Can we recover this 1986 computer art? ⛏️

Can we recover this 1986 computer art? ⛏️

Welcome Hello Chip Dippers It’s time for another Quick Bytes, Apple Appetizer So, quick recap No, not that kind of recap We’ve… …recapped the boards, cleaned the boards, refurbished the external port, and electrocuted ourselves.. ..reflowed the unlock solder, reflowed the floppy port solder, asked Jerry for help Swap the bonds filter, had a nervous breakdown, removed the scuzzy chip, refurbished three floppy drives ..tried to floppy cables, tried four system disks, lightbrighted the case, and gone into therapy And then this happened You stup.. (bleep), piece of (bleep) That wasn’t me swearing.. it was Puppyfractic We made her wash her mouth out with soap and water And, you know, I really thought that swapping the Integrated Woz Machine, IWM Chip woz going to solve it But it wozn’t ..the.. woz You know what I mean Then finally, thanks to the amazing floppy EMU It’s not .. not a flightless bird, that’s gone limp I finally got this machine to boot for the first time The fact that the machine is now fully future-proofed and that I have the ability to load any disk I want .. virtually .. Was not than good enough But I did get suggestions to try that EMU on the internal port It’s a good idea Let’s give it a go! Huh. It works which narrows down our problem to either those two floppy cables or the three floppy drives Or a completely unrelated problem on the Logic Board Relating to powering the drive motors, which the EMU doesn’t have Maybe that’s why it’s flightless But back to that floppy emulator its creator It’s creator essentially told me it’s time for a new Logic Board And faced with the two choices of throwing this one in the trash Or keeping it alive using the emulator Well, you know me Rest in peaccccCB I can’t do it See, told you, you know me But from rest in PCB to trust in PCBWay They’ve got a great 5th anniversary flash sale on right now! And as we all know, PCB stands for Perifractic Can’t Bin-it But stop the press, we’ve just received this kind donation from eBayer, biff_howard_tannen Wait.. Well, anyway, he sent us this known working yellow stripe the floppy cable You can’t use a red stripe SE cable with the Macintosh Plus That would be ridicuwous So, let’s see if this gets any of our three internal drives working Well sadly, Biff’s kind donation didn’t get us back to the future I tried all the system discs, I tried all three floppy drives It still didn’t work And, you know, I did see comments from people saying you could try 20 floppy Macintosh drives And none of them would work And we just have to draw a line somewhere So we’re gonna keep this machine alive using the floppy Goat .. uh..EMU So, now we have our working machine Here’s what I’ve wanted to do that for many years You see back in 1986, my only access to the magical Macintosh Was the one owned by my friend Matthew’s Dad, Philip Here’s Matthew with it Here’s Philip with it And here’s me with.. a goat. Yeah, I don’t have a picture with a Mac Until now! Anyway, we would spend hours upon weeks just messing around with MacPaint Back then, it was somewhat of a marvel and the first time ever that you can actually create art in one program Then move it into another like the equally inspiring MacWrite Originally called MacSketch, MacPaint was written using Pascal and Assembler in 1984 So quite recently then By Apple’s Bill Atkinson Here’s an actual photograph of him The interface was designed by Susan Kare For me, that woman’s touch explains why it was so intuitive to use And why even Photoshop today borrows from the layout? Naughty Adobe MacPaint also featured a menu containing all sorts of goodies called AIDS But this was soon renamed to Goodies Phew, Goodie Now on that system, we created some really cool stuff I even had this image featured in MacUser Magazine But over the years, that Macintosh was itself put into retirement We don’t know where it is now but to his credit bet he found a way to convert those Mac Paint files into bitmap .BMP format And so, I was able to keep them through these past three decades But now I finally got a working Macintosh again The thought does arise.. Wouldn’t it be cool to convert them back again into their original format? And once again, load them onto a real Macintosh with MacPaint Now that challenge on today’s menu isn’t as simple as it may seem And in a second, we’ll look at the recipe ingredients we need Don’t eat the blue pill Keanu! These are the recipe ingredients we need First, capacitors ..oh, wait, sorry wrong slide We’ll need a real Macintosh Check. A floppy emulator Check. The bitmap files Check. But also some way to convert them Uh.. let me check And a way to get them onto the virtual MacPaint disc So thank goodness.. remember that emulator? Well, this would have been a much quicker Quick Bytes So first thing I’m gonna do is take the flash card out of the floppy emulator Put it into my real Macintos, well, not real Futuristic Macintosh And you can see it mounted there Then I found this program. It’s called GraphicConverter by Lemke Software And it’s the only one that actually has, supposedly, a file format for converting MacPaint files So I’ve selected all my Bitmap files and let’s start the function Op! That was quick Almost too quick, but apparently there they are Next I’m gonna use the emulator, Mini vMac, running on the modern day Mac And use this import FI Tool which will allow me to drag-and-drop files And save them onto the virtual disks And in this case, I’m using the virtual MacPaint disc from the floppy emulator flashcard But there’s a problem.. the MacPaint files are not actually showing the MacPaint icon Which means they won’t load And of course with the Mac changing the file extension doesn’t help either So if I go to the File>Info I can see here the problem The Kind is just Document And the icon is wrong Try dragging-and-dropp.. no Well, then I found this: Creator Changer 2.8 And it will allow you to click Make Like and make one file like another file So here, I’m choosing a real MacPaint file And it’s gonna copy those info attributes across And you can see now the icon is correct And as for where to open it? It says MacPaint Let’s try it with vMac Emulator and yes! Look at that! For the first time ever.. well in 33 years These files are kind of running on a Mac So now I’m gonna repeat the process and drag and drop all the other converted Mac files From my real Ma.. old, new Mac.. to the emulator And then convert each one to a MacPaint file type And there we go! I’ve got now all the files on this virtual disk In theory, if I put this in.. I should see the same thing Yep! Let’s load up MacPaint! Let’s try opening a file Yesss! Ooh. look at that! For the first time since, probably 1987 – 1988 My MacPaint Mouse is back on Mac Wait, that’s.. who’s that? That’s not right. Do something about that. Let’s check our other files Fred & Co Hamster Cages Ohhh, yes This extremely lifelike depiction was done by my friend Matthew And it’s of his old pet hamster Rest in Peace, Hammy Do you remember the show Take Hart with Tony Hart? Well, let’s have a little gallery of our finished conversions See Mum, I told you I be on TV one day So there it is, our finished project! The working, future-proofed and restored Apple Macintosh Plus Featuring my original 1986 artwork, Back to Mac Thank you so much for joining me on this journey! It’s been quite a ride, hasn’t it? But we have many more exciting journeys and delicious Retro Recipes to come So make sure you’re subscribed Comment below and Cheerio!

