27 thoughts to “Bringing Destiny to Stadia: A postmortem (Google Games Dev Summit)”

  1. "A postmortem"? Have seen and used that phrase after a major bug/failure to explain what occurred (ie after death) – what failed/died here? Intrigued by talk title.

  2. The law of attraction works, if you believe in yourself & work towards any goal you will suceed 😊 i hope this helps 🙏

  3. i hope bungie will bring cross play and 60fps to PS5 and XSX next…crossplay could also help with the really bad players numbers on stadia

  4. Linux is so great, but Bungie don't release a port for it and ban people who try to play over compatibility layers in Linux. A lot of contradiction.

  5. I wonder if metro exodus has not been fine tuned with that presence timing. Stadia version get me so motion sick(playing with MK), PC version same game i dont have problems.

  6. D2 runs great on GeForceNow too, and it's free to play, and users don'thave to drop $169 for a dongle and controller. Stadia has an uphill climb and the way it's been managed so far hasn't helped.

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