Computer Hardware Accessories : How to Choose a Desktop Computer

Computer Hardware Accessories : How to Choose a Desktop Computer

Hi, I’m Chris Bryce from
Today I’m going to talk to you about how to choose a desktop computer. There’s a couple
of different variables and factors to consider when choosing your desktop. We’ll go over
those now. The main thing is, what you’re going to be using your desktop for. If you’re
going to be using it for home use or college use, or maybe just work use, that might suggest
that you would need just your basic value PC. If you’re going to be using it for graphic
editing or video editing, or graphic design, then you may look at having to go with a higher
end system or even a custom built system. Most manufacturers will allow you to customize
systems on their website, so you can tell what type of processor, memory, hard drives,
even colors now, that you want to include on your computer. Now if you end up going
with the customizable computer or with the value PC, one of the other factors to consider
is upgradability. If you’re looking at just doing a basic value PC now, and you want to
upgrade in the future, a year or two down the road, adding memory, video cards, hard
drives, things like that, you need to make sure that that computer that you’re buying
is able to be upgraded. Some of the value PCs that are in the two to three hundred dollar
range, the way that they did the price down so low is by making them not customizable.
It’s something where they don’t have to add a lot of slots or devices or anything to it
to allow you to upgrade, and then it doesn’t take up much space. So if you’re looking at
the ability to upgrade in the future, you may want to look at a customizable system,
something that you can add cards to, upgrade memory to, hard drives again. So those are
the main things to consider when you’re trying to choose your desktop computer.

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  1. 0:25 He mentions graphic design and video editing but not the most obvious and most demanding task for the computer, the computer games. I also noticed this in one of his other videos. I suppose he just is not a fan of computer games. 🙂

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