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  1. @Retro Recipes You most likely already know this, but Graphic Converter is one of the longest-running pieces of Mac software – it's been around since (at least) the early nineties

  2. 4:00
    Matthew's Mom:"Matthew, look!"
    Matthew: "WHAT MOM! Im trying to paint..oh never mind…"
    Matthew "mooommmm!!!"

  3. Wonderful memories of Hypercard come flooding back! 🙂 I loved Hypercard and could never understand why Apple killed it.

    p.s. The OCD is still kicking in. Don't replace the motherboard of course, but I still have a tiny urge to see you test every component on it until the offending floppy drive failure is found and replaced… but that is just my problem. I can be safely ignored. I fall down rabbit holes like that constantly.

    Years ago I worked on a photorealistic 3D illustration for a couple of weeks. I wanted perfection and at one point I had to model simple plastic hinges for the lid of a contraption I designed. I spent hours modeling and fiddling a real working two part hinge in 3D. Low and behold after rendering those dang hinges were in the back of the illustration and totally completely hidden from view. Sadly I kind of knew this was the case even while working on it. So yes… falling down rabbit holes can lead to much wasted effort.

  4. Those fake CRT anode cap shocks were realistic enough for me to jolt from fright each time you did it. You have a strange sense of humour but I like it 🙂

  5. No likes until the original floppy works. Kidding. Are the components on the brokennlogic board worth saving for another restoration or are you done with Macs?

  6. I havent thought about type and creator codes or resource forks in 10 years, since Intel macs.
    Still got a dual g4 running os 9, for old games.
    I’ve been using graphic converter for 20 years. Still a great piece of software. Indispensible.

