BROKE vs PRO Gaming

BROKE vs PRO Gaming

– Hey guys, this is Austin and today, Ken and I
are going head to head. He has purchased some
of the most expensive gaming gear on Amazon. Whereas I have chosen to
go with a different route; I have bought the cheapest
gaming gear that I could find available with Amazon
as well with Prime shipping. Today, I am challenging Ken to a battle. All he does is talk about
how great his expensive mouse is, or how great
his ancient keyboard is. What I wanna do is show him
that you don’t need to spend a fortune to have a great gaming setup. And the cool thing is that
I’m still going to beat him in his favorite game because he’s a weeb. – That’s a really interesting challenge What happens if I win? – [Matt] What do you think
should happen if you win? – Because I have a pretty good idea. – A dumb mystery tech budget? $5,000 – [Matt] You think a
$5000 mystery tech budget? – Yeah, $5,000 – [Matt] if you win. – Look we couldn’t get the $3,000 one, might as well just expedite it. Let’s do $5,000. let’s just skip $3,000. – [Matt] But what if Austin wins? – We delete the channel. – [Austin] So I’ve taken a
look at a lot of cheap Amazon keyboards over the years but I don’t think I’ve ever actually done
one that’s this cheap. In fact, it’s so cheap, I’m actually not entirely
sure what this is. Okay that’s definitely
a membrane keyboard. The superior type of keyboard. Prepare yourself for aural bliss. (keyboard clacking) – [Ken] What? – [Matt] Aural (Laughter) – [Matt] Aural, with an “A”. – Aural bliss, man get your
head out of the gutter. – So while Austin tries
to browse to get his words in check, we actually got a better keyboard. This is the Massdrop CTRL, and it is about as jerk off as you can get for a keyboard, with your money. – [Austin] Language man, Jesus. – Get your head out of the gutter. – [Austin] What is jerk off? How else can you interpret
the word jerk off? – [Matt] That is so much
better than, “oral bliss”. (Laughter) – So, the really cool
thing about this keyboard is that it not only is $200 and has RGB, – [Austin] What? Wait, it is $200. Did you just break… Wait wait wait wait wait Don’t try to hide that. Your $200 keyboard is already broken. Let me see this. Alright, all is forgiven – I put it the wrong way. (laughter) You can actually swap out the key caps. They’re hot-swappable. So, if you, say, want
to have a different feel for like your W-A-S-D or your arrow keys, you can get that. You have options. That is what $200 gets you. – Yeah, but, I mean look. My keyboard is black, and everyone knows only gamer gear is black. Who wants silver gamer gear? Like, that’s ridiculous. – Gamers with style. Gamers that… What? Hey, look man. I’m out here today. I got the style. – [Austin] I’m not gonna lie, those actually are pretty fresh. – Not as fresh as these. – [Ken] What the hell are we doing? This used to be a tech channel, you know. – So when it comes to mice, honestly, I actually don’t think it’s a good idea to spend a lot. Which is why I picked this guy. Again, another $17 amazon
pickup with Prime shipping. And, again, this had a
whopping 10 percent discount. Which means that I saved a total of $3.40 with my mouse-keyboard combination. With 7200 DPI, and what is, admittedly, a little bit of a light mouse, but it’s got a nice feel if your hands are shaped a specific way. – [Ken] Can you lift your… That looks like Logitech
and Deathadder had a child. – [Austin] Nah, it’s Red Dragon. – All right, so while Austin
spent $15 on his mouse, I spent 10 times as much on this: The Logitech G502 – [Austin] You don’t even know the name of your mouse, man. – Wait a sec – [Austin] This is a wireless mouse? – [Ken] It, in fact, is. – [Austin] What kind of gamer are you with a wireless mouse? – [Ken] Hey, Mr.
I-watch-Linus-Tech-Tips-Religiously. He did a video on this. – [Austin] Matt, I
thought that was private. I thought these interviews
were never gonna be shared. – I watch Linus Tech Tips religiously. And I’ve learned that skill is optional. – So, apparently, this also has like 11 programmable buttons on it. Oh wow. Ooooohhh Logitech is doing great
with the packaging. – So, to show Ken exactly how much you don’t need to spend on a gaming headset, I got this. Now what do I strive to do in life? I strive to be excellent. So this is a headset of many purposes. So if you want to plug it into say, a console, then
you can get it to work straight out of the box. Or, if you’re using a PC, you can use this handy
