28 thoughts to “Cloud Computing Best Animation”

  1. could you please tell me is it okay to use this video or embed on my FB page I will give full credits to you…..

  2. I tried to go to the link mentioned at the end of the video for We Support The Cloud and it just goes to a placeholder website with ads on it. I don’t think that’s what you intended. Can you fix that?

  3. I love your animation!

    In my opinion cloud computing has been around for a long time. It has been the fundamentals of what websites/ email servers use to retrieve and store data. It's nothing new. Only now have we had the cheaper technology to centralise everything and provide the infrastructure for it on a bigger scale other than just websites/email, i.e. databases and file storage.My CEO suggested me lately to check an offer of cloud computing service. Of course it have to be trusted, so he’s not interested in free services, offering file hosting. My boss told me to check few of them, and among many I found one called ComZetta. It seems trusted, not very expensive and secure.  

  4. what animation software did you use ? I would like to create an animation to explain some concepts

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