What’s up guys, it’s Pete from the Gaming Careers YouTube channel. Today is Friday the 29th, which means it’s my last day at my job and obviously this weekend I’m going to be moving across to my new studio, which is really exciting. So the first thing that I need to do is to tear down my current studio, which is just in my bedroom, this one you should be familiar with, I’ve had this kind of setup over a year now, so let’s cut to a time lapse. [Music] [Music] Okay finally finished packing up my desk and all my peripherals and monitors and things like that. It actually took a little bit longer than I thought it was going to take just because some of the cable management I had done was quite tricky to pull back out, but I got a bit of a sweat on and now I’ve completely packed up and ready for the move tomorrow. So I will see you tomorrow when I hire my van! [Music] Obviously wearing my England shirt first things first. Playing against Colombia tonight so hopefully we got the win in the World Cup. Today I’m going to start building stuff, and the first thing that I want to build is the desk that I have got. Now because I’m going to be spending a lot of time in the studio, I wanted to go for a sit stand desk so like a motorized desk that allows you to either stand at it or sit, and it sort of has different settings to move between them. The kind folks over at Flexispot sent me one of their motorized sit-stand desks, and for the desktop, what I’m going to be putting actually wood on the top, I’m going to be using the IKEA KARLBY which is actually a countertop for a kitchen, but a lot of people on YouTube have been using it as a desktop. I haven’t seen many that have been used on a motorized sit-stand desk and so it might be a little bit tricky because I’m going to have to screw into the wood, but let’s see what my DIY skills are like! [Music] I’m seriously impressed with this, look at it, it’s so nice! Very, very happy with the choice of wood from Ikea, again this is the KARLBY in walnut and I’m just so impressed with the standing desk motors, how quiet they are, how smooth they are, how high it goes. I am 6 foot 3, 193 centimeters tall and it goes easily to the height that I would use for standing desk if not even higher. Again these legs are the Flexispot standing desk motorised legs that can be bought on Amazon, I’ll link to them in the description of this video, and the top is the KARLBY walnut from Ikea. Very, very happy about this and I’m going to make great use of both sitting and standing at this massive desk. So, we’re now at the point where we want to start putting things on the desk and the first thing I’m going to do is mount my monitors. I have two 1440p monitors from Asus, the main one being 144Hz because that’s the one that I like to play games on when I can, the second one I didn’t want to spend as much money and get another 144Hz since I’d never game on it, so I just got the 75Hz model but they look exactly the same so they should look good next to each other. I’ve decided to mount them using some VESA mounting arms, just cheap ones off of Amazon but they look quite good. I decided to go with two separate arms rather than just one double arm because I didn’t want all of the weight to be going through a single point on the desk, so we’ll see whether or not that was a good decision, but let’s do another time-lapse of me putting together these mounts! [Music] So really happy with how these VESA mounts have turned out and they look really clean, I’m glad that I went for the two separate ones as it allows me a bit more freedom in terms of movement and I can rotate one of them portrait if I want to enable Twitch chat or things like that while I’m livestreaming. One of the things that I’ve noticed is that the Displayport cable that came with the second monitor, which I hadn’t used before, I just ordered it for this new studio, it’s only 1.8 meters long which isn’t going to be long enough to reach around to the right-hand side of my desk where my computer’s going to be sat so I’ve had to order a 3 meter cable from Amazon which will arrive tomorrow, so unfortunately we won’t be able to have a full setup done today but pretty close. Next I think I’m going to open a box that I’ve been sent from RODE! [Music] Let’s actually check out what we get inside the complete studio kit, so obviously we have the NT1 microphone, XLR mic, very highly regarded in the music industry and a lot of podcasters and singers use them. We also get a full shock mount, it’s really wedged in, this helps to completely keep the microphone free from any vibrations on the desk or as you move the boom arm, it’s completely separate. As you can see it’s just attached by these rubber rings that take all the shocks and bangs out of it. We also get a pretty nice-looking pop filter, double layered, very strong and finally the new RODE audio interface which actually has got a bit of weight to it, I presumed it was going to be a bit smaller and lighter than that. That really does fill me with confidence that it’s going to be a good quality noiseless audio interface. So let’s get this set up! [Music] I’ve mounted it all the way over on the right hand side just purely because I’m going to have my computer sitting behind it and I needed the audio interface to be within a USB cables length of my computer. So I didn’t want to mount it all the way across on the left-hand side and then potentially be blocking two screens, whereas I can have it all the way across from the right just blocking the front of my computer. Obviously it stores away super easily as well out the way. My computer which is quite small will just sit on the back there and the audio interface, it’s just next to my computer. What YouTube studio isn’t equipped with some sort of acoustic foam, that was the question I was asking myself a couple of weeks ago when I was building out the products that I wanted to use in my new studio. And about at the right time a company called ArrowZoom from America reached out to me and asked if I would like to try their acoustic wall foam, so of course I said yes, and they have now sent it over and it’s sort of the last bit of my studio or last bit of version one of my studio that I need to complete. So they sent me over two bags here, I’m expecting twelve pieces of 50 centimeter by 50 centimeter pyramid style foam in alternating black and gray. There’s only two fairly small packages really, so they are very very tightly packed and I guess they’ve been vacuum sealed so I’m expecting that to be 12 pieces inside, hope so, but very well packaged. I’m going to get these opened up and the reason that they’re packaged so tightly, they need 24 hours to expand into that pyramid shape before you can mount them to your walls. So I’m going to get these unpacked now and install them tomorrow! [Music] As you can see I’ve laid out all of the pads all the way down my hallway, just a nice cool space for them to expand properly over the next 24 hours. I’m very happy with them so far, they also sent me some sort of double-sided sticky tape to secure them to the wall. I also forgot to mention that these things are fire resistant which is great especially if you’re living in rented accommodation like I am, where you don’t want to have any issues with your landlord, you can tell them that these are fire resistant so they’re not going to catch on fire and cause problems. So yeah very happy, we’ll see these in 24 hours when we install them into the studio! [Music] It’s finally time, finally time to show off my new studio! [Music] [Music] I hope you’re as excited about this new setup as I am. I just can’t believe how well it’s turned out, it’s exactly as I’d imagined, if not even better. I do want to give a quick shout out to some of the brands that have helped make this possible; ArrowZoom for the foam, elgato for some of the products that you’ve seen, RODE for all the audio stuff and Flexispot for the desk. I will be doing the tutorial style videos for some of the elgato products and the RODE products so don’t worry, I’m not going to skip over those and now that I’ve got the products in my hands, I can really push them to their limits and show you how to set them up ideally. Thank you so much for watching and I will see you in the next video! [Music]