little splitter cable to get not only a headphone, but also microphone input or output? Input, whatever. So, some people might tear me up on this, but I got a classic for you all. This is the Astro A40 – [Austin] Is it 2009? – Yes, actually. Because, they worked so well in 2009. They work well now. – [Austin] How much was this? – [Ken] $250. This box is really elaborate. You might not be able to see it on camera, but it’s there. It says “tuned for gaming”. – [Austin] But are you
going to be excellent? – Probably. That’s really close. – So, I know that Ken has spent an insane amount of money on a monitor. I like to keep it simple. Which is where this comes in. This is the Sceptre 22 inch, 1080p. Now, if I’ll kinda direct you to the back, you’ll see this has a 75 Hertz refresher with 2 HDMI ports. – [Austin] What is that? Ken, what is that? – [Ken] This, my friends, is the Predator X27 gaming monitor. – [Austin] What is all this? X27, DCI-P3, 144 Hertz? – [Ken] 144 Hertz and
it’s 4k and G-sync HDR. – [Austin] How much was this? – $1600 dollars. – [off-Camera] Bruh – [Austin] Do you mean to say that you spent $1600 on this? – [Button] Nut, nut. – [Ken] Yes, I did. – [Button] Nut Nut – [Austin] I’ve gotta say,
this is actually pretty good. So, the bottom of the
mouse has a DPI switch, so I’ve got it on that… I don’t know what mode this is. It’s one of the more sensitive modes. But it actually feels really responsive. Keyboard’s a touch mushy. – [Ken] You mean the membrane keyboard that you specifically chose to – I died, what was that? What, did I miss something? – [Ken] (sarcastically)
Nothing. Don’t worry about it. – Cool. – [Ken] I will say the RGB
on the mouse is really nice. I wasn’t expecting it to be nice. It’s not bright, especially when you, I’m gonna spoiler, when you
put it next to the keyboard. It’s definitely not bright,
but it’s how much? $17? – [Austin] $17 minus 10 percent. Lowkey, the best part of this setup, real talk, is this monitor. So right now, I’m running, actually, at a fairly low brightness because I don’t want to
blow it out on camera, but it actually is really nice. 75 Hertz. It does support FreeSync maybe? Don’t quote me on that. – [Ken] For how much, again? – [Austin] $80. – [Ken] It’s almost a dollar a Hert. – That’s a great point. One dollar per Hert. Is Hert the correct singular of Hertz? 1 Hertz? 1 Hertz. I think is the correct one. Not 1 Hert. Well, you know what? My wallet isn’t Hertz. – [Crowd] Ohhhhhhh – [Ken] So, as we talked about earlier this is the ideal setup. Now, I will gloss over the fact that Austin gave himself the better PC. – [Austin] What? That’s old boy. Look at this. How is that the better PC? It’s clearly… – [Ken] Do you want to open it up? – [Austin] No, it’s fine. – [Ken] Okay. This is just an Acer Predator laptop that we did another video on. – [Austin] That’s your personal laptop. – [Ken] That is my personal laptop that I may or may not have taken from work. But it has a 2060 max… p? q? – [Austin] I don’t remember. – P – [Austin] Sure. – One of those things. But, it’s enough to run Nvidia, G sync. The other thing, too, is that this monitor actually gets particularly bright, so… – [Austin] Oh no, don’t do that. – Oh, I’m gonna hurt the lens, my friend. Right now it’s set to
172 nits of brightness. It just keeps going. We’re not done yet. Now we’re there. 500 nits of brightness. – [Austin] I’m just gonna
adjust the camera for a second. Don’t mind me, I’m just gonna – [Ken] And I will stand
next to it for context. This is how bright my face is now. – [Austin] I like this, actually. This should be how bright
your face is all the time. Sorry, wait, hang on let me just. There we go. That’s about how bright
your face should be. I like that. – [Ken] Oh, look at that. Look at that. 144, yeah. We’re at the monitor. – [Austin] That, actually,
is pretty smooth. I mean, granted, this is medium. But, I mean, whatever, right? – [Ken] It’s also 4k, isn’t it? – [Austin] It’s 4k, yeah. – [Ken] Okay, that’s pretty good. – [Austin] Yeah, with G sync, too. – [Ken] I also see you
have a headset here. Well, so mine, unfortunately,
doesn’t light up. – [Austin] Bro, your $250
headset doesn’t light up and my $20 one does. – This isn’t a toy, though. The surround sound’s
really insane on this. I hear stuff happening behind me. The directionality is fantastic (snapping) Okay, if you’re snapping behind me, I can obviously hear that. – So now it’s time to see
whose setup really is best. It’s a 1 v 1. Is it 1 v 1? – No, it’s not. We’re going to go into
the same lobby as a team, but we have to see who
gets the most kills. Even though that’s not the main objective. Wait, so our giant comparison
is that we’re teammates? Can you hear me right now? – Woah, how did you do that? – Press the tilde – [Ken] Ay, can you hear me? – No. – [Ken] No? – No. – [Ken] What? Testing. Testing. One. Test. No, wait. Testing. Why isn’t this working? I’m actually really upset. – Anyway, let’s just play a game now that your setup is confirmed trash. So, wait, how much was
