Computer Typing Lessons : How To Type: Part 2

Computer Typing Lessons : How To Type: Part 2

Hi, I’m Jennifer Cononico and we are back
with Expert Village and our lesson on learning how to type. Next we are moving on to the
lower row which is the letters Z X C V B N M. Now we have our punctuation comma and period.
So we are going to be using our pinky for Z, left hand ring finger X, middle finger
C, index finger V, space bar, move your index finger to hit the letter B. Right hand space
bar, index finger N, middle finger M, ring finger goes to the comma, and pinky finger
to the period. Let’s try all that at once. Z X C V space bar (stretch middle finger)
to the B N M comma, period. Repeat three times.

52 thoughts to “Computer Typing Lessons : How To Type: Part 2”

  1. If you really could type that fast, you'd' be in the record books as the fastest typist in the world, dead or alive. Cortez Peters was the fastest.

  2. Do you have to type using the traditional home keys? because actually, I type with just my index and middle fingers on the right hand and i type with just the index finger with my left handsome. In keyboard class I was typing 76 words per minute and I a+ the class.

  3. i learning to type properly so this help me remember where are the keys at least so i think the video is ok if you want to memorize the keys

  4. Do you know the best way of typing fast? First, you need to write without puntuation, then when you finish you can update it. It's the fast way of learning as a beginer.

  5. It may be dumb but it is helping people who ar eunable to type very well type better, so atleast think of the big picture before you leave a negative comment ? thanks.

  6. That's not the way I learnt to touch type. For example, I use my right index finger for both n and m. Different methods, I suppose.

  7. @Stupidgut6 Thats the whole reason to learn to type like this, this is the most efficient way to type fast, less distance for your fingers and hands to travel.

  8. Me too! Somehow i always feel that B types better with my right index finger as well though I am supposed to use my left index finger to type that. Guess it is an old habit that is hard to kick.

  9. @wildreams I learnt this method from a book which divided the keyboard diagonally in divisions slanting from left top to right bottom. The B is typed with the left index, along with: rfv tgb. The right index types: yhn ujm. No other touch typing books seem to use this method. Odd.

  10. @wildreams Hate the way youtube arranges replies. My other reply is to your comment about which finger you use to type B.

  11. @fuckyoubitchyeayou wait a minute you can have your turn …. after im done with your mom… um um um 7um cmon tell your mom im aboUt to come… um um uum umm uummm aaaahhhhhh ahhhh ahhhhhrgggddd aah YEAH

  12. well if you don't know and would wlike to learn then ok, but i think its easier to peck especialy if you learn through playing an online game

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    so did i do good?

  14. @pshute22 It could be that you where thought on a Dvorak type keyboard but then again i have never used a Dvorak keyboard to know the layout…
    I did not watch the video with attention since most of the expert village videos are lame, and i can't seem to figure out the reason as to why this is actually like that :))

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  16. ok lets see how u taught me >NC>VMNBX>bvzm,xmvb.VNB>XNBVbhfblhbalhdblfv;a;kshdblahbljvbljhbaljhbbv.nb.bnb.v.nb.b…;auehf;kjh;ahjs;asfhsk;aks;ahf;kaskhf;aksjh;fjheiupqfh;au;auehuqhepuhf;jh;ajheu PRETTY wtf lady

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  18. I learned how to type using this method, but it was HORRIBLY uncomfortable for me, and now that I look back at it, it looks horribly inefficient as well.

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