Cooler Master Silencio S400 teardown

Cooler Master Silencio S400 teardown

Elena what is this box so this is
Coolermaster Silencio s400 see it yes and if you’re wondering yes Silencio is
the same word that’s used as a spell in Harry Potter but they don’t actually
have anything to do with each other this is not Harry Potter Harry Potter themed
at all it is actually a reference to the fact that this case over this line of
cases is all about keeping noise to a minimum so that way you can’t hear your
fans or vibration or anything of the sort beautiful this this is actually a
fake unboxing because we did an actual unboxing but we had a slight technical
mishap shall we say and we’re having to a second run at this video so we’re
gonna have to pretend like we’re doing this for the first time and I’ll point
out some of the things that are kind of missing like film protective film and
stuff like that the first thing that’s a little different is that this is
actually a box and an accessory that come together like this mmm in a bigger
box bigger box this is the box so actually good as a shipment and inside
are these two things so it’s a little box this little box is a tempered glass
panel so this case I think it’s $90 and it includes in that price it’s including
the steel side panel that has like the noise dampening I think foam material
and then you have an option for tempered glass instead so if you prefer to show
off the interior of your build you have an option and we’ll we’ll kind of take
this apart put it back together with the other component you kind of see how that
looks now I’m gonna get this out of the box a lot easier the second time kind of grateful that no one that’s a
stuffer watching me baccarat we try to pull this box off
like I did the first time this case is actually fairly dense and as we
discovered during the first unboxing it has to do I think the material they use
for the sound dampening it’s quite got weight to it so even though this case is
really compact it is a little heavier than you expect for something of its
size little protector right there okay so there’s dust filters in here and as
I’ll show you in just a second there is an option of swapping out the top panel
for this dust filter this is what it’s like when it’s properly upright it’s got
this hinge door right here and then there’s a dust filter in front of the
front fans our fan rather so there’s one fan in the front one fan in the back
this case actually came out in June so there are already reviews available on
the internet I think for us we’re just gonna stick to this unboxing and
teardown unfortunately don’t have a lot of time to do a full build in this some
of the reports I was seeing is that the the thermals aren’t great as is so if
you end up being interested in this case you’re gonna you’re going to want to get
more fans and there’s three points where you can put them there’s two points here
actually three that you can mount here I don’t think you can do three fans total
but there are three options for where you position the fan there’s two fans
that can go here and then one fan in the back the front the top support 120 and
140 millimeter fans and the back looks like it’s only 120 so this is a micro
ATX case it also supports mini ITX boards
there’s the silencio s600 as a alternative if you want to do a full ATX
build so the top is held in place with with some magnets and if there’s these
little grooves here and here so you can actually change the orientation of how
you want to pull it on or off and see this the sound dampening material they
have here I don’t believe it’s a foam it’s really quite firm and this is this
is the one that feels really quite heavy and dense in contrast there is foam
fingers around there is actual foam here on the inside of the front panel and
it’s you know actual foam squishy and soft do you have a choice of either
sound dampening or ventilation and this is just held in place by magnets and
goes right on top like that you’re not able to use both of them at the same
time just because this dust filter covers those grooves that you would be
using for the other alternative for the top for the inputs we’ve got two USB 3.0
ports headset jack and actually an SD card reader that’s three card reader is
I believe you just be 2.0 instead but it’s it’s built-in so there is that kind
of Handy option yes exciting let’s go ahead and pull up the side panels here
so I’ll start with this one which is the side for cables go and again you can see
it’s I mean this got a good way to it it’s not that material again for the
sound dampening and then as you can see here the cables are out really pretty
cleanly from the position of where these you know ports are it’s nice that it
comes straight down yeah I almost wonder that’s partially a design choice so that
there’s less you know worried about the routing and having a cable drape in a
way that would cause vibration or sound it’s nice to hear that you have this
cutouts if you need to get to the motherboard once you have everything in
place you don’t have to actually pull it out if you want to change you know like
the CPU cooler for using I can a IO or something the hard drive cage is
removable it’s also also movable in that you can
change its position Oh like that you can will shift it this way you could also
just like we were just saying pull it completely out if you want
for the cables because you’ve got like a larger power supply in here so this is
the other side panel again like the one we just pulled off how’s that sound
damping material a shroud here for the power supply I believe is riveted in
place so you can’t remove that easily you have two spots here for a 2.5 the US
are nominator 2.5 inch drives and then there is this optical Bay right here
which is also removable does it come standard with this I believe so although
some of the marketing materials I was reading seem to imply that some models
might not I don’t know if that’s based on like territory I didn’t get around to
asking coolermaster about that and I should have unfortunately but these
these two fans in here do come with it these two fans should come with the
system if you install a when you install G for you and this I should say because