your headset, again? – Don’t worry about it. – It was, what was it? Double my entire setup? That was what it was, right? $250? – [Ken] Don’t worry about it. – I’m glad he really
got his money’s worth. I’m really glad that
it’s super functional. – [Ken] I can raise the volume now, so I can’t hear him. (talking over each other) – [Ken] Can you hear me now? (shocked and disturbed sound) Oh it works! – [Austin] It was just glitchy. It was like (obnoxious noise) – There it is! I’m back. – Oh my god! Turn that down. (Ken laughing) – [Ken] (echoed through headset) Hey, what’s going on y’all? This is Ken. And, we’re here playing Overwatch. I sound like a twitch streamer. (loud screaming) – I’m gonna play soldier 76. – [Ken] Alright, I’m gonna play D. Va. Oh, my mouse is so sensitive right now. I should change that. – [Austin] Five minutes. Let’s do this. – [Ken] Bastion! Ah, got him. – Okay, I got him, I got him, I got him. Up top, up top. – [Ken] Got him. (devious laughter) – Five player kill streak, my friend. – I can’t get as many
kills as Austin because I’m literally playing the objective. – [Austin] You’re playing the excuse game. – [Ken] Hey, look at that, we won. – Who got the most kills, I wonder? I wonder who it could possibly be? – [Ken] I got a 23 kill streak. – [Austin] What? You got 23 eliminations? I had 17. – [Ken] I have 23 eliminations,
6 objective kills, because I was on the
objective the whole time. – [Austin] I got 12 objective kills. – [Ken] That don’t sound right. (laughing) You were barely
next to the objective! – [Austin] I was around. So whoever gets the most
amount of eliminations, straight up, is the only
thing that matters here. – [Ken] Alright. So,
luckily we’re defending, so it shouldn’t really matter. In fact, eliminations will probably play to our benefit,
anyway, so let’s do it. Oh god, (screams) Five player kill streak. – [Austin] I’m feeling
pretty good right now. – [Ken] Are you? – Yeah, I’m feeling great. Excellent, in fact, would be
a better way of putting it. (Ken singing) – [Ken] Ope, alright. – [Austin] 15 player kill
streak, Where are you at? – [Ken] I have no idea
how much I have, actually. – [Austin] Not 15, I’m guessing. – [Ken] Oh, Jesus Christ! Oh, God! Hey! – [Austin] Now he’s mine. He’s mine. – [Ken] Dammit! – [Austin] 20 players! – [Ken] You just took my kill. God, son of a… – [Austin] Alright. We have
less than 2 minutes left. – [Ken] Oh, wait they’re back there. Oh, oh wait, oh wait. – [Austin] Alright, I think that’s it. – [Ken] Ope. Okay, hold on, hold on. We gotta get back there. – What was your score? (bangs on desk) – [Austin] I got 27 eliminations. – [Ken] 27? I got 22. – Going into this, I
knew that Ken was wrong. I knew it deep down in my heart, but actually to have the realization that you don’t need to spend $3000 on a gaming setup feels good, man. Feels good for the people. – So Austin’s probably
really smug right now. He’s probably super smug that he won. He thinks that his cheap setup
was, you know, hot (beep). – I get the expensive
peripherals are nice. I get that RGB is cool. I get that lots of frames and mechanical keyboards are great, but you know what’s more important? Winning. – [Josh] That’s a good point. Winning is nice. – Of all the products
that I chose for my setup, man, I really liked that monitor. No one in their right mind
should buy it at that price. Unless you’re super serious
about what you’re doing, you need to have, you know, 4K res, and 144 Hertz refresh
rate. If you need all that, for what ever reason, by all means. But, otherwise, you shouldn’t get it, but, it looks so good. – I was legitimately impressed with what I was able to pick up. The monitor, in particular,
was really solid, right? I mean, yeah, it’s a little
bit on the small side, but it’s 1080p, 75 Hertz, fairly bight, decent viewing angles. The keyboard was probably
my biggest downside. It’s fine and, yeah, you’ve got a little bit of colored lighting, but, there’s a huge gap between using a membrane keyboard and
a mechanical keyboard. And, the thing is, you can get a low-end mechanical keyboard
for not that much more. So that’s definitely something
I would have avoided, but I’m really happy with that monitor. – [Ken] For the Astro
headset, I thought it would work way better than it did. The mic, I could hear from
his headset, sounded trash. Like, absolute trash. – Yeah, it’s nice to have
the high-end peripherals, but also, I’d like to have a
bunch of cash in my pocket. That’s pretty underrated. Spend that money on a better computer And, a trip to Hawaii, Ken.

