CAREERS IN EEE – Electrical and Electronics Engineering,Jobs,Gate,Mtech,Campus drives,Top recruiters

CAREERS IN EEE – Electrical and Electronics Engineering,Jobs,Gate,Mtech,Campus drives,Top recruiters

Hello all,This is Priyanka, I am the HR of Welcome to our video channel on Jobs and careers. Today I will be speaking about your career options in ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING also known as EEE.EEE is a broad and vibrant discipline in engineering which interfaces with many other subjects in science including physics, computer science and mechanical EEE students have to study Electrical as well as Electronics. EEE is the study of electrical systems which are used in
different environments and contains basic electronic courses and more power system and applications of those.Electrical engineers are responsible for the generation transfer conversion of electrical power for installation, maintenance, operation of power handling equipment & systems there are also responsible for Industries manufacturing large electrical machines and equipment employ engineers in design, production and testing. There are many careers open to students with an EEE degree .Careers in JTO (Junior Training Officer), DRDO(Defense Research and development organization ISRO(Indian Space Research Organization) EEE students can appear in gate for getting into top PSU like POWER GRID ,NTPC, BHABHA Atomic research Centre etc.. and in private sectors like L&T,BOSCH etc
For those who are interested in pursuing higher studies you have number of choices like masters options in Electronics,Software,Hardware,Signal Processing,Communications, Computer Engineering power electronics
power systems engineering including renewable energy
Nanotechnology, Biomedical Imaging, embedded systems Embedded Systems, Control.We will be back with
more such career options so subscribe with us.

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  1. sir,i completed my degree in electrical and electronics engineering two and half years later of my course duration because of some personal issues,and i have only second class in engineering degree and has scored CGPA 6.854 in the course,how can i build my carrier further more and which is the best area for entering into job market with this degree as a freshers??? somebodies please response to me please…………?

  2. #Azeem Ahammed , A lot of opportunities are looking for you in non technical side (not core) as you have some age relaxation in your study it is quite difficult to get a govt job as well as core job as these are linked with GATE score and your CGPA, If you are great in your communication skills you may have a wide range of opportunities in BPO,KPO and technical support departments after sufficient some videos in this channel you will find your path which is apt for your CGPA,Try to apply for startups,call centers,BPO companies to attain your job or prepare for bank clerk exam as they are having a high demand with lot of vacancies in govt as well as private banks too.To apply for any job please log on to .All the best

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  7. not at all audible please up it other than musiq … it is most irritating video i have ever ever seen… shit editing

  8. The video is good and the quality of sound of voice Is low and music is very high improve Your sound management..

  9. While the information is good the sound quality of the video is garbage. Speakers volume way to low in comparison of the ridiculously loud music cuts.

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