home stuff so you can see Let me just show you around actually you know what I’m gonna just show you around you can buy the cheap microwave it’s one of the cheapest ones for $60 brand is everyday essentials to be honest with you it’s a really bad brand it’s it costs so less but quality is so bad.. so everyday essentials you can get higher quality in Dollarama and it’s going to be cheaper than this Just so you know that’s kind of salt look at these prices this this can scare you away.. when I first came to Canada when I saw this… I was like…oh my God.. who is the hell is going to pay $30 bucks for For what for this salt?? look how much salt it has… you know I never bought it… I still… I can afford buying it… I can buy it..yea but would I buy it? no no Alright…so here you get… all sorts of spoons and stuff let’s look at the prices look at this $11 for what?? you pay $11 for for this… I’m sorry I wouldn’t pay for $11 for this but you know what it’s not too expensive this is actually cheap some stuff here is ridiculously expensive now if you’re coming to Canada you might want to consider buying the coffee maker because lots of people here drink lots of coffee let me show you this is one of those coffee makers.. $54 how basically how it works is you set it up you put the coffee inside you put the water inside you set it up and in the morning whenever when you wake up you put up the clock in time and it boils you.. this vessel full of ready coffee so once you get your alarm to go to work this thing is already brewing you coffee so it’s kind of nice now don’t be scared by prices like look at this… $200 for this thing yeah…it’s expensive quality is okay but you can always get a deal Most important part in Canada is to get a
deal you have to find something that’s on sale I’m right I’m right now talking
to you but at the same time I’m trying to find the deal and I found it look at this okay this rice cooker for $12 you see it’s a deal the problem is it’s gone that’s the problem.. let me actually check 997 so if you check the barcode you can actually find out if that’s the right product but it’s not the right product see.. this product yellow’s usually a deal that’s how they tag it so it’s different from other white ones yellow it’s usually on sale.. so it’s gone because I wanted to show you how you get a deal but because I’m filming it in the night… the product is already gone Now.. there is bunch of other stuff here let me show you like you can buy chairs.. you can buy this totes for storage area but you don’t really like this stuff is not the most important things like you can get painting see it’s a deal right now for $34 for one of this but it’s not like you just print it on a computer it’s not a real painting or anything this one is a sale right now limit 4 pieces chairs 120 dollars the original price is $199 for a chair like
this yeah is it see 199 now it’s 119 so it’s on sale now that’s a deal but the most important part in Canada is to search for deals… not only in one place so I can tell you for sure that if you’re planning to buy some furniture and some apparel some clothes you don’t buy it from Superstore because Superstore is too expensive but grocery grocery is fine (Sir) hey…sorry What is that??!! I’m just vloging to my Youtube channel yeah you are allowed to do it if its just you..cannot take anyone else.. absolutely no worries yeah.. for sure just myself ok yeah I’m just making it for immigration
channel my friends who are planning to come to Canada we just want to see around so its just for them Ohh.. that’s fine… Just as long as you are not vloging with customers absolutely thank you all right so.. we are back we are back on track Now people don’t want to film other
customers ooiii…. we are not going to be filming any other customers other than myself some prices you see they already already looking at me on the camera and they’re trying to figure out what’s going on but well people here think that they are Superstars and they have to get paid for their faces so I’m not going to show their faces because they’re not going to get paid for their faces NOW that’s cheese… Look at this….. the cheese in Canada is kind of expensive.. Look at this its $9 For Gourda $8.97 so if you see… $10 for 500grams this is… mild something.. Medium forte.. that’s basically that’s basically it cheese is kind of
expensive here if you want to buy some sausage it’s also kind of expensive so if you get you see like this one for example literally… this one is eight dollars for what?? I don’t know it’s kind of costly.. but the most important part in Canada is to know what you’re shopping for it’s if you go to a box section for example you want to buy some burgers and stuff it’s mainly… let me show you actually there is a deal right now see this one $5.49 let me show you $5.94 that’s $17 so usually… usually it’s way more expensive I’m trying not to get anyone into my camera because people are complaining so usually it’s way more expensive but that thing that $5 right now it’s on sale that’s mine.. that’s $30 for chicken thighs 200….2 kgs 2000gms so the most important part here is… to know the prices and to show up at the right places at the right times I just showed you sausages that were the sausage salami that was about… $8 and $10 but at the same time here… you can find the same stuff for… half a price look at this so you can get this kind of sausage for only $3.48 and it’s more… that one was 400 gms this one is 500 grams and its half the price so if you know how to shop around I just can’t..I just had to make sure the microphone is there well you can get really good deals here now I also want to show you something I also want to show you one more place here… in the International food section where you can get like Indian food Chinese food and other stuff so this is just a frozen section that’s where you would get your pizza and stuff see the pizza is usually six dollars but it’s
almost always on sale so it’s almost always four dollars so if you see the pizza for six dollars don’t buy it.. Wait one more day it’s going to be four dollars..! yeah so that’s basically it let me show you a little bit more here you see there’s a bunch of isles here that you can go to… they sell pickle pickle is basically $3.33 so it’s not too expensive… for this amount of pickle they have sweet section… there’s so many things but I want to show you the world food.. and I think that will be it for today because I already showed you everything here guys so the world food section is
in Aisle number two hopefully they’re not going to kick me out of here soon because they already came and talked to me about yeah apparently it’s fine as long as I don’t get other customers now finally we are in the international
food section and that’s where you would get some interesting stuff. from your home countries so for example you can get green tea from China and it’s also cheaper than most places all right so you can also get Arabic Zaatar here I used to love this thing when I was in Qatar when I lived in Middle East now you can get.. all sorts of Indian masalas here but you know what my wife says she just cannot look at the prices when she knows what’s the price in India but I’m still going to show you it’s one dollar thirty five cents for
this kind of stuff and everything is almost $1.39 so if you want chicken masala here is chicken masala $1.48 its actually all of them is $1.48 $1.50 I would say let me show you a little bit more here let me show you okay what is this this is some Mexican food so you get salsa.. now you see how they trick customers here.. now that’s a trick they say $2.68 if you buy three but in reality it is $3 for one.. if you buy just one piece so they are kind of trying to make you buy more but you know no one falls
