CORSAIR K95 RGB PLATINUM mechanical keyboard – Product Overview

CORSAIR K95 RGB PLATINUM mechanical keyboard – Product Overview

Hey guys this is Adam and today we’re talking about the brand-new K95 RGB Platinum Mechanical Keyboard. Now, this thing was built from the ground up for performance, using only premium materials, but also it’s got a few tricks up its sleeve. First, let’s talk about the materials. The first thing you’ll notice is the aircraft grade aluminum frame. This thing will withstand a lifetime of gaming. Something you can see, is you can store up to 3 profiles directly on the mechanical keyboard. That means no extra software needed and you can take your macro and lighting profiles with you on the go. Of course it comes with RGB per key backlighting but what’s new with K95 platinum is a brand new light edge, Which I think looks unreal, on the side you’ll notice six programmable G-keys perfect for all your macros and because of your feedback, we’ve included USB pass-through port. This will free up another port for your headset or mouse. Dedicated multimedia controls, windows lock mode, detachable wrist rest, CUE support. There’s so much technology built into this keyboard go to to find out more information. Thanks for watching.

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  1. And you still don't use a standard bottom row, thus fucking over anyone who wants a custom cap set. Still not buying.

  2. Why am i being advertised to with a shit product… whenever i see a advertisement i always think oh wow that much be a shit product cos if it was good they wouldnt need to advertise. so nope not interested, also never really bought any corsair stuff.

    i was interested in k65 at a time cos it was small but the asus claymore came out pretty much same time norwegian keyboard layout came and claymore is way better

  3. at first I was like, hmm, maybe goodbye my sexiest keyboard, blackwidow X, but then I noticed the price tag, font, key caps and the grey Marco keys caps, nahhhh~ hell no bitch, still sticking with my slick-ass blackwidow X

  4. i just need this in my life right now… llooks amazing… but corsair's software is practicaly trash in comparation to the razer's one… i love the razer's one because its more friendly… so why so much rgb lighting if you can do too much with it? so… i'm holding with razer because that… btw looks amazing

  5. I was so excited to grab this until I saw that there's no blue switch variant…I don't get why everyone keeps moving away from them when there's still a dedicated fanbase for them….

  6. It looks like the Razer BlackWidow with Corsair branding, even down to the sci-fi font style. Not really a fan of the brightness and lock buttons being re-located to the middle of nowhere, and I don't like that the media keys are now raised up.
    Oh, and the fact that it would cost almost $300 AU if it follows on from the US pricing. I like RGB and all, but this seems mighty ridiculous.

  7. Honestly, I am FURIOUS! I'm glad I bought my K95 RBG and Scimitar a week ago. The 18 G keys ARE NOT ENOUGH for me imo. And they reduce it to 6????? WTF Corsair? That's why they have the k70, strafe. etc. Put a few g keys on those instead, and leave the k95 with 18. I really hope they don't discontinue the K95 RBG…Incase I need to buy another

  8. I really can't believe Corsair got rid of so many macro keys… I don't think they really did their 'market research.' Luckily my old K95 is rock solid and isn't going anywhere soon.

  9. Yes I'd like my keyboard to look clean as well! The text is too much in my own opinion, like when you were in high school and used over the top fonts for all of your projects… oh god!

    I want premium build and performance without the obvious gamer aesthetic, I currently love my K70 and it just about does the job but it's also starting to degrade and things are breaking, the legs on the bottom were the first to go.

    It really sucks that I can't easily find a keyboard that does what I'm looking for, it's not hard for a company of this size to produce a premium built product with the performance of their K-series lineup without the looks of an edgy "gamer-life!"

    The addition of the USB port has been long awaited and highly appreciated! I keep my phone at my desk at almost all times when I'm at home which is where I spend a good amount of my time; behind a keyboard. A fast charging port would have been heavenly and apparently too good to be true when it comes to keyboards BUT would make for a very advantageous competitor for reasons already said!

