Computer Maintenance Tips : How to Speed Up a Slow Computer

Computer Maintenance Tips : How to Speed Up a Slow Computer

If you have owned a computer for a while you
may have noticed it slow down significantly since you first purchased it. Hi I’m Charles
Stewart, Jr. and I’m going to tell you how to speed up a slow computer. One of the main
things that causes a computer to slow down is your hard drive filling up and a lot of
people don’t realize that. You want to definitely get rid of as much stuff that you are not
using any more on your hard drive and a good way to do that would be to go in and delete
the cookies from your Internet Explorer because people don’t realize that cookies are little
files that are created when you go to visit a website so that they can keep your preset
or your preferences there so you don’t have to keep filling out information or so they
know what town you’re from for like weather or something. So you can do that by going
to google or going to your Internet Explorer and opening your page, go to tools, internet
options and then you can just select delete cookies and that will clean it up from there.
Also you can hit start and then go to all programs, accessories, and run disc clean
up and that will let you clean up a lot of stuff you are not using any more. Also then
go in and clean up some programs that you are not using any more and just clean up that
hard drive as you can, empty the trash if you haven’t done that in a while because your
computer’s operating system runs off that drive so the more it fills up especially the
bigger the drive the more time it is going to take for it to find the files that it needs
to run that program faster. So you will definitely notice as you start to clean out the drive
it should get a little bit faster especially if you are almost full, you will definitely
notice it slowing down there. Another thing would be to add RAM’s to your computer. A
lot of people don’t realize that RAM plays a significant role in the speed of your computer
and if you bought a computer three years ago the RAM might have been good for the programs
that were running at that time but as programs evolve they become more hardware and RAM intensive
so a computer that was built three years ago may not have the sufficient RAM to run things
as efficiently as it used to so definitely go out and find out what model computer you
are and what kind of RAM it has. Try to upgrade your RAM because you will notice a significant
speed boost in just doing that and definitely don’t skimp out on RAM when you are buying
a computer. Another thing would be to maybe buy an external hard drive or another internal
hard drive to keep all your music and personal files on that so you are keeping as much stuff
off the actual operating system hard drive so it can run as efficiently as possible and
that way all your stuff is on another drive which also saves you in case your computer
crashes and you have back up of all that stuff. That’s it for how to make a slow computer

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  1. im just stating a fact that firefox is better than IE. when was the last time firefox crashed on me? lemme think… never!

  2. i have 6 computers. i keep them all updated, and i defrag my disk and everything. its not just my PC. IE is just bad in general. firefox is better and its a fact. do your research. IE crashed on me while i was trying to load some javascript. firefox ran it just fine without a single problem.

  3. Firefox is good but i have seen it on some pc's where it runs in the background slowing everything down and if you try to stop it with task manager it still comes back. Firefox is a good browser and very secure the way to make your browser not crash or be slow is to delete all uneded files eg: cookies Passwords ect,

  4. or your hard dirve is goin to die mine is pri master hard disk S.M.A.R.T status BAD backup and replace that slow your pc down i dont love this….. ๐Ÿ™

  5. @HandShock uhhh… that does not make any sense. use malwarebytes to clean up most of the malware and all that on your computer, use ccleaner to delete unused data and invalid registry entries and DO YOUR UPDATES!!! Most of then are for security and all that to protect your computer from malicious software. trust me. i know ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. @ChancewestProduction oh god safairi sucks. worst security besides internet explorer therefore will leak crap into your computer. firefox and opera all the way! chrome sucks at security too.

  7. @jeakyguy use malwarebytes to clean up the malware and all that on your computer that your virus protection didnt find. i guarantee you that your computer will run faster and more stable too.

  8. i simply put all my personal files:music,picture documents on a flash drive and restarted my pc from scratch like with nothing on it at all and i think tht's the best way ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. @garrash6 Rams are not programs, they are hardware which you need to install it directly into your motherboard. By upgrading your ram alone will not necessarily speed up your PC if your processor is not powerful enough to take advantage of the ram.

  10. Hey there!!
    I had a Celeron computer, with 250 mb on RAM, and a hard drive of 70 gb, it started to be kind slow, i read, what would help me was to uninstall programs, defragment the hard driveโ€ฆ Later i found a program: "Lightspeedpc", which defragment the hard drive, delete tempoโ€ฆ I didn't download it, i was afraid, but i dared it, i bought it, and my computer started to run as it was new again. I REALLY RECOMMEND IT!!!