for it maybe few people fall for it they would just take it so it’s not about saving it’s just tricking people to buy something they were not going to buy that’s basically it you can get soy sauce here and this is an entire aisle of international foods you get… all sorts of.. pickles here Indian pickles.. Punjab mango pickle yeah… that’s basically it that’s basically it you get all sorts of Chinese noodles here but don’t get too surprised by prices because it’s all relative it’s all relative to… what you are getting here in Canada so for example this one is actually really cheap right
now it’s on sale 28 cents 48 cents for each after limit so six pieces of this thing.. you can get for only 28 cents and it’s fine it’s not too expensive… yeah give me a second I actually want to check
something all right alright that’s basically it let me show you the last section of this shop it’s been already almost 20 minutes of recording.. I might cut out some moments
to make it faster but… yeah that’s the grocery shopping in Canada let me show you around a little bit more there is one more place like this stuff is
spaghetti and stuff for I don’t think I have any Italian subscribers but In Ukraine in Russia people still eat lots of spaghetti and it’s cheap so if you want to if you want to be like Ukrainian student in Canada and you are extremely cheap like myself you can just buy this for 2 bucks $2.54 it’s about 900 grams of pasta here and then you can just go there buy some
sausages for another two dollars a bunch of Heinz ketchup and that’s basically it.. you can survive I just don’t want other people to hear me because they’re gonna think I’m like totally cheap but yeah that’s what international students do we are very very cheap on our food and our budget because we are spending literally our parents money here when we come to Canada and every penny counts until you get a job Every penny counts all right let’s go to the dairy section that’s going to be our last section and we are getting out of here all right
guys try not to record anyone and people are giving me funny looks hopefully this footage is going to be
nice because I came here before and the footage and went so bad aaahh… I hope this one is going to be successful.. now alright.. juices …. they are on sale right now usually this one is $4 right now it’s too $2.98 that’s also the place where you would get your butter… and yogurt so everything connected to milk is in this section let me show you hope I’m not going to get kicked from here soon $4.47 …. for Greek yogurt and yeah $2.48 for Activia but it’s on sale right now so this is cheap usually it’s $4 it’s not so cheap but just today you know it’s they made this kind of promotions just to get people to buy stuff and you’re going to see like a flyer at your house that’s going to say that’s on sale right now you’re going to come here to buy this just this thing and then you’re going to come out with bunch of stuff that you were not even thinking of buying so that’s how it works here now I guess it works everywhere the same way but let me show you the milk and eggs here now milk is almost over it’s usually about four dollars but the only thing is in Calgary.. milk you get it in in this kind of jars.. it’s $4 that’s how you get it in Calgary but if you are going to be in Toronto it comes in
plastic bags that’s freaking annoying when you get your milk in a plastic bag and of course jelly… butter this is margarine I usually buy this one let me show you This is my favorite because.. I used to be a chubby boy… and I needed to lose weight so usually buy this kind of stuff let me focus on it $3.17 this is this is margarine and it’s they taste like butter and it has 50% of calories and it has… how much fat it has? 6% fat so this is like awesome calorie stuff.. you can also get some melted cheese like fat free stuff like this that’s really nice prices very very good value for what you’re buying Heyyy… so… Just met a lady she’s a cashier and she’s awesome now I want to show you a little bit of bakery section here bread you can buy fresh bread like this for $0.95 only that’s cheap but usually bread can be surprising in Canada because I might buy the cheapest bread possible but you can always buy expensive bread as well so if you go to this section for example where all the bread is you can get actually for $3.50 for this kind of stuff Buns $2.50 there 30% on sale it means basically they are about to get spoiled so if you get 30% off don’t be surprised if it’s going to go green a few days Now.. they make bread in Canada in such a way
that it doesn’t get spoiled I don’t know what the hell they put into it but yeah $1.58 that’s the bread I buy that’s basically it one thing you have to know one thing you have to know in Canada is
that you would have to be doing grocery shopping in a really planned way you have to plan ahead on what you’re buying because you can just get out of your
house go to the nearest store like I would do in Ukraine and buy what you need right now because you have to drive here it’s all driving…roads nothing
is accessible you should have a car without the car it’s a nightmare to do grocery for entire week you would have to get a cart and it would be annoying
to go to all the.. All the public transportation and stuff so I’m actually planning to buy something here but I don’t know where my section is yea..that’s it it’s here so you would have to be really proactive meaning planning ahead of time on what you are going to be buying on what you’re going
to be eating and everything has to be planned really well because you would have to come here buy lots of stuff for entire week and then take it home now if you ask me how much I’m spending for grocery and how much it
would cost you that’s a common question I get it all depends on your eating habits and what you make so for me I spend on grocery like I eat a lot I would say hundred and twenty dollars a week for myself just myself that’s how I spend but I’m a married guy so we shop together with my wife it costs a little bit less for example if you’re going to be buying for the entire family it can be anywhere around it can be anywhere around $250 for 4 people family in a week so it’s kind of expensive yeah but there if you are from a third world country
like I don’t know Ukraine is a third world or the second world but certainly not the first world country so… you can figure out the budget… People who come here they buy rice.. They buy noodles.. They buy cheap stuff they… there is a lot of ways to save
money and eat and close to nothing so there should not be any issues with that and you should be totally fine don’t take my number as the number Ukrainian students international students were spending around they were spending around $25 a week I was spending around $70 a week when I was a student and after I got a full-time job now that’s when the.. when my expenditure went up all right I’m going to go to Checkout.. thank you so much for watching guys subscribe to my channel if you want to see more videos and do comment and ask me questions because today I had some live streaming and was awesome I got really nice questions and that’s why I made this video Thank you so much a good one guys subscribe and yeah I promise to make grocery shopping video and I did it my goal in this channel Now that’s why love Canada that’s why you should come here to Canada!

