Hey guys, it’s Ro! Welcome to another Nerdy
Nummies! Valentines Day is right around the corner,
and I have a lot of friends and family who love computers, they are big techies.
And if you guys have any friends or family or that special someone, here is a fun idea! Today we are gonna be making Computer Keyboard
Chocolates! Let’s get started! The things you will need, will be: a bowl
of melted chocolates, a keyboard mold, I found this online, I will put a link down
below if you are interested in getting one. Candy cups, I found these at Michaels, you’ll
also need a keyboard, I live with a bunch of gamers so we have a lot of spare
keyboards hanging around the house, but you can also go to a local thrift store
and get one for really inexpensive. Just make sure to wipe down the keys before
you pop them off. You will also need a heart shaped chocolate
box, you can find these everywhere this time of year, they’re at every grocery store
I’ve seen, and if you’ve previously received one of these as a gift, maybe last
year, and you held onto it, this is a great time to re-purpose it. Then to decorate you’re going to need scissors,
pliers, flat-head screwdriver, some glue, a heart cookie cutter, a pencil,
and a bunch of markers, the colors I have are black, gold, silver,
dark green and light green. And then a ruler, and 2 pieces of construction
paper, I’ve got red and green. Now let’s put it all together! The 1st thing that we’re gonna do is take
your keyboard mold and we’re gonna type a little love message. OK, the real thing that we’re gonna do is
we’re gonna fill our little mold with chocolate. What I’ve done over here, I’ve melted
my chocolate, and then I’ve got a little plastic baggie that I’ve put in a cup so that it
would be easier to pour in there, and I’m just gonna pour my melted chocolate
into the bag. Doo-da-loo-la-loo-la-loo-loooo! Now the trick is not to eat all the chocolate
right now! So then we’re just gonna take a pair of
scissors, snip the tip, bewp! And then, we’re gonna fill in all the little
keys. What I’m doing to make this process really
easy, is I’m gonna be filling in the keys individually, not filling in the whole tray,
which is an option, you can fill in the whole tray so it comes out as
a full keyboard, but I’m just doing it as individual keys so that when we pop them
out it will be really, really easy! Now that we’re done with that, I’m gonna
stick these in the freezer for about 15 minutes, to allow them to chill and set.
And while those are doing that, we are gonna decorate our little heart chocolate
boxes! Meep-meep! To decorate, you’re gonna grab your green
piece of paper, and your chocolate box, then we’re gonna take off the lid, place
it on top of your paper, take your pencil and trace it. Now you’re gonna take your pens and we’re
gonna draw a motherboard designs all over the heart, I will upload a picture of the
design that I came up with, I hope it’s helpful, but you just have fun
with it, you can do anything you’d like. All done with our little design! It’s so
cute, I love it! Look! Bling, bling, bling, bling, bling! Motherboard! Now you’re gonna take your scissors and
just cut it out. Now we’re gonna glue our design to the top
of our chocolate box, you can use any kind of glue you’d like, and while that’s
drying I’m gonna cut a little interior heart. I’m using a cookie cutter, go figure! But
you can use anything that you like laying around the house. So you’re just
gonna trace it, and then cut it! Now for the fun part! You’re gonna grab
your tools, I’ve got the flathead screw… Driver right here! And we’re gonna pop off some keys, the keys
I want to pop off are the K, E, Y, and S. You just take your flathead, you wiggle it
underneath a key, I’m gonna put it under the Y, and then twist, and they’ll just
pop off! Boom! Once you’ve got your keys popped off, you’re
gonna pick one up, flip it upside down, you’re gonna use your pliers
here, and you’re just gonna do a pinch and twist off these little tabs. Once you’ve got your little keys all hollowed
out, we’re gonna take a hot glue gun, and we’re gonna fill them up so that they’re
level, and then we’re gonna stick ‘em onto this piece of extra red paper.
So that when we glue them onto the heart, they will lay completely flat. Now that we’ve got all of our keys glued
down, you’re gonna take your scissors and cut them out! Now that we got our little keys ready, I’m
gonna take a little bit of my glue stick, glue ‘em down to my red heart and
now I’m gonna be writing my little message, I’m writing, “You Hold the KEYS
to my Heart” Let me know if you come up with anything else
that’s fun and witty! Now that we’ve got our little red heart
decorated, our little message. We’re gonna glue it onto the top of our
chocolate box, right in the middle! Now our chocolates are ready, they have set
and we’re gonna pop ‘em out! This is really fun, so you’re gonna flip your
tray upside down, and sometimes you gotta wiggle ‘em out, so don’t be afraid, just
really get in there and wiggle ‘em! There you go, pop, pop! We’ve popped out all the little chocolates
and now you’re gonna take your candy cups, and we’re gonna fill ‘em up
and put them in our chocolate box. Ta-da! Here are the Computer Keyboard Chocolates
that we made today! Oooooh! I hope you guys liked ‘em, we decorated
the front to say, “You hold the KEYS” … Computer Keys,
“to my Heart” And inside we have all of our chocolate computer
keys, and I apologize in advance, I paired a few of these to be a little bit
cutesy! So we’ve got the I and the U together, X
and O, and


  1. make something Terraria or elder scrolls: Skyrim please. I wanna make something for my boyfriend and those are his favourite games

  2. I hate Valentine's Day but I love making special foods and eating valentines food I buy for my self XD
    So this is great!!

  3. I have a special someone but he never talks to me but I love that person I think that he hates me but I am 10 so I think I will grow up he will be my boyfriend and he will marry me😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍I am in love in blind love😙😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  4. Instead of wasting a whole keyboard just for getting four keys, you should use the keyboard mold and do the keys with clay!

  5. No offense Ro but I kinda like your hair super curly and a pink lippie but you shouldnt listen to me i dont really have a say but this was epic and im doing this

  6. Not only is she a AWESOME BAKER,BUT ALSO A AMAZING ARTIST!!!! I love u Ro!!! You inspire me a whole ton!!!! <3

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