  7. Came across Amiga DeluxePaint files a few months ago on a friend’s A500. We had made them for school homework in the early 90s. Unfortunately, shortly afterwards the power supply burned. This reminds me to try and get them off that old hard drive with my refurbished Amiga 500 🙂

  8. It's your disks that are bad, not your drives. Unless all the drives are actually bad, I doubt they are, it has to be the disks.

  9. Thanks for the great walk down your memory lane. Your younger viewers may not understand. The nostalgic rush we older nerds feel when we look back where we came from. If we only knew then what we known now. 🙂

  10. Same here I didn't own one, visited a family farm on weekends and I'd doodle on their Mac, pictures, learn about dither, and game mockups because they didn't have many good ones heh. Yeah the GUI head at Xerox was a lady too. I know Hammy had his own TV show. 😉 I was always hoping for more comics in this format, other than Shatter, Crash, and Digital Justice there wasn't much. Pretty nice art. 😀

  11. Ah, file attribute problems. I forgot all about those. I'm so glad we don't have to deal with that anymore. ResEdit was the software everyone used to fix stuff like that.

  12. Another great video Chris. Funny the small details we remember from our childhood that turn into nostalgia. Your reaction to getting the files working probably made all the hassle worthwhile!

  13. Nice vid, what woz that at the start I got lost on the pink windmill…& grot bags 😉for sec…oh it's a different emu silly me!
    Nice painting us the big picture!

  14. I am growing immune to that spark clip. Hardly flinched the second time. Barely spilled any tea at all. A win for me, I think!

  15. I thoroughly loved this "Raiders Of The Lost Art" episode and it's something dear to me…. While never owning a MAC back then I had the Atari 400, 600XL, 130XE and then onto ST but also a C64 at the same time and also exposure to a number of machines at my school computer club… All through that time I also spent many hours doing basically what you were also doing… Some of my fondest memories were actually on 8-bit Atari with the light pen and it's cartridge based painting program "Atari Graphics"… Such fond memories!

  16. .mac files are supported by the excellent open source command line tool ImageMagick, available in Linux and macOS (both in MacPorts or Homebrew).

    Extra kudos for showing vMac some love!!!

    Greets from Spain, Perifractic 🙂

  17. I did something similar recently, I restored a 29 floppy disk backup set from 1989. Took ages. I was using a virtual machine running MSDOS on VMware Workstation. Had to read the floppys using WinImage (which luckily allows you to skip bad sectors) Then rename them to a "type" that VMware would accept. Mount them one at a time and that was after persuading DOS 6.22 to run the restore command in DOS 3.3 mode! Amazed that so many read so well especially as I was using a 1.44Mb drive to read 720Kb disks. I'm interested now in setting up a real 720Kb drive to see if it would perform better 'coz obviously there corrupted "holes" in the files. After all that the disks were mostly filled with my own assembler code (MASM86) that I no longer understand in any detail! 🙁

  18. I had lots of fun with ResEdit back in the early 90s. The resource fork was so
    Much better than how pc.s rely on the file extension and registry.

  19. This channel is criminally undersupported! Brilliant content and video editing…… and the best voice-over on YouTube 😁

  20. Glad you got your old creations back after all that time. I was ok at art and when I got into Deluxe Paint on the Amiga I became obsessed with creating stuff. It would take me days to finish a pic just using the mouse. Thinking back now I can't believe how much patience I had. Anyway, my Amiga is long gone but I still have all my art on a disc from 88-92, I'd love to see that stuff again. Great vid 🙂

  21. I remember taking a desktop publishing class in high school, on macs just like this. Viruses were spread on floppies back then, and each mac had a checker when we would insert a floppy.

  22. this planet is like a dry desert and Your videos are like an oasis where we can forget where we are 🙂 ..Regards

  23. Love seeing those old beauties running.

    I remember how frustrating wrong file type codes were. I usually just fixed them in ResEdit.

    ResEdit made you feel like a wizard, Harry!

  24. Been a while since I watched a video of yours. Holy crap, your production quality has gone way up! Great work and video.

