ClearPath-SC (Software Control) Series Overview

ClearPath-SC (Software Control) Series Overview

ClearPath SC is a brushless servo motor, high-resolution
optical encoder, servo drive, and a highly flexible motion controller in one integrated
package. When you need the flexibility of a software
controlled, networked, multi-axis motion control system, ClearPath SC is the family to look
at. Using low-cost SC communication hubs, you
connect your Windows or Linux host PC or single board computer via USB or high-speed RS-232
and up to four ClearPath motors per hub. These hubs can be daisy-chained around your
machine to conveniently network up to 16 axes per USB or serial port and up to 48 axes per
system. With ClearPath SC, there are no cryptic two-letter
codes or archaic development tools. ClearPath SC comes with a free C++ class library
called sFoundation. sFoundation’s English-like syntax and tools,
like keyword auto-completion and context-sensitive help, enable you to learn quickly. The Sfoundation library is well suited for
single-threaded or multi-threaded designs and with the ClearPath SC advanced firmware
option, you won’t need complex sequential coding or constant data polling to create
your more sophisticated and higher performance applications. The advanced firmware option lets you write
fully event-driven code. As an alternative to using ClearPath SC’s
built-in motion profile generator, you can instead run ClearPath SC using external step
and direction signals, like you would with the ClearPath SD series. But unlike with ClearPath SD, you can also
communicate with ClearPath SC using your C++ application software while running in step
and direction mode, query status and to read or change parameters. Depending on the power class you need, you
can choose between two different ClearPath SC models. The ClearPath SCSK model is our stepper killer. This name started as an inside joke, but it
is a perfect drop-in upgrade for stepper motors, so we decided to keep the name. Compared to a stepper motor system, ClearPath is much quieter, it’s a fully closed loop servo system meaning
it won’t stall or lose steps like a stepper, and it has two to three times the usable power. Best of all, on top of all of its servo and
integration advantages, the ClearPath SC servo motor, encoder, servo drive, and controller
unit often actually cost less than an equal power stepper motor, drive, and controller. NEMA 23 ClearPath SCSK integrated servo systems
start at only two hundred ninety-nine dollars in single piece quantities and there are significant
volume discounts. The ClearPath SCHP has significantly more
power than the SCSK model, two times the power per cubic inch of other servos, and 8 to 15
times the power of similar size stepper motors. Many OEMs use the high-power SCHP model when
they want to replace a non-integrated servo system with a high-performance, fully integrated
brushless servo to get reduced wiring, a more compact package, and a significant cost savings, but OEMs are also upgrading their stepper systems to the high power ClearPath SCHP models
to significantly increase their machine speed and throughput and gain all the other benefits
of servo control for just a moderate price premium. NEMA23 ClearPath SCHP integrated servo systems
start at only $492 in single piece quantities and there are significant volume discounts. An optional firmware extension adds advanced
features like Teknic’s G-stop vibration suppressing motion profiles. The optional firmware also adds other advanced
features to ClearPath SC like head and tail motion profiles, conditional torque limits, and much more. If you don’t need the full programmatic flexibility
of ClearPath SC, ClearPath MC has a very easy to use built-in motion controller that you
control with simple I/O from your PLC or even from switches and buttons. ClearPath SD integrated motors take step and
direction or A/B quadrature signals from a third party motion control indexer and are
a great drop-in upgrade for stepper motors and digital servos.

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  1. Why not emmerge these three powerful: SD, MC, and SC into single and preffered
    ClearPath DP ?
    It's Duper Awesome! All 3 features of SD, MC, and SC all in one package!
    I am confused for which servo I have to choose. I wish all useful things do not separate. When I chose this, I got these, but not those. Then I have another one and I got those but not these. Ugh! How infuriated I am when I need world's most reliable servo?
    So please, guys, can you have this problem considered?

  2. Hi, I am from Pakistan. Is the shipping service available in Pakistan? and if yes then how many days it will take to reach?

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