Computer Ergonomics for U   Input Device Considerations

Computer Ergonomics for U Input Device Considerations

Make sure to choose the right type of
input device for you. This can be a mouse, touchpad, trackball, or graphics drawing
tablet. The wrong type of device can cause hand, arm, or neck and shoulder
discomfort. Using a regular mouse can cause tension.
Many people float their hands when using a mouse to avoid buttons. An alternative
type of mouse angles your hands so that it rests on its side. These are more
comfortable to use and people are less likely to float their hands. The
trackball is another type of input device. It’s tough to use at first, but
lets you rest your hand and palm so only your fingers do the work. It’s important to support your arm when
using an input device to avoid stress on the neck and arm. The mouse should be
right next to your keyboard. Use the chair armrest or forearm support for
your elbow. You may not want to use a wrist rest for your mouse because it’s difficult to move the mouse when your hand is resting on the wrist rest. It can
block the motion of the mouse and keep your wrist from moving freely. If your
wrist feels sore resting on the table, try a thicker mousepad so your
unprotected wrist isn’t resting on a hard surface. So when you’re considering
an input device, consider the type of device, the best way to position it, and
whether or not to use a wrist rest.

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