  11. @seantobin5 i've had chrome for a few months, it goes unresponsive because it uses alot of memory. and it has crashed 4 times.

  12. @ruben3198 a term used to describe a treat made of sugar and bread products. often includes chunks of chocolate, peanut butter, or other toppings. also refers to a dog treat. (lmao)

  13. @tigerintermusic well I am looking and i see 6 thumbs up on my comment.And I think you are just but hurt that my method is a lot more effective and a lot faster then your.So stop being a little bitch and pull the stick out of your ass and don't shit talk some one you don't know.All i have done is helped people with problems just as you have.

    And you can shut you fucking mouth you fucking little bitch rot in hell you fuck!.

  14. @cody181818 I was about to mention that as well, but I see you posted it a while ago lol. thats usually the very first thing I do with a computer when someone hands it to me and says its slow. only I just go ahead and uncheck everything windows will start up all the ones it requires anyway even if you shut it off.

  15. @cody181818 Also For those who don't have Firefox You should get it.Firefox has tonz of add on's that will protect you're PC and make it faster.
    I use WOT ( Web Of Trust) it is a wonderful add on's that protects you from bad web pages.I recommend everyone looking into it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    HaveA Grate Day Ppl.

  16. this guy forgot a major thing in making your pc faster, delete system 32. It's a folder full of all the trial software that comes preinstalled and it really slows down your computer.

  17. @TheDeathHallow Don't lie to them. Don't listen to this guy, he probably works for the companies that put the trial software on your computer.

  18. Thanks for sharing your tips. My own formula has been using Malware Bytes, RegInOut and adding RAM. This has greatly increased performance and reduced frustration.

  19. For all those who say dells suck, macs suck, and all that, i have a couple of solutions for you: de-fragment, then move all of your personal files to an external hard disk. then buy an sdd and put your os on that. then uprade your processor and ram to the max your mobo will let you. this is theONLY way to make a "slow" computer "fast" Or, like i did, build your own pc, and have a netbook handy

  20. @Jonessoda89686 If you want a truly great microsoft experience, and a computer thats worth your while, spend the money. If you want a computer that you can never register for updates, therefore it will crash every time you miss a service pack, go ahead. OR if your really tight on cash, try linux. Ubuntu 10.10 is great. i have it running on my netbook, alongside win XP 32, and its great — and FREE. Theres other options too, like google's chrome, and probably even more. STOP DIGITAL PIRACY!!!!!!!

  21. Hey these are great tips! I found a lot of good info on slow computer causes and how to fix them at fixingaslowcomputer0com I found it to be such a great resource that I had to share, even if its not in video like this (Video rocks) Thanks!

  22. SPECS: Core i5 750 (was overclocked to 3.6 Ghz, but apparently CPU's are impervious or something to this, since everyone tells me that it's absolutely ridiculous that an overclocked CPU could become damaged and slow my PC down, so good to know my CPU will never ever be the source of the issue…..okay then)

    GTX 260, MSI GD85 Motherboard, 4 GB Corsair Dominator GT DDR3, Corsair TX750W PSU

    and yes all the obvious stuff is fine… thermal paste and whatnot, I'm not dumb.

  23. @necrocoprophilia .. Look when this was added….september 2008 you fucking idiot…..dont be sucking retarded u thick fuck

  24. Same old same old. My computer is 5 months old and has slowed to a crawl, did all the stuff you mention, but as usual it never does anything. Seems that it is related to the open ports maybe, why dont you talk about that?

  25. @OliverVanamets lol i've got a 5 year old comp and upgrading it now, and gonna be able to play todays games lol. yay for our old crap!!!!! lol

  26. just sometimes defragment ur HDD and every day use Tune UP – 1click maintenance and it will be ok , I promise

  27. Y'all are so rude as I'm reading these comments. This is the video I give some of my customers because they are old ladies. This video is effective. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  28. oh and if you want to EASILY EASILY try Ubuntu

    look at Wubi — youtube it if you think what i say is viruses — you can NOT get a virus from a youtube video — if you believe you can then you are retarded when it comes to computers


  30. Hello, I have a problem with my laptop Compaq Presario cq62, Its too slow and I need help on how to make it faster.

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  32. wow I had a few problem one being wasn't saving my passwords now it does next was keep asking me to download flash this also fixed the problem and the other was slow at logging out of my bank account all fixed since watched this.i can't thank you enough as this has been going on for weeks. Good video

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