Computer won’t turn on easy fix

Computer won’t turn on easy fix

hello everyone this is Eddie I’m having
a problem with my computer right now as in it’s not turning on so I’m pressing
down on the power button which is here and it’s not doing anything which is a
bit annoying so what I’m going to show you guys is a temporary fix it’s by no
means a permanent fix so if you want to actually fix the problem you probably
have to open up your computer and do all that stuff but a very easy fix is
firstly you’re going to try to hold it down for a while okay hold it down for a
while and it still doesn’t turn it on okay so then what I’m going to do is I’m
going to turn the power off at the wall so turn the power off here okay and then
turn the power off and then you’re going to try to turn it on again with the
power off I know it doesn’t make sense but you’ve got to do it otherwise it’s
not going to turn on later so press it a few more times okay and then now you’re
going to turn on the switch again right and then you’re going to press the power
button again you can see it’s turned on all right you can uh you can see it’s
turned on oops it’s gonna turn itself on soon yep it’s turned on so I have no idea why
it does that it’s probably gonna get fixed somehow I’m going to change all the
motherboards change everything change the case all that stuff we’ll just buy a
new computer ok thanks for watching guys see you next time.

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  1. I just opened my case, removed the motherboard to install a new heatsink. When I was done, I put the motherboaad back and connected everything back to it again. I came to turn on my Pc and it doesn't turn on. Please help

  2. My friend has a model 13316-07W and your fix worked perfectly. Hers was on during a lightning strike induced power failure. I suspect the power supply shut down due to the momentary overvoltage from the strike and your "trick" turns the power supply back on. Whatever it is, thanks a lot for posting this.

  3. You're going to change the motherboard and then change to case. Gee it sounds as if you're a real technician. I didn't know that changing the case could fix a dead computer. Or changing a complete motherboard could fix a graphic card problem or a ram problem or a power supply problem, need I go on? You must be a real genius knowing all this stuff. DUH. As a computer technician you'd make a bloody good road sweeper.

  4. Wow, fucking genius right here. This is the equivalent of the first question they ask you at tech support

  5. I have a computer issue I need some ideas about. I have two computers 1. Mac mini 2011 version latest OSX on it. 2. HP Laptop running Windows 10. They both run an output to a video switch (VGA) to an Epson Digital Projector. What we do is project songs through the HP Laptop for our worship services, our preacher; usually myself, switches over to the Mac mini to run keynote for slides used during the sermon. We then switch back to the HP for the last two songs. The mac works fine for the switching. The HP Laptop on the other hand is a different story. When we switch it over usually some time during the first song Power Point drops out. We can start Power Point up and most of the time it will stay up then. We also have an issue with the HP at times blanking video for a few seconds and coming back. Any ideas? I have thought about not having slide show running in Power Point until we do the switch over to the HP. Not sure if that is the issue. Any ideas appreciated. [email protected]

  6. Okay can someone help me out I was playing my computer and I turn on my fan (Not computer fan) The fan I was using was on medium and when I touch my computer it wasn’t even that hot and wasn’t making any overheating sound and completely shut down can someone help out (I had this before it was due to my cpu it was making weird sound but this time it wasn’t)

  7. WTF IT WORKED.. today i had the same problem and i when i saw the video i said this man is crazy but it worked thanks!

  8. The prob wid mah laptop is that wen i press the power button it does nuthin but wen i plug in the charger it starts…also before this prob wen i turn off the laptop it turns off n than starts again…what can be the problem n wat shld i do…it is a everis brand laptop and i just purchased it in da begginng of this yr frm nz

  9. I just got a CyberPower Pc today and after using it for like 2 hours, it just stopped working. It wont even turn on any help?

  10. I just fixed my dell computer by holding down on the the button by the side aka the power button and then holding it down again and it turned on

  11. just question please I not turn on my computer start 2012 to 2019 right now I naver turn on and no crash or something like that and when I turn on is not work is this vedio can help me please give the answer

  12. This method definitely gave me hope…it was off for 3 days, wouldn’t power on. I saw your video, tried it a few times, the fan moved a little but wouldn’t kick in fully. I unplugged it from the back, held the power down about 15 seconds..plugged it in, the fan started to go a little more, but would die out. Finally I held the power down about 60 seconds, then simultaneously plugged the cord into the pc and let go of the power button…that did it 🙂 you definitely helped get me in the right direction … and give me time to back my files up before this crashes for good lol! Thanks again!

  13. I thought I knew all the tricks in the book but I appreciate this we had a very violent thunderstorm here in Pennsylvania last night and it knocked out my buddies computer. And I couldn't get it started so I looked this problem up and I found this video and I thought well it's either give it a try or he gets another computer and it turn right on thank you for your time I appreciate your video

  14. try removing the ram then starting it up without ram when it starts unplug the power cable install the ram then it will start well maybe

  15. Hahaha omg it fixed it.lucky i watched this video.before i was mesaging my mum that my comp isnt working.she went to work.she told me i had to wait till she comes back from work so she could check it.but then i wasnt patient.i watched youtube and found this video.tysmmm

  16. if it doesnt work the first time, keep turning the power off and on and holding the power button. It'll maybe turn on eventually, it worked for me.

  17. Im dumb as a kid I would play on my mom’s computer and one day while I was playing it just shut off and I was like wth it was on the screens wouldn’t turn on and I was freaking out because my mom got out of work 2 hours from then and I couldn’t ask my dad since he works from home and was on the phone (a meeting) with his workers so I couldn’t talk loud

  18. All I had to do was hold down the power button and turn it back on 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

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