Check In At The Airport – The 7 Questions You MUST kNOW

Check In At The Airport – The 7 Questions You MUST kNOW

Are you ready to check in at the airport?
Watch this video and learn that checking in at the airport can be easy and simple. In
this video you will learn the 7 most common questions and phrases you must know in order
to check in very quickly at the airport. Hey friends teacher Prix here to help you talk
to anyone anywhere anytime in English. Thanks for joining me on another video and if it
is your first time here thank you so much for taking the time to watch this video I
hope I can help you with this lesson and make sure to subscribe so that you don’t miss any
of my weekly videos. But here we go, question number one, where are you flying to, today?
basically, the check-in attendant wants to know where you are going, where are you flying
to, today? So you can say to Montreal or just the name of the place, Montreal. Number two,
May I see your passport, please? Or passport and ticket, please. Sometimes they may ask
you for the ticket, sometimes they may ask you only for the passport, it depends. So
when the check-in attendant asks you this question you can just give the passport and
the ticket or you can say here it is or here you are. Question number 3, are you checking
any bags? When we travel we usually bring bags because we need to take clothes, personal
items, so we need bags. ok, at the check-in, you need to check this bag. ok. It is very
important to do that. So this is a very common question they ask you. ok. To answer this
question, here are some possibilities. yes, two bags. ok and then you say the number of
bags you are checking, ok. There is usually a limit of two bags but sometimes you can
pay an additional fee and check more bags. It depends. Or if it is only one you can say,
just this one, just=only, just this one or maybe you are not checking any bags you
only have your carry-on luggage. What is a carry-on luggage? it is a piece of luggage
that you bring with you on the airplane. ok, so you don’t check it, you bring this bag
with you. So you can also say well no, I am not. I only have a carry-on. Very well, question
number 4. This question is very popular at American airports. American airports are known
to be very strict with security. This may sound like a silly question but it is a popular
one, especially at American airports. Have you left your bag unattended at any time?
Basically, the check-in attendant is asking you if you left your bag alone even if for
two minutes while you were at the airport or coming to the airport, just say no, ok.
No, I haven’t. ok. Or just say “no”, alright. I used present perfect to ask this question,
it is a very common structure to ask this question have you left your bag unattended
at any time? NO, I haven’t or just say no. Another common question related to this subject
is has anyone, has a person, has anyone given you anything to carry on the flight, to bright
to the flight? Basically, again I am asking you if a person, a friend or someone gave
you something for you to bring on the flight, ok. People as a matter of security we should
never accept anything from anyone, so if it is true, if the answer is yes, just say yes,
ok to avoid any problems and remember, just bring things from people you trust 100%; Nice,
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definitely benefit from these tips here. Nice, number 5 is not a question, it is a command,
an instruction. Place your bag on the scale. Why is this important? I have seen people
have problems to understand this command at airports ok? so it is important to understand
that. When the check-in attendant tells you to place your bag on the scale, as you can
see here on the screen, this is a scale and it is where you have to put your bag, ok so
just follow the instructions one bag at a time. If you have two bags put one first,
if you have another bag, wait for the check-in attendant to tell you to put the second bag
on the scale. Oh and Priscila, do I need to say anything? Not really, just do what the
check-in attendant tells you, you can say ok, alright, but you don’t need to say much.
Number 6 would you like a window or aisle seat? Basically in this question, the check-in
attendant wants to know which seat you prefer, now important thing, not all check-in attendants
will ask you this question, ok so if you have a preference, it is important to talk about
it, but I will help you in a second with that. So if the check-in attendant asks you would
you like a window or an aisle seat? So as you can see these are the three types of seat
you have inside an airplane. You have the window seat, the middle seat and the asile
seat. just tell the check-in attendant which one you prefer, the middle seat please, the
aisle seat please, the window seat please or you can say I would likethe aisle seat
please, I would like the window seat please. Now as I said, if the check in attendant doesn’t
ask you this question and you wanna talk about it you can say, Excuse-me, can I get a middle
seat, please? or Can I get an aisle seat, please? You can ask this question, ok? and
finally number 7 not really a question, an instruction, ok a command. After you finish
the check-in the check-in attendant will give you some instructions of what to do, of where
to go, ok so they will usually say Here is your boarding pass, this is a boarding pass.
Go through security, and your flight to Montreal will depart from Gate C26. The flight boards
at 2:30. At this moment, the check-in attendant is just giving you some additional instruction
of where to go, if you don’t understand this information, you can check all this information
on your boarding pass. If you want to ask the check-in attendant to explain again all
you can say is excuse me can you say that again please, pardon me? and the person will
repeat or you can, can you repeat that again please? On my blog you can find 10 additional
phrases and questions that you may need at the airport so I will leave the link here
in the descriptions. So that being said, if you watched this video until now, congratulations,
I want you to write in the comments one question that you didn’t know, ok that is new for you,
so write one question here in the comments and I will reply to you. Thank you so much
and I will see you next time! Bye

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