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  1. Hey Bro I love your videos which camera are you using for vlogging and I have seen you at Quarry crossing building thats where I work In AHS want to meet you one day haha God bless 🙂

  2. I was told by my two neighbor's who live in Canada that are at the rv Park I'm staying at in the U.S. that everything you buy in Canada has an 18% tax is that what you are seeing

  3. The Superstore is way too expensive. We shop at Mr. Meats, Joseph's Produce, No Frills, Food Basics, and Freshco. We buy our bananas for 56 cents a pound. We can get strawberries for $1.50 /lb, raspberries for $1.44 half pint, same with blackberries, blueberries. I just bought 15 pounds of potatoes for $1.99, 5 lb carrots for the same. Although, what is laughable is the lettuce at $4.00 t o $6.00 for a head of iceburg lettuce. We can usually buy it for a $1.99 if we have to. I agree that stuff is crazy pricey and a rip off. For cold cuts we always buy when there is a sale at Mr. Meats which we can buy it for half the price. We grow our own indoor herbs, leaf lettuce, cherry tomatoes, and other things in our sun room, plus we grow all sort of things outside in the spring and summer like peppers, tomatoes of all kinds, cucumbers, broccoli, raspberries, strawberries, herbs and spices. This year we will be adding sweet potatoes and baking potatoes into the mix.

