Como fazer OVERCLOCK Huananzhi x79 Dual CPU –  Dual Xeon

Como fazer OVERCLOCK Huananzhi x79 Dual CPU – Dual Xeon

All right guys? Heat today, right? As you know a while ago I got this huananzhi motherboard, it is a dual cpu and therefore has 2 sockets lga 2011. And I know that everyone is curious to know what the performance of 2 processors looks like. And even more to know how these 2 processors would perform if we overclocked. Unfortunately now I can’t bring 2 processor performance tests yet, because mine haven’t arrived yet. But I can teach you how to overclock even before this motherboard came to me I tried to overclock it, but everyone
said it was impossible, But as you know, I am very persistent and hardheaded, and I managed to overclock this bag. There is a very naughty trick and if you don’t do exactly the same, you won’t release overclocking. So let that nasty like and subscribe to the channel. Because this one is probably
the first overclocking tutorial for this motherboard model from the internet. As I had already overclocked, the first step is to reset the BIOS. This done just follow my steps. The 1st option mark as custom, this is very important. Energy performance, choose ” performance ” CPU C6 report, set to disable. In these 3 tabs choose the value of 255, which is the maximum value. It is very important that you enter these 3 values exactly as I did. Any other value you overclock will not work. And down here we have the multiplier. By factory my cpu comes with 36, and I already know that his limit is 41. Remembering that it is 41 x 100 which is the base block. Then we will have here 4.1Ghz. This part you know how to do right? Start at the factory default value, and then go up from 1 to 1 until you find your processor limit. This is a very simple motherboard So don’t expect too high frequencies. Now we go to the tab
  chipset>>Northbridge And in this place you will be able to change the frequency of your memories. Which in my case is 1600mhz. Hit ESC, save changes, and exit. Now let’s open CPU-Z and confirm if our overclocking worked. YES, it worked! We have 4.1Ghz and multiplier at 41, exactly the same as what we set there at bios. And of course if you can get an even bigger clock, here 4.1Ghz was the maximum I could. Time to try cinebench and see how much performance we get. WOOOW we left 605pt and now we mark 698pt. more than 15% performance gain. If I think this overclock was worth it? But of course! Because after all in less than 5 minutes we get 15% performance, Best of all, we don’t spend anything to get it. Please don’t forget to like and subscribe to the channel. See you next week Bye!

12 thoughts to “Como fazer OVERCLOCK Huananzhi x79 Dual CPU – Dual Xeon”

  1. Ela funciona normal com apenas 1 processador nela? Achei que tinha que sempre ter os dois conectados. (Estou planejando montar uma monstruosidade dessa tbm.. 😀 )

  2. Boa tarde meu querido, tudo bem com você?? Muito bom seu video e muito esclarecedor kkkkk Me diz uma coisa você sabe qual o TDP maximo dessas placas da Huananzhi X79?? Quero montar uma com um 3930K ou 2680-V2. O problema é que não da para saber se elas suportam os processadores de 130W. Meu medo é fritar os VRMs por conta disso.

  3. Parabéns pelo Canal e pelo trabalho! Tenho acompanhando Seus produtos no site e me impressionado cada dia mais! Ganhou mais um Inscrito.

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