Computer Tech Lessons : How to Reset the Audio in a Computer

Computer Tech Lessons : How to Reset the Audio in a Computer

Hi my name is Dave Andrews and today I am
going to show you how to reset the audio on a computer. Let’s go to the control panel
on our computer, click on our start menu and we are just going to type in the search function
in Vista control and then we’ll have the control panel as one of the programs that returns.
Now make sure you are on the classic view and let’s find, scroll down until we find
sounds. There it is and I am just going to open up the sound interface. Now this shows
you the output of the capabilities that you have as well as the input capabilities. We
are most concerned with our playback as we are trying to restore our audio and we are
concerned with the sounds section. Now what this is listing out is the sound theme that
Windows is currently using. You can either choose by default. You can remove all sounds
from your programs as Windows is running or you can use the Windows default sounds. So
as you can see if I scroll down each one of these events has a sound associated with it
that you can change. I will click on asterisk and we’ll make sure that this is working by
selecting the test button and I heard that sound as it played so we know that that sound
is working. Now if no sound is selected you won’t hear anything in your Windows programs
as you use them but the Windows default will cause these Windows programs to sound when
the items occur. Now we also want to make sure that our speakers are outputting data
so we are going to go to the playback tab, select the speakers and then we are going
to click on configure or rather properties which is down at the bottom. After you click
properties you get the option to change several things about your speakers. What we’re concerned
with is the level so just make sure that this level is turned up to around the 90, 85 or
90% level. If it is way down here at the bottom you are not going to hear anything from your
speakers. My name is Dave Andrews and I have just showed you how to reset the audio in
a computer.

18 thoughts to “Computer Tech Lessons : How to Reset the Audio in a Computer”

  1. ~~~ someone please read this i need help ~~~~~i really fucked up my computer. This stupid IDT audio shit came up and i messed with it trying to make it better. now i cant hear stuff through speakers, my oovoo voice is worse and i cant hear video audio. plz help.

  2. This has nothing to do with recovering sound when it fails. This is just "Oh! Our audio works. Cool, let's adjust the volume."

    That's all you did.

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