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  5. The seven layer Mexican nothing special dip has gone up exactly one hundred percent in about six or seven years .
    A 100 percent increase on quality eggplant now off the shelves .
    Humous…one hundred percent increase .
    I counted at least twenty items like this at metro.
    The stuff that actually tastes good is way out of reach but used to be everyday foods for most immigrants here.

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  12. Igor! This is funny to watch as a Canadian that shops there all the time. Dont forget to tell your friends about PRICE MATCHING. It’s when you show the cashier that the product is cheaper somewhere else, they give you that price- good way to save money! I use the app FLIPP to look for sales from other stores ✌️😌

  13. I can't believe you didn't get kicked out of Supper Store. Grocery stores don't like that. Groceries here are very expensive and with the cost of living here you are almost bankrupt. You keep encouraging people to come here but I was born here and thinking about moving to another country because of the taxes and how inflation is getting out of control.

  14. Hey Igor.. I just discovered your channel.. you weren't sure if you had Italian subscribers..well I am one. May I add to your viewers that Kraft dinner (macaroni and cheese) is very cheap and often on sale. Very popular in Canada especially when you are a student. Hope that helps .😉

  15. This is why I often go to the USA to get groceries, even with the difference in dollars and when I need to pay duty I save tones of money.

  16. P.s. the salt you found was in a salt grinding unit, included in the cost. You also totally missed flyer deals and points program. If you really what to know how to save money on groceries in Canada contact me.

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  20. 15/hr * 40 hrs * 4 weeks = 2400/month gross. Let’s say you pay 30% income tax so you’re left with 1680. Rent one bedroom in Toronto or Vancouver = at least 1800/month so what are you left to eat with?

  21. In your costco video, I noticed prices said "cost per lb or 100gr" (For example, when you where checking the cheese). So the actual price goes up when you get to the cashier, or that's the final price? I was really confused about it.

  22. Cheese and poultry are very expensive in Canada because there are very high duties on dairy and poultry imports and there are production quotas within Canada to keep prices high. This hurts everyone in Canada except for the insiders who are allowed to produce dairy and poultry in Canada.

  23. Hey Igor! Thanks for the videos. I am from Jamaica and thinking about moving to Canada and ur videos have been very helpful. Keep them coming

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    For the price of 1kg bananas i can get a case in other countries 🤣🤣

  25. Its fucken expensive to live in canada! We are in a recession, barley any jobs, have of canada isnt even liveable also before you say its huge, thats a fucken lie! No name is also complete crap of a product, like floor sweepings!

  26. wow look at all that fruit and vegetables, and then all the snow outside. Amazing. I would expect prices to be high. The shipping and storing of produce in that climate would be an interesting episode in itself.
    Can you order things online (amazon) and get it delivered and save $ and gas?
    Since the prices are so high are the cheapper foods at least decent quality, preservatives, GMOs, dyes etc..?

  27. It's still expensive but that $29.99 was for the grinder haha. The salt inside is basically free and is just for looks. Just salt itself is one of the cheapest things you can buy here. Even pink Himalayan rock salt isn't too much if you get it from Winners or I think even Dollerama has it now. One thing I find annoying living here and buying groceries is the units of measurement. Some places will have Pounds some places Kilograms and other places like Safeway will have both units and it just depends what you're buying. They might have the sale price listed in one and then the regular price listed in another. Without a bunch of math you can't even see if you're actually saving much money! Which is frustrating because sometimes they will put something on sale but it's only a couple cents off but because people see a brightly colored tag they think it's a good deal.

  28. Canada has some of the most expensive grocery prices in the world. There's a damn good reason that so many Canadian children are going hungry in such a rich country. FYI for you new Canadians; the government here is owned by large Agribusiness corporations and profit margins are put way ahead of giving a shit about the food security or hunger of our children…Welcome to Canada!

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  31. It’s strangely comforting that the prices in Calgary, where you are is basically the same price as Toronto. In Toronto you don’t need a car. I walk to the local grocery twice a week. I spend about 40-60$ each trip for 1 person. There are numerous fruit stores and ethnic food stores within 5 blocks either direction. It’s a very multicultural city.

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