College Dorm Shopping + Dorm Haul || UBC First Year || + GIVEAWAY

College Dorm Shopping + Dorm Haul || UBC First Year || + GIVEAWAY

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Hey it’s Lina and I’m here with my sister who is actually holding the camera and
she’s gonna be going into her first year of university at UBC in September so
we’re just going dorm shopping for her and were in the parking lot of Canadian
Tire like true Canadians and they were super kind to me and they sent me a
bunch of stuff so I’m gonna be showing you that in the hall section of this
video later but they also did send me some gift cards and I’m actually gonna
be giving one of them away to one of you guys if you want to find out how you can
win it just watch till the end of this video to find out how but yeah let’s
just go ahead and go inside and get some shopping done okay so we have a list of things that we
definitely do want to get and the Canadian Tire website is really cool
because they just tell you like what aisle things are in so we know where
they are in this really massive store we’re also just gonna be kind of like
walking around to see what we like and maybe things that we didn’t think about
before yeah so let’s do that we found this really cute little message board
that you see on Pinterest all the time so we’re definitely gonna be getting
that as the core really awesome like stores and I think
they’d be really good for underneath the bed but I know some donors do come with
like under the bed storage so we’re not sure we reach the closed hangar section
and they have a whole bunch of options but I know that they did send me some
and I’m not exactly sure which ones they are yet because I haven’t unboxed that
so we might have to come back and just like buy a little bit more once I know
exactly the ones that they are because I just can’t remember right now we just
got to like the dirty clothes hamper kind of section and we’re trying to pick
one and we’re really relieved leaning towards this like awesome marble one I
think it’s so cute they also have like I guess a little bit more functional but I
think that one’s really cute as well but they do have like a bunch to choose we
found this really cute plant and it’s so nice and aesthetically pleasing but I
just don’t think it’s gonna fit in a dorm so I think we’re actually gonna
have to stick more like with this kind of size they have so many storage boxes
like shout out to Canadian Tire for making this little thing from my phone
we found this really funky like little cactus lights and they also have these
like wait where the pineapple they also have these like a little pineapple can
we talk about how cute these little like mason jar lights are why doesn’t she
have a freakin patio in her dorm so that we can buy these they’re so cute what in
the world is she doing what is this Oh hit the like button oh hello
fancy meeting you here who are you she is a clumsy girl who tripped over air okay we were really successful at
Canadian Tire so I figured you know we better make this a truly truly Canadian
kind of day and there’s a temp or dance literally like right in front of
Canadian Tire so we’re gonna go get that good old Canadian are you fangirling over vacuum
futuristic you triskele tween these are actually really cool are you gonna get
it for your first apartment this is obviously alien technology cute look
that kind of looks like you yeah now finally I can charge my phone in the
bathroom I mean in the bathroom it’s not it’s a nightlight what are you
talking about it’s a nightlight this is my unboxing you know even though charlie wasn’t the
best assistant the first thing I want to say thank you
so much to Canadian Tire for sponsoring this video and for sending along these
packages and the gift cards that allowed me to go shopping for the stuff that I’m
going to show you guys they are having their back to it campaign because you
know after summer we don’t have to get back to it so whether you’re going back
to your dorm or this is the first time in your dorm Lincoln is for my sister or
you have it for this apartment or you just want to come and read them up your
place they have so many cool organization things for the core things
kitchen thanks etc I’m gonna leave everything link down below that I show
in this video but yeah let’s just go ahead and let me show you what I got for
my sister’s dorm all right so I think I’m gonna start with the things that we
went shopping for in the first part of the video that you just saw and then I
will go through the packages that they sent me so the first thing we got is
this kettle which I think will be a pretty great fit for her because she
does drink a lot of tea so now she can just make it right in her dorm I didn’t
see this item not a lot of like dorm essential this kind of thing and I know
some people that had one in first year ending ultimately is kind of up to what
kind of person you are I think it fits my sister pretty well so we got it
the nice thing we got you already kind of saw in like the shopping section of
this video but it’s this kind of message board thing that again has been all over
Pinterest I just thought I’m just really too far to get for some home decor it
does also come with just like a whole bunch of letters so we knew we wanted to
get an extension cord because sometimes there’s just not a lot of plugs in a
dorm or they just happen to be like in weird on the reachable places so I
thought an extension cord would be really great and we looked up and we
found an aesthetically extension cord which I really didn’t
even think was a possibility but this one is so pretty it’s kind of like this
pastel mint color sort of thing and it also comes with like two little USB
plugs as well so we thought this is pretty useful the next thing we got is
more of like a deport kind of thing and it’s this scented candle it’s called
Spanish cedar and it smells so so good I usually find that like cedar candles are
a little bit – man pull out step like if that makes sense that this one just
melts like really fresh forest and the colors really pretty as well another
decor thing that we got is these fairy lights and these are just
battery-operated and to go along with them I thought these transferrin command
hooks because they’re really good just to hang them up sort of thing and you
can barely see them I’ve used these before from my own fairy lights so I
know that they work really well and what’s really great about command hooks
I actually would like I actually did also get these other command hooks as
well it’s really really awesome about command hooks is that they are all