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  1. I dont know but the so called gamer buying the most expensive crap isn't always the best, especially some of the choices he made. Massdrop keyboard really??? You'd be better off just buying a Corsair, Razer or logitech keyboard. And overwatch, you can play that game on a potato laptop you don't need stupid expensive gear.

  2. this is just racist of me, but there's not much worse than a smug asian. It's why they are usually impeccably behaved, polite and friendly – cos this guy killed it all time

  3. Actually my Gaming Keyboard has hot swappable keys and its a mechanical keyboard all for 30 euros that you cant even get because they dont sell anymore

  4. My keyboard is a motospeed blue switch for 40$ and my mouse a mouse (forgot the name) is 26$ and it’s dope

  5. I'm sorry, but they choose Overwatch as the contest? Where you could shoot the enemy once and still get the elimination after someone else kills them? This just seems like the "Which person can assist and finish more" challenge, lol.

    Ps4 pro
    Kontroll Greeks
    Strike pack
    Steel sires artic pro
    55 inch 4K tv

    Then i have a 2007 laptop
    And a mouse from the depression

  7. My setup:

    Razer Mamba Tournament:110$

    Razer Blackwidow V2 Tournament:230$

    Razer 240hz Monitor:2650$

    Razer Golathius Extended:60$
    Razer Gaming Pc:


    Rtx Titan 2080:1200$
    DxRacer Gaming Chair:150$


    Rode Microphone Stand:45$

  8. my mouse and keyboard i just picked the cheapest, no lights and those kinds of bullshit, then a Samsung 4K really big tv as monitor that i also use as TV… then 1500 for the computer (NVIDIA i just picked a 500€ one and thats it, everything works great and i always use the xbox controller to play anyways…

  9. Most of my stuff is low to midrange, except for my headset. I got big ears and needed something that wouldnt sin on, but around them. So thats where I spent most my money.

  10. Yeah sure the rich people get luxury items and quality but us broke don’t have to to pay a mortgage to keep up the power bills

  11. as i just sit here with my 20 dollar computer and 2 dollar mouse in heaven wishing i could just have the 'bad' setup.

  12. I've never seen any of your videos before, but i barely laugh out loud at the jokes youtubers make, keep up the content i love this 😀

  13. My Setup

    -PC: RTX 2080, i7-9700k, NZXT H500i Case, Z390 Gaming Elite Motherboard, 16 GB DDR4 ram, 1 TB SSD
    – Monitor: ASUS MG278Q (144 Hz, 2K res, G-SYNC/FREESYNC compatible)
    -Mouse: Razer Deathadder Elite
    Keyboard: Razer BlackWidow Elite 2019 (with multimedia buttons and scroll wheel)
    -Mousepad: Razer Sphex V2 Mousepad
    -Headset: HyperX Cloud II

  14. But the thing is the pc is what tops it all up and is the most important part of the actual setup and you didn't even show it!

  15. At one point boogie2988 was playing wow on a upside down cooler thats lid broke off, he said this during the h3 podcast about ghost encounters

  16. I remember when this. Austin Evans twit was new in the tech youtuber land, sucking up to Jay and the crew. Now look at him, and his complete idiot personality up to 3.8M . Props to the kid, I have to say. But Youtube community? Shame on you. A day is coming in our world when the idiots we raised as kids are going to take over the reigns. And they will have no idea what they are doing. That's because we promote and celebrate content like THIS.

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