Computer Network Tips : How to Connect Computers to a Network

Computer Network Tips : How to Connect Computers to a Network

Hi. I’m Jason MacGenus and we’re going to
talk about connecting computers to a network today. The easiest and quickest method is
to connect directly with an Ethernet cable or hard line or wired connection. What you
can see is we’ve got here; we have a Linux router and on the back we’ve already got our
Ethernet cable plugged in; right here, if you can see. I’ve already plugged that in.
So, we’re basically going to go to our Ethernet port on our Mac. All Macs come built in with
Ethernet ports, so here’s the other end of the jack. This is an RJ45 connector. It’s
just a little bit wider. So, we’re going to take that and plug that directly in. So, right
now we’re connected directly into the router. This is just my power cable there. What we
have here a modem. This is a cable modem. Our internet connection is coming into this
box and so we have an Ethernet jack going from the cable modem to the wireless router.
So, this is the actual internet line that comes in. So, anything we hook into these
Ethernet ports is going to give us access. That’s a wired connection and that basically
means you’re putting a physical cable between the wireless router and your computer; another
way to do it through a wireless connection. So, we’re going to do that right now. We’re
going to go up here and we’re going to click on our airport for all Macs, basically starting
with the Mac Book, the Mac Book Pro, The Mac Mini and the IMacs all have built in wireless
to them. So, I’m going to go into my built in wireless and turn my airport on. So, we
have a full signal here. If there is multiple networks in the area you’re going to be able
to kind of switch between them or have your choice. Ours is the Linux, so we’re going
to leave that one selected. Now, we are connected to the internet. That’s pretty much it. It’s
just a matter of deciding if you want a hard line or have a wired connection which is an
Ethernet cable; you also have wireless connections. So, if those two items you can connect to
the internet or network.

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  1. i have verison wireless internet, so if my computer is connected to the internet cani just plug in a ethernet cord to a xbox and get the same signal as the comuter?

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