    For me, there aren't enough reasons to upgrade from my damaged K70 to a K95 as much as I'm willing to. Still keeping my fingers crossed for something looking sleek and professional!

  10. really can't wait to get one of these, I have a Corsair Strafe keyboard right now, its a great keyboard trust me I love it, but it does not have RGB backlighting. That is a feature I'm really going to enjoy.

  11. What do you think about something like the razer green switch?? I'm a gamer and I like the audible click especially if you have to perform many actions very quick and you feel when it reacts. I know there is the mx brown but you don't feel the bump as good as with greens or blues ( personally I like the razer green switch more because it's a bit different and heavier to press and this gives a bit of a controlled feel I think)

  12. question: with all the new keyboards coming out what is the best one do you think you have strafe, k70, rapid fire, and k95 platinum and any other what do you think is the best one for gaming typing and everything in between(price aside)?

  13. Now I'm really worried. I've just sent in my real k95 in which i used for a lot of professional use and now i hope they send me over the same model, not this fakie half-equiped thing.

  14. dont buy the new cue software sucks and no updates on the old version
    new version will let you change the key colours and that is it
    the old version u could add a key effect on top of other effects

  15. Was the release date moved back to mid February? Or is it still coming soon in late January like their website said?

  16. Hold on. I'm seeing a lot of hate on this keyboard right now. I have a Strafe right now and I'm wondering if I should just switch to this new model or keep my old one.

  17. Does anyone know if the keycaps are doubleshot injected? Maybe triple for the raised caps? Anyone? Coz I'm tired of replacing scratched and faded keycaps. Somebody answer me this please coz none of the reviewers I've seen could answer me… either they don't give a damn or doesn't know what I'm talking about. Thanks!

  18. Wonderful product…it needs to be offered in a "Nautral" or curved version for those folks who want a great RGB as well as one that can be used for word processing.

  19. I can't decide if I want gunmetal or black, black looks sleeker but gunmetal will make the LEDs look better. I also wish Corsair made a mouse like the Mionix Castor plus they need to make better looking RAM.

  20. Should've be called the K85 Platinum because it has less macro keys. K95 is supposed to have excessive macro keys for system & game macros.

  21. Get rid of that bullshit extra bloat in your software. You've got crap in there that isn't even connected!

  22. My K40 died after a year of use. Went to fry's to buy the K95. Its pretty cool however when I went to create a support ticket for my K40 i was told I needed a Receipt.

    So guys FYI, per the tech, "Warranty is void without receipt". I cant support this while other companies like Asus, Razer, don't require receipt and just need serial number. Plus now that I think about it, I've never had a keyboard die in almost 20 years of tech support. I have gone through tens of thousands of keyboards. This is a case when you DON'T get what you pay for. A $200 paperweight.

    Going to return all the stuff I got from corsair in the last 30 days, you guys fail at peripherals, stick to PSU and Memory.

  23. I purchased this but the keyboard just says Malfunction in CUE. Can't get it to read it but the mouse works fine

  24. k95 1st generation makes me play easier as invoker in dota 2,easier editing,ect.because it has 18 macro 😀

  25. for all the people saying that one row of macros isn't enough are low key dumb. is there really anyone out there than used all 18 macros excuse me


  27. I am very glad you took the time to make this review. I like the way this keyboard turned out and plan on buying it soon. I hope you keep making quality content like this and wish to see more. thank you.

  28. I like everything about this and I'm likely going to get one. But there is one thing, I don't really like how the macro keys are light grey. It's extremely minor but idk it just looks weird cause they kind of stand out even though they're supposed to do that. Of course not a dealbreaker though, this looks like the keyboard for me 🙂

  29. 3 macro key rows may be too much, but 1… no way! give us at least 2 rows (12 keys). this keyboard is already overpriced, at least give us a reason to dig deep into our pockets to buy it. no the top led strip won't cut it. functionality>looks

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