  25. I don't think that I will ever NOT laugh when you electrocute yourself. Sometimes the easy jokes are the best ones!

  26. For the first time ever, someone has used the word "intuitive" in the same sentence with "Photoshop" without irony.

  27. Wait, wait, wait… Are you actually at least my age, even a year or two older? Really, no kidding? And you're looking THAT young? I mean, not just looking far younger than me, that's not much of a feat, but also compared to like 99% similarly aged people. So unbelievable it blows my mind. On the other hand, I kind of feel for you, though, since the devil must have set a very high price in exchange.

  28. 5:12 Mid '80s… pretty bad timing, I guess! Today not that much people would make the association unless you write it in all caps.

  29. Early Photoshop's interface draws some inspiration from this… While Microsoft Paint is a blatant copy of it. And that's coming from somebody having used Windows since forever.

  30. You only just discovered Graphics Converter? It was a staple, must have app back in the day, along with Stuffit, ResEdit, Hypercard Player and BBedit.

  31. I think you might like to look into an old comic 'Shatter' Made on a similar Mac….

  32. 1:35 OMG I can't believe you did that Chris'

    o-O *me watching happily*… !O_O! *jump-scare happens*… -_- *mumbles to self "you got me again you cheeky bugger"

  33. Great that you were able to see those nostalgic pics again. My friend and I used my dad's Mac Classic to record our impersonations of Coronation Street characters and Henry Kelly from Going for Gold, in the mid 1990s. I still have the floppies with the sound files on but haven't found a floppy drive that can read the disks properly, so I haven't been able to listen to them again yet.

  34. blames adobe for still using a remarkably similar layout to macpaint completely ignores that mspaint is an outright clone thereof atleast visually if anything for the better part of 2 or 3 decades

  35. ha …I actually said nooooo when you went to the bin with the logic board …..I should have known …love the music on your vids

  36. If only Tony Hart were here to day to see what he helped inspire! There is more going on in these programs than what Tony Hart put into his though!

  37. DeBabelizer was the goto conversion app in the 1990s

    You could have used Resource editor to set/change filetypes and was on practically every magazine cover disc.

  38. It's great that you show "real" old hardware (except emulation of the disk drives 🙂 ) and "real" working software. Because people bought a Mac not because it was "cool" but because the software is the most important.

  39. This makes me wish I had kept any of my old childhood PC creations, the hard drives and floppies are long gone.

  40. I never really understood why people loved the Apple Mac so much. They were stupidly expensive next to other computers on the market, the Amiga 1000 / 500 and Atari ST computers had similar or better capabilities and the screen on the Mac was tiny.

  41. About the Lightbriting thingie, is there a way to determine if a yellowed plastic can be whitened using this method? And can it damage certain things like black plastic on example: a calculator? I have a radio shack calculator that needs to take a day at the de-yellowing spa because of its keys(I can't take them off since the board cannot be disassembled without de-soldering stuff)

  42. You don’t need soap and water for Puppyfractic’s mouth. Petco has minty tartar control toothpaste to keep doggies minty fresh!

    That MacPaint has an uncanny resemblance to GeoPaint on the C64. I wonder which one came first.

  43. Can YouTube "Macintosh 512K with an internal MFM hard drive?" from Adrian Black be on track to way you floppys not working?

  44. I did the same with my old images and papers from high school… restored my original Mac 512 and pulled lots of personal data off my old floppies. What a great feeling, getting that lovely machine back up and running! The BMOW floppyemu is amazing.

  45. I have a question, for that external floppy emu setup could I download programs off line on to the emu and then use a external floppy drive to copy a program from the emu to a disk?

  46. I was horrified by the CRT cap shock until I read Mark Ellem's post.. I would be wearing a voltage suit (if there was one) in working on CRT's… others are like this is fun… I am like I don't want to die! lol

  47. Here is a question for you RR how would you play cave runner on the Amiga when newer screens don't have the frame rate needed?

  48. This video series was very entertaining and useful to me as I own a Mac Plus and did not manage to get the floppy drive to work either. Thank you for getting me to enjoy my Plus again 🙂

  49. I used this process to take images from my camera roll and put them on my Mac plus. I converted png > bmp > mac. I can now save pictures to my Mac plus! All be it in shades of gray.

  50. Heh, back in the day I also drew a 3.5" floppy disk for some reason. Only I drew mine on an Apple IIgs using Platinum Paint, so it was in color and a bit lower res.

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