Bose Companion 5 Multimedia Speaker System Review | Crutchfield Video

Bose Companion 5 Multimedia Speaker System Review | Crutchfield Video

Jimmy: So I’m here to talk about the Bose
Companion 5. I’ve been lucky enough to get a pair in my
office to try out and I don’t want to return them because they sound awesome and they’re
really easy to use. That’s why I’m hoping I can pull some strings
and get to keep them in my office. So one of the really cool things about the
Bose Companion 5 that really shocked me was the stereo separation. I mean, all speakers have stereo separation,
but I’ve heard things through these little speakers that I haven’t heard in big, expensive
speakers that we have here at work or at home as well. And the other nice thing about it is the Acoustimass
subwoofer. It’s there and you can feel the bass but it’s
not overwhelming. It’s not booming and really obnoxious, but
it definitely makes a difference. One of the coolest features is the control
pod. And that is a great design because it allows
people to pause it quickly, start it back up. It’s got the old school rotary knob so you
can smoothly turn that up or turn it down, which is really convenient. I have tons of music on my iPod. So if you have an iPhone or any other external
device whether it be a CD player or MP3 device, plug it in and out. It’s as simple as one cord going in and out
like this, or if I just want to blast it I can use the headphone as well because it’s
got the headphone adapter here. So that’s really been convenient. I don’t have to mess around, you know, looking
for cords or cables ’cause they’re all right there — makes life easy — that’s always
a good thing. If you’d like more information on these great
Bose Companion 5 or any other products we carry, please give us a call here at Crutchfield. We’d love to help you out.

4 thoughts to “Bose Companion 5 Multimedia Speaker System Review | Crutchfield Video”

  1. I love bass, I like adjusting the bass higher so the way i can play despacito bass boosted n meri manzil ho tum

  2. Where are these with Bose? They sell a companion 5 in India. These are the best they’ve ever sold. Control pod and separate subwoofer. Why discontinue the best system?

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