I assume most people would you get clearance up to three hundred nineteen
millimeters I believe that measurement is without
the radiator cooling masters spec sheet didn’t specify but I assume that it’s
with just the fans and not fans and over radiator installed so obviously if you
thought radiator it’s gonna eat into some of your clearance there there’s
clearance right here for airflow here like I hand my hands on my hands you can
kind of get up to the first second knuckle of a finger there’s also some
clearance on the bottom here as well so you get the bottom and the two sides I
just don’t know if it’s going to be sufficient with just these two fans okay
let’s actually reverse the door yeah let’s do it seems like one thing that I
did notice pulling the case out for the box the first time is that because with
all this you know material here that adds like the extra weight so you have
it here on the top here on the leg side upper part of the side here is that when
you first pull the case out it feels ever so slightly top-heavy
I assume once you get a power supply in it’ll balance it out but just something
to keep in mind if you end up going with like a budget power
Quine it’s very lightweight could end up you know making the system a little more
top-heavy so these hinges don’t have much give to them so while you’re
unscrewing clearance is a little bit would save an issue but it’s a thing to
keep in mind just because you don’t want to put too much pressure on it this way
when we first did this the screws are in actually pretty tight so getting a
purchase at first was a little bit painful but I ended up using this little
w1 looks like I got a better grip with that screwdriver
alright so this comes out like these little posts essentially when you’ve got
two bits here that just go into the two holes there and then if you’ve got like
a little bit of what is this good quarters of an inch matey
so that it keeps it in place while you’ve got the screws removed which is
nice you don’t have to like play this juggling game holding everything up on
this side are the magnets actually that keep the the swinging door in place when
you know you’ve got it closed so when you’re switching this around you just
pull these out pop them on the other side and put the hinges back in and when
you do that it changes the position of the Coolermaster logo shape so have you
put it aside it’s towards the bottom if you put it on this side it’s more
towards the top I do like that you have the option to change which way the door
swings so that way it’s you don’t have to like rearrange your desk or your
setup to accommodate its awkward okay so I’ve got that oh here you can see you
can have fans and you know you can actually slide all the way up here
towards the top I think you can kind of tell based on how much my fingers are in
here so I’ve got like maybe inch and a half that you can slide all the way up
if you do that someone someone that I was pointing out and in a separate if
you’re on a different website that and if you do that you’re basically losing
part of the fan and then if you slide it with too far to the bottom then you’re
basically just blowing air on the hard drive and the power supply as opposed to
you know where the GPU CPU motherboard and all that
so that’s gonna keep in mind when you’re figuring out air flow in this case there
we go you see is that he could ants enough for assistance yeah yeah I like
it and now we’re gonna take out this optical Bay so you can show you and pops
up so nice is actually far less force than I was expecting
even though it’s quite noisy so I’m just gonna take off these screws here and one
here and that will pull out no Adam I think you were telling me when we were
filming earlier that you have a case that’s um designed with keeping you know
noise down how do you like that it’s nice I have my case on top of my desk so
I thought I definitely wanted something a little choir I’ve the the fractal
design refine our for I think that’s quicker there it’s a little more
expensive though right I think this one’s ninety but that one’s for in the
hundred range actually I can’t remember I mean it’s it’s definitely quiet so I
ended all four screws and then all that happens is you just slide it out and not
make a horrible sound like that I don’t know you can see that full full run of
this section to use for fans I think the last thing we’ll do is we’ll put this
back together but with the tempered glass size so you can see what that
looks like alright I have gotten this back into one
piece leaving the dust filter on for now all right so this just goes right into
these little grooves which is nice because I don’t have to worry as much
about it just going over which way make sure it’s actually seated and you slide
it in and actually so one things Coolermaster was saying about this is
that they designed it so that they would have a much tighter seal around here so
that’s supposed to eliminate any vibration you might get from using a
tempered glass panel instead of the the steel one with the sound dampening
material and it does actually sit in pretty well like you can feel it like oh
funk silenzio is 400 we did it again let’s
hit it again as I was saying earlier I don’t
think I’m gonna have time unfortunately to do like a full build in this but
basically if you wanted to look at the interior we have definitely done that
twice now mm-hmm you only get to see it once that’s it
for this particular case but we will be doing more these unboxing and tear downs
so stay tuned

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  1. I love mATX builds, they give you expansion options while being slightly more compact. 99% of PC builders who use ATX don't fill all the expansion slots to which I feel is very unnecessary.

  2. Go watch the Gamers Nexus review of this case. The noise reduction efforts seriously hurt the thermals on this case, best idea for anyone focused on performance should avoid this case altogether.

  3. Cool, looks like they improved overall and fixed a lot of the issues the silencio 352 had. Better fan options, looks like more space for routing cables.

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