Computer Basics : What Is a Client Computer?

Computer Basics : What Is a Client Computer?

I’m Jonathan Ayres with Network For Success,
and today we’re going to talk about what is a client computer. Well in a network environment
where you have computers connected to each other, you have computers that are clients
and you have computers that are servers. The servers would be considered the master storage
areas for information and for applications such as Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel
or Power Point, you can even have an Internet Explorer browser reside on a server. And then
you as the client, meaning an individual sitting at a computer located at another part of the
company connected by network, wire or wireless, would get information from that server, that
would make you the client, because you would be obtaining from that server. Now you could
also store information on that server as a client, or perform other duties if you needed
to. Mainly drawing applications, using storage areas, those would be the two high points
of what you would use a server for. But being the individual computer that accesses the
server makes you the client. And that’s what a client computer is.

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    Windows XP SP2 or SP3
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