  1. Was the computer connected to the desk? O.o there's like no cables lol Wtf.. It looks so clean? Where did you hide all the cables?

  2. Why am I the only person in the world who isn't just sent free things from awesome companies. I mean dang I have to buy everything myself..

  3. How do you not hate that computer case? I absolutely hate mine it's too damn big and unnecessary. I regret buying it.

  4. I'm in the works of spending a lot of money on a huge setup. just takes a little time, patients, & effort. Hard work pays off. I'm planning to upgrade custom PC, Native 4K support, 3 4K screens, Surround sound audio speakers, LED mouse with Keyboard, Nice Big microphone. Once I'm done buying everything. I'll be ready to reveal my setup.

  5. I love that desk its amazing, even just the desktop is amazing maybe with some of the legs they sell for their other build your own desk. The only issue I have with this set up is that the foam tiles are wonky

  6. Yo this guy got like all the stuff I want, that same green screen, two monitors, stream deck, and a mic with a screen and arm

  7. The whole setup is sick but as an audio engineer and studio producer I have to recommend u move those acoustic panels or get more. Behind ur monitors is important but the wall behind u and on ur sides with create reverb and ugly frequencies, and the space on ur ceiling above ur head is also helpful to cover. Other than that amazing setup dude use it in good health!

  8. Hi! How do you keep your sony camera charged the entire time while streaming? Im planning to get the a6400…

  9. cause your Renting you should take and mount your sound panels to a sheet of 1/4" Plywood (Pine?) and hang like a picture frame so when you move easy quick takedown(and can move to any room in your house easy too)

    As well I not too happy on the thought of Mic in Face and in front of monitors there is no way for it to sit in front like the Cam?
    these mini-TV-studies are getting Pricy

  10. I just hate everyone why nobody teach how to connect due monitor u all tryna get viewers fools

  11. what job in the uk gets you that money i might only be 12 but still i can’t even afford a controller or a PC case lol

  12. not to be rude but the way you've done your soundproof is not working, and i mean it's not working at ALL, position where you placed the foams is the ONLY position where you are NOT supposed to put them xD

    foams go to corners in front wall from you, to the sides and to the back (in regular studio setup, but in streamer setup they would go only to sides and back), they are used to take care of the frequencies and keep them present instead letting them be soaked by walls, your speech NEVER will reach the wall of your foams before reaching the microphone, in other words your speech will echo through the room from the back and sides and those walls are supposed to be foamed (logical isnt it?), what you've done is literally nothing xD

    i dont watch your channel so i dont know have you found it out yet since 1 year has passed, but in reality all i am trying to do is help you to fix some things 🙂

  13. Hey. How did you mount your camera. Sorry but that is the MOST interesting part in this video i guess 🙂

  14. if your main gaming monitor is a high refrezhs rate but your stream pc monitor doesnt have the same refresh rate would you still e able to stream or capture that high refresh rate for output to your stream ?

    I hope Im making sense

  15. Do you experience overheating issues with the Sony A 5100? And If you didn't, how did you get rid of them???

  16. love it keep it up your a great youtuber and you should never give up on your dreams and also keep expanding to it in the end it will be a paradise !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!👌👌👌👌👌😊😊😊😊😊😊😁😁😁😁👍👍👍👍

  17. for every one the cost of this setup is: CAD: 4,415.17 USD: 3,369.47 Pounds: 2,693.70 euro: 3,004.39 Your Welcome!

  18. Hello Gaming Careers. I need your help! What is your camera stand on this video 12:38 I really need to know. I have Cam link and new 80D camera and I need to put it to the table.
    2 Question. Do you know why does my Elgato cam link show Canon eos 80D video footage in green color? I tried to change 2 cables but it won't work can you help me as soon as possible?

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