Bose SoundLink Revolve+ Review: The Best Bluetooth Speaker You Can Buy!

Bose SoundLink Revolve+ Review: The Best Bluetooth Speaker You Can Buy!

– What’s goin’ on, tech squad. Andru Edwards here, Editor
in Chief at Summer is almost here and
when I think of summer, I think of taking my music
with me everywhere I go. Obviously the easiest way to
do that is with a portable Bluetooth speaker and they’re
not all built the same. So, before you buy that
Bluetooth speaker to jam out to this summer, let me introduce you to the Bose Soundlink Revolve Plus. And by the way, big shout
out to Bose for sending over the Soundlink Revolve Plus
and for sponsoring this video. By the way, do not make
fun of my voice today, I am getting over a crazy
cold that I picked up probably from traveling to
Orlando for Playlist Live and the to Palm Springs for Clamracon and then back home. I probably shook hands
with hundreds of people and as you can probably hear in my voice, I’m still getting over
the cold that I picked up. The Bose Soundlink Revolve
Plus is a two pound, $299 portable Bluetooth speaker. It sports a 16 hour battery
life from the lithium ion battery on the inside, which
is rechargeable with micro USB. As we open up the box, on the
inside we’re gonna find the Soundlink Revolve Plus speaker itself, along with a micro USB cable
and the USB AC adapter. After getting it all unboxed,
setup is super simple and it actually has voice
prompts that walk you through the Bluetooth pairing process. – [Speaker] English, to
select English, press and hold the multi-function button. – And the voice prompts even
support multiple languages making it easy pretty much no matter what language you speak. (speaking foreign language) You can actually connect
up to two devices at a time to one speaker allowing
two different people the ability to change tracks and manage the music at the same time. Up to eight devices can be
stored on the device at once. Even more convenient than
that voice prompt pairing, if you have a compatible device
with an NFC chip built in, you can just use that instead
simply by tapping the device to the top of the Revolve Plus. The main even there is that Bose sound and the Revolve Plus gets
its name from the 360 degree nature of the speaker system. It’s true 360 degree sound,
which provides consistent and uniform coverage no matter where you place it in a room. Before we get to testing
the sound, though, let’s talk about some of
the other cool features of the Soundlink Revolve Plus. One of which is IPX 4 water resistance. Now, IPX 4 water resistance means that the Soundlink Revolve
Plus is splash proof. So, no worries if you’re at the pool and you get a little water on it. However, this is not one of
those speakers that you can drop in the pool and listen to
music while it floats along. So, definitely do not submerge this thing. On top of the speaker you’re
gonna find a pretty sturdy carrying handle, it actually
looks like it should be more springy like a
bungee cord, but it’s not. It’s actually really firm and sturdy, making it easy to carry it around. However, if you have it on
the table at the barbecue and you knock it over, no worries there, because the Soundlink Revolve
Plus is also shock resistant. I tested it by dropping
it quite a few times and everything was totally
cool, still works as it should. Let’s talk from listening to
music you could also use the Soundlink Revolve Plus as a speaker phone. You take calls over Bluetooth and its got great sound quality. – [Speaker] Connected to Fresh. – And on a similar note, since it’s connected to
your phone over Bluetooth, you can press and hold the
action button to bring up your phone’s digital assistant and use it directly through the speaker. I’m talking about things like
Siri and Google Voice Search. On the bottom of the
device you’re gonna find a threaded universal mount, which allows you to
actually mount the speakers directly on any standard tripod. So, if you’re looking
for a place to put it and you have no space, grab a tripod, and set it up right on there. Using the Bose Connect app, you can actually connect
multiple speakers together so that they’re all
playing the same music, or connect a pair together
so that one speaker becomes a left channel and the other
becomes the right channel, giving you a much wider soundstage. But now let’s talk about the sound. This is actually, in my opinion,
the best portable speaker that Bose has ever released. And it’s arguably the best
Bluetooth speaker on the market right now at this price range and size. It’s like carrying around a
lantern that puts out amazing sound instead of light. If you want technical terms,
Bose says the Soundlink Revolve Plus speaker combines
dual opposing passive radiators with a powerful
ultra efficient transducer positioned face down and a new
patented acoustic deflector. Why do you think that 360
degree sound needed to be placed anywhere in the room, I actually
found it’s mutter better to be placed near a wall so that
the speakers can get some refection, which ends up improving bass. The Revolve Plus sounded
the same whether plugged in or running off the battery, although Bose says output
is limited slightly to conserve power once the
battery hits 30% and lower. (hip hop music) So, again, if you’re looking for a great, portable Bluetooth speaker
that’ll fill a room or an outdoor party, you
really can’t go wrong by picking up the Bose
Soundlink Revolve Plus. But now I wanna know what you guys think. And let me know what your
favorite place to listen to music outdoors in the comments below and I’ll meet you there
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catch you in the next video.

32 thoughts to “Bose SoundLink Revolve+ Review: The Best Bluetooth Speaker You Can Buy!”

  1. What's up #TechSquad? What's your favorite music service right now, and what's your current favorite song? Do you use portable Bluetooth speakers?

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  4. I need a few of those, 2 for me 2 for my dad in father's Day.

    Bose is a great brand with great quality.

    BTW I ran my antivirus while watching your video to about getting infected by the virus you are carrying lol hahaha

  5. "Best Bluetooth speaker you can buy"?
    Are you sure that your ears work correctly or are you just kidding.

  6. Andru Thanks so much appreciate your Review on this Bose because I did hear some Awesome things about this speaker and I am very big fan of Bose everything. I have been reading up on this as well and glad I just saw you had this in your Review.First I just want to say I hope you feel better because of this rainy crazy weather I'm am very ill myself.So I feel you on that and I do have one question if you know I would really appreciate it.Do you know if this Works with Google Assistant or Now if not no big deal but I would like to know if it does or could?. Thanks in Advance Deb 👍

  7. don't know if you really connected two or just used a clip from a video. I purchased both revolve and for a week I couldn't connect them. thus I must say I'm not a fan of apps you must use to connect two speakers. at that price point you would think Bose products could link without an app.

  8. Hey Andru, thanks for the review. How does the speaker perform at 25% volume? I got a revolve plus and can barely hear it at 25% of the volume. Just wanted to know if this is the case with everyone else or just my device!

  9. For us non-technical audio people..its one downward facing full range speaker with a plastic cone on the bottom pointing up to the speaker

  10. I have already got the jbl exreme 2 now I am buying the Bose revolve plus. It has good deep bass just like the my jbl exreme 2. This why I am buying bose revolve plus because I like the the bass on the Bose. Good review bro.

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