damage free because you can’t put nails or really anything in adorable and these
just kind of come off at the end once you’re moving out so we got the ones for
the very light we also got these ones to hang like her
coat and maybe like her umbrella and her keys and Canadian Tire has like a whole
freakin wall of thee there’s also some just for hanging posters and there’s
some like more I guess aesthetic kind of ones there’s some like gold ones and
silver ones I think I’m just gonna keep going with the decor things and show you
these little fake plants that we got they’re so so cute
and I love the little plot that this one set is kind of like marble and very
neutral kind of colors the same goes for this one and they’re both pretty small
so they’re good size to hop and her dorm the next thing we got I probably should
have shown right out there the kettle because they kind of go hand in hand but
they’re just these milks fern to put her tea and water is whatever it is and
they’re just these nice kind of neutral colors as well and there’s just four of
them next we got two things for the bathroom and the first one is this
vanity organizer thing and it’s like this really pretty wood color and it’s
just so she can put like her makeup bathroom essentials that sort of thing
in there and it’s kind of versatile since it has these two levels and it
kind of folds out a little or you can use it with the lid and not fold it up
right I don’t know I just thought it was really cute so we ended up getting it
and the second thing we got is this mirror and like most washed ramires it
has like that magnifying sight so you can do your makeup in and it also comes
with this really nice base where she can put kind of like her daily jewelry sort
of stuff I don’t know we just thought it was really cute and fun and that was it
for the things that we went shopping for on her own I think now it’s time to open
these packages showing you what’s in them and I’m
getting a my sister to help me open these and so that she can also see
what’s in them so hole I guess you don’t really have to hold on because I’ll just
cut it together but I actually kind of smile my sister and use this stuff like
what it was yet so I guess this is your first time we separate what it is right
yes oh this is exciting okay all right so we finished unboxing
both packages and I’m just going to show your books in them anyway to start with
this one right here and it’s just this hex foldable chair which it’s pretty
compact obviously when it’s folded I think it should fit in like one of the
corners of your dorm and then when people come over
there’ll be like more space people sit out the next thing is this foldable
trace right thing which is pretty great because it can just be kind of put
against the wall it’s pretty small once it’s folded as well but it’ll just make
some good space and then you want to easily attach a table people are coming
over and like I said during the shopping section of this video there are
positives don’t really have a lot of space for you you kind of have to make
it by getting like a double shelving or drawers at the bottom that sort of stuff
so the shoe rack is like super super helpful for that because now if you can
stack your shoes instead of just having them all kind of laid out on the floor
all kind of messy and it’s also super aesthetic and I love the white and the
wood the next thing this says is this awesome drying rack and it has so many
levels but it’s also just so compact with little once it’s folded and a
drying rack with some things I wish I had when I lived at university
Vegas honestly the university drying machines are not that great
we’ll keep adding time to the cycle and it still will not be dry also there are
some clothing items and just have fun of the dryer so it drying around is just a
really great thing to have it’ll save you time energy and money it backs these
things just like some standard useful things they set some tissues as well as
some trash bags thank you for that that’s these of this little desk
language like a flexible neck so that you know you can point the light at
whatever is making you stressed while you’re studying
nextly sent this little tray table which I think might be really good for kind of
like using your laptop while you’re in bed or even you know for those days when
you need to eat in bed and watch some Netflix at the same time they also send
another gland and this one’s more of like a full one I’m not exactly sure it
will fit in her gourd but I really hope that it does because the lighting in
there is typically not the best but if it does then my boyfriend is also moving
into his first apartment pretty soon so that will be for that I guess we will
see and you guys will find out in the dorm tour that I do this modest one that
my sisters are really excited about when we open the box and it’s this like
little cart thing and the color is so adorable is that this pale kind of like
mint color kind of similar to the extension cord actually now that I look
at it and I’ve seen these coming on Pinterest or organizing things maybe she
compared months and he your towels can anytime really seems to know what
they’re doing because the hangers are a very similar color to that utility car
and coincidentally for though we thought so these are just
very nice thin hangers and it looks like clothes definitely won’t be slipping off
of them and last if not leaves is a mini fridge make sure that the mini fridge
that you get fancier universities requirement I know for you BCE and is
five cubic feet and this one is three point three cubic feet so we’re good to
go with that mini fridges are just a really great thing for you to put snacks
and things like through milk yogurt you know leftover salad etc whatever it is
it’s don’t think that you don’t absolutely like really really really
mean but I just think it’s a really great thing to happen if you can get one
and now have a giveaway if you do want to win this $100 Canadian Tire gift card
and get yourself some awesome stuff then all you have to do is be subscribed to
my youtube channel follow me on Instagram I will leave the username
right here and comment down below what you would get it Canadian Tire with it
or which was your favorite item for the ones that I showed in this video and
with that comment leave your Instagram handle so that I can contact you and if
you don’t have an Instagram then just like your email I will leave like some
of the other rules right here but if you did like this video please make sure to
give it a thumbs up hit that subscribe on turn it on your Bell notifications
and hopefully I’ll catch you in my next video

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