Corsair K57 RGB wireless keyboard unboxing and overview

Corsair K57 RGB wireless keyboard unboxing and overview

Hello, this is the Provoked Prawn and this
is the Corsair K57 RGB wireless gaming keyboard. This is a brand-new gaming
keyboard from Corsair that’s particularly interesting for a number of
reasons, not least of which is because it supports the new slipstream wireless
technology from Corsair it’s iCue compatible and it supports Bluetooth and
it has USB to micro USB, so you can use it as a wired keyboard as well when you want
to. It also supports a ridiculous 175 hours of battery life apparently although
that’s with the RGB backlighting turned off but you’ll notice there are macro
keys on it, dedicated multimedia keys, it also has per key RGB illumination and a
number of other cool facets that I’ll talk through as I do this unboxing. Now
unfortunately, I haven’t got much time to do a full review at this point, I will be
doing one soon but I want to give you my initial impressions of this keyboard
because it is really interesting and really cool. Now I usually use the
Corsair K95 Platinum, so this is quite a change because this is around £80, $80 so it’s a lot cheaper. It’s also Wireless, slightly more compact perhaps
but it’s not tenkeyless, so it’s not tiny it’s kind of a full layout, you get the
dedicated media keys, you’ve got your volume wheel, various control buttons and
there are interesting highlights to it. So, for example, you have, you will see in
the top, a brightness button for the RGB lighting and you can also control the
RGB through some key presses that I’ll show you later on. You can also record
macros for the G keys on the keyboard itself so you don’t even need to use the
iCue software although it is iCue compatible, so there is that option to do it that
way so it’s a pretty clever that you can do things like that. So you can change
between the various illuminations and you can start macros directly on the
keyboard itself and those instructions on how to do that and the included leaflet. It also comes with comfortable wrist rest, it’s not as fancy as the one on the
K95, it’s not double-sided and the rubberized
part is built into the wrist rest itself and then that just clips on. So it’s fairly
nice. Overall, the design of it is quite nice. It’s very unusual, it has
these new key caps which are support the capalex LEDS which is apparently a new
thing that allows more light to shine through but without consuming as much
power just man how they manage to power so much power so as I said 35 hours of
battery life with the RGB lighting on which is quite a lot when you consider
it. It also comes with this USB to micro USB cable why they don’t use USB-C is a bit
of a mystery but plenty of other devices still don’t have that yet and you can
see from this angle you’ll see the way the keycaps are raised slightly it’s not
like a mechanical keyboard in the same way as normal one it feels like a
membrane style in use, but it’s quite comfortable and you’ll see a bit later on
what the key presses sound like and I think the light bleed is quite
interesting and I’ve done some video content with the light showing during
the day so you can see what that’s like and they do let a fair amount of light
through and it looks pretty good. I’m yet just test it out fully at night as I
said I’ll do a more in-depth review with video of that. But you can see at the
back, you get a nice little nook for the slipstream wireless dongle and the power
button and the charging port and that’s really handy, it’s cool to have that
little thing. So this is the highlight that I think for me, now I recently
reviewed the IRONClaw and the Dark Core mice and they came with the slipstream
Wireless, you get this wireless dongle but you also have the Bluetooth
connectivity, now this is really cool because the dongle you just plug into
your PC and then the keyboard is automatically going to connect to that
dongle then you’ll have a solid connection really quickly and easily but
you also have the option to connect to Bluetooth devices so that means in
theory you can take it connect it to your console, to a laptop, anything else
that works with a Bluetooth connection as long as you have Bluetooth 4.0 you’ve
got that connection you can easily do it flip the power switch on and immediately
get you RGB lighting turning on this is straight out the box as well it’s not even been plugged in yet. You can still see it’s got the sticky tape on it till I pull it off so
you can already see it comes with charge which is always nice. So you don’t even have
to charge it up so you can enjoy that Wireless goodness straight away. With the
fact that it has that capability to be plugged in or to be used in Bluetooth
mode or with the Slipstream means you can use it in a number of ways. Now I
like doing that with the mice because it means you can have the dongle plugged
into your main gaming gaming PC but then use it on Bluetooth mode on a laptop you
can just take it with you and switch into Bluetooth mode and use it like that
without having to worry about taking the dongle with you but the nice thing about
this keyboard is you’ve got a little dock for the dongle so you can easily
pop it in. You can see the buttons here for pairing with Bluetooth as well so
the connectivity is really easy dead simple to do and at the top the you’ve
also got the lighting button and all the media keys and there are three lighting
levels as well. Off obviously and then low medium and high and you can switch
between those, but you can also change between various modes and that’s really
easy to do as well you just need to press the function key and then press
