Comment Backlinks are Gold...Blog Commenting Tutorial | How to Do Blog Commenting

Comment Backlinks are Gold…Blog Commenting Tutorial | How to Do Blog Commenting

everybody's dean I wanted to do a quick video for you today I wrote an article called leaving comments on blogs as gold for your own website and I want to walk you through what I mean by that typically I have downloaded the Alexa toolbar and you can see that my Alexa rating here is a 395 395,000 which is pretty decent it's come down from 1.5 million maybe a month ago so I've done a lot of work in the past month but I've got 52 sites linking in so what I did just to give you an idea is I went out and I searched for the top 50 bloggers on Google this is a ranking of the top 50 bloggers around the world that are making money online and what I want to do is I want to go out just for example let me click on this link this is call ste I guess is how I say it but if you look at his Alexa rain ranking it's a twenty nine thousand five hundred forty two so he ranks better than I do and the reason why is this he has one thousand two hundred sixty three links linking back in he's got a very popular blog so what I will do is I will go on just for example and everybody likes comments so if you like this page or like this link definitely leave a comment for me if you would but go down to the bottom and you can put in your name Dean Etheridge this is not going to be very sincere but I'm doing this for test purposes but I'll go in and I'll type in love hey love the post great article and congrats on reaching the top fifty so won't look like spam there's a lot of automated backlink you know programs out there not a huge fan of those things I get them all the time on my site and once you get a blog you'll see what I mean they make no sense and let me just finish this up I will be back to visit often okay so I go down but the key is when I put this link back on my website I want to make sure that I've got HTTP colon forward slash forward slash and that creates a permanent backlink to your site so when I'm done I hit submit comment and you know every time again every time you want to get in the habit of reading an article what happens is that leaves to cut a post on his page and and it's got a link to me being at roots but it also has my website so you can get traffic from people visiting who you are if you leave a nice comment you can also put some keywords in the comments but be careful on that you don't want to overdo that because it looks like spam to him but make sure that it's got something relevant about the article but what I would do if I'm if I'm you and just getting started I want to go leave comments on sites that are ranked better than me download the Alexa traffic rating this income diary is seven thousand five hundred eighty four here's another one number two blog mastermind let's go well his link is broken let's go to I've got this guy already pulled up his Alexa ranking is twenty four thousand nine hundred twenty eight and if you go to this Yoast calm again you've got a traffic ranking of 3380 this guy's got an unbelievable site so these are some of the top fifty bloggers this guy I love and I'll do a plug for him Pat Flynn smart passive income com is just a great guy this is kind of who I'm following his traffic rank is five thousand and seventy seven he's got some great information and you know I always talk about following the leader or following the follower that's following the leader that's what I'm doing and I'm trying to get better and I hope some of my information helps you so I hope that helps today if you have any questions let me know and feel free to leave a comment look forward to seeing you on the next video take care

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  2. Awesome I'm going to use this for my 3 domains I wonder if youtube counts

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  4. i don't undr stood about backlinks for my Site

  5. Great information. As a new blogger who has only been blogging since November, I found this video to be very helpful with some great tips. I will return to watch more of your videos related to blogs and blogging.

  6. it took me a while to finally find a source explaining backlinking in a visual easy to understand way!!!  Thank You. I am now subscribed.

  7. nice video, but I have a question. I have herd that commenting will not help rankings with google, is this true?

  8. Hello, you have made very nice article but what about the same comment or plagiarized comments? is that effects on site?

  9. Good stuff man, I am following the leader here and that is you, thanks for the share, how is your website doing so far by the way?

  10. Hello! Thank you for this useful video. By the way, I notice many people keep on talking about SEO services called MoboRank (do a google search), but I'm not sure if it is really good. Have you tried using MoboRank? I have heard some extraordinary things about it and my buddy achieve the rankings he desired with it, but he refuses to tell me: (

  11. Hi there! Thanks for dropping back by. Pat rocks totally and I will check out David. I learned as much from Pat as anyone, and I'm trying to convey some of the same information to my viewers. I've been so busy building Solavei now it has almost all of my energy to help my team members though. I'm going to do a good course on video marketing for fast leads now, which is what people are starving for. I even posted several comments the other night for a new site, so I see the value 🙂

  12. We're rockin it here! Favourite result at the moment is a top positions for 'builders' on Google AU 🙂 Check us out at Truebluewebsite com au

  13. Thanks Adam! I try to get as many as I can. I probably did 20 tonight for a new site. Some will be do-follow, some won't so no big deal. As long as we stay active and get out there, people will find us online. How's your business going?

  14. Thanks Dean.. Nice and quick and to the point. My opinion on no follow is that it is healthy to have them in there as it look like a natural backlink profile.

  15. Hey Craig..ugh on spammy comments! 🙂 Akismet helps get rid of those. Thanks for the comment and watching the video. Have a great weekend!

  16. Great video! I cant stand getting the spammy comments on my blogs….but it's cool to have people leaving relevant comments!

  17. Very useful video, thanks for the info. Every little counts. It seems to be getting harder and harder to drive traffic to our websites. But your info is greatly appreciated, Keep it up. Much Success to you.

  18. Hi Amanda, and you're most welcome. You can go to alexa dot com and get the toolbar to see what your competition is doing. I recommend it highly even for following your own progress on your site. Best of luck to you!

  19. I know they count as a backlink and may not boost your Page Rank, but they do help you get traffic for sure. I'm going to try to send you a link that will be helpful for relevant backlinks as well

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