one to zero on the main keyboard and that’ll change between those I’ll show
you in a minute you can see the lighting though, this is recorded bearing in mind
this is recorded around lunchtime on a quite sunny day and it’s still showing
quite a lot of lighting and you can see gives off quite a nice bit of light to
it as well. Now I’d imagine, you are probably not going to use the RGB lighting too much
if you want to take advantage of that really long battery life because there’s
not going to be anything more frustrating than running out a battery
when they’re in the middle of a gaming session, however, you know it’s nice to
have and to be able to turn off and on really easily as well and it’d be
interesting to see how it stands up now obviously 35 hours of battery life
with the lighting on is still quite a long time, because you’re not gonna play
for 35 hours solid so like I said you press the function key and then one, two,
three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, zero to switch between the various different
modes but you can also press the function key and then press the
directional arrows to adjust the speed and direction of the various illuminations and so if you’ve got one for example there
goes left to right you can then make it go right to left instead and you can if
you’ve got one that goes in a circle you can make it go a bit faster and you can
adjust that. So it’s dead easy to do here you can see how the wrist rest clips on
and that’s got that nice textured rubberized surface to it. It’s very much
a Corsair keyboard, but it’s wireless which is fantastic, it’s really
great to be able to have desk clear of wires. Now I’ve got a wireless mouse and
a wireless keyboard so that means photographs and videos looks a lot nicer. Now all I need is a wireless Yeti mic then it’ll be really neat on my desk. I’m starting to get OCD about wires it’s really nice to be able to easily adjust
between these lighting options as well as I said it’s iCue compatible so you can
obviously dive into the iCue software and because it’s per key illumination that
means you can also adjust the keys individually. I’m gonna play around with
that a bit more get some content video content done, make a review and a bit
more in-depth coverage of this once I’ve had it for a couple of weeks so i can
give you a fairer assessment of what the keyboard is like, but initial feelings are
that it’s really comfortable to use, i’m going to do a separate video without any
commentary so you can get an idea of what the key press is sound like but it’s
really quiet, comfortable, not too obnoxious, it hasn’t got the same feel
and actuation to it as a full-on mechanical style keyboard but that isn’t
necessarily a bad thing, it feels like it’s gonna be a really good keyboard to
use. The key caps are also really nice and comfortable they’ve got a nice
curvature to them. As you can see the g keys are easily accessible as well if
you want to do the macros and the lighting is just really nice as I said It looks really swish. All in all, so far,
initial impressions are very good I think this is set to be a really nice
wireless keyboard. If it lives up to the battery life expectations, it’ll be fantastic
because that’s one of the potential problems is losing the battery really
quickly so here you can see what the key caps
look like a bit more of a close-up of that what they look like underneath and
you can see the design of it’s quite interesting because it has a raised
rubberized texture to it which looks kind of similar to the splash proof
Corsair keyboard I looked at a while back but I don’t think this is splash
proof or water proof in any way it’s just got this sort of raised plastic housing
around it which perhaps helps with the RGB lighting makes that stand out a bit
more I’ve seen similar designs with other keyboards a few manufacturers
started to start experimenting with this, seems to be a way to try and get
more RGB lighting without perhaps having as bright LEDs in there something that
maybe you just it lets the bleed a bit better and it ends up looking pretty
good actually. I quite like the design in that way it looks quite swanky the key
caps come off nice and easy as well so if you need to clean it then it
won’t be too difficult to do that. One thing I also really liked was
immediately plug the dongle in turn a PC on turn the keyboard on and immediately
it was paired. There was no faffing around, absolutely no problems with it
whatsoever just worked instantly first time and then obviously you’ve got the
Bluetooth connection if you want to connect. One thing of note, is I just wanted
to try out of curiosity to see whether the Corsair double shot key caps would
fit and I’m sad to report they don’t. Which is a shame because this keyboard
would have looked amazing with white key caps on it. Worth noting though slightly
different style means those won’t fit on the standard normal key cap are very
comfortable and very nice though just a shame I’d love to see white key caps
on this keyboard I think it would look mega. Anyway this has been an unboxing and overview video. I hope you enjoyed it,
please let me know in the comments if you have any questions and be sure to
LIKE, subscribe and come back for the review. Thanks for watching.

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    Thank you and continue so!

  2. Thanks for pulling out the keycaps, i needed to see if they were at least cherryMX compatible.. cause I like to use different color for my work, great video BTW..

  3. Can you set the windows key, the fn key and the option key as macros? I want those to act as modifiers such as ctrl+shift or alt+shift or ctrl+alt+shift

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