Body Beast Calorie Calculator

Body Beast Calorie Calculator

>>DAVE: Body Beast calorie calculations. Let’s go. What’s up guys? It’s Dave and today I
want to talk about Body Beast calorie calculations. And, at the end of this video I’m gonna
have a link to our Body Beast calorie calculator. If you’ve looked at calculating your calories for this program, you’re eyes may be spinning into the back
of your head because it’s kind of a complicated formula that you use. And, actually, what you need to do is you
need to do that every month because your calorie needs are gonna change. And, so I’ve made it easy. I’ve created a spreadsheet for you. Hang
on ’til the end of the video and I will link you up to our Body Beast calorie calculator. But, before I do that… I wanna talk about the Body Beast meal
plan and why getting your calories right is so important when you’re doing this or any program. We have certain laws with health and fitness, okay? And, when you have something that’s a “law,” we don’t try to change laws. What we do is try to work with laws. Okay? And, understand them. Right? And, so one of those laws is really, really simple. If you eat more calories than you burn, you will gain weight. That’s just true. Now, some people gain weight a lot easier than others. Right? There’s different body types. Some people gain weight really easily. Some people, it’s a struggle. But, if you eat enough food, you will gain weight. Okay? That’s just the truth. So, with that… when people hear that, and I think people
generally understand that, they get nervous about a program like Body Beast, where
we’re saying, “Hey, we’re gonna eat a lot of food,” if your goals are to gain weight, and I
don’t think you necessarily need this to do this program if your goals are not to get huge and gain 10 pounds of lean muscle, this is just a great workout program period. And, I’ve got another video that I’m
gonna film today entitled “What is Body Beast?” where I’m gonna talk more about that. And, I’ll get into that with that video. But, back to our law. Right? More calories than you burn, you gain weight. Here’s the thing though with that law. If the food you eat is crap, which is why I don’t eat crap… if the food you eat is crap, the weight you gain will be… and you don’t exercise… the weight you gain will be fat. Okay? But, if the food that you eat is good
quality, whole healthy food and you take some supplements that are designed
to help you with muscle gain, then…and, you do your exercise. Namely… an exercise like this. It’s specifically
designed to help you build lean muscle. Then, the weight you gain is gonna be muscle. Okay? So, what we’re trying to do when we are
looking at Body Beast calorie calculations is we’re trying to give you a number. But, it’s a little bit more complicated than that. We have to look at the Body Beast nutrition, Body Beast meal plan, right? And, look at
what are the foods we’re gonna be eating so that we make sure… like, for me, that I’m not just eating 3,000 calories of garbage, right? I mean, you go into McDonald’s a couple
times a day and that becomes my, you know, Body Beast nutrition plan. That’s not gonna get it done. Okay? Unless I wanna gain a bunch of fat, in which case that’s probably a great plan. But, I’m gonna assume if you’re watching
this video, that that’s not what you wanna do. You’re not doing this program because
you want to gain a bunch of fat. You’re doing this program because
you want to gain a bunch of lean muscle. If you wanna do that, the best thing to do is make sure
that you use our Body Beast calculator to get that number right and then you make sure that you follow
the Body Beast Nutrition Guide and stay on that Body Beast meal plan
in order to get the most out of this program. Alright. So, the link’s up here on the page. In the meantime, I wanna talk to you
really quickly about our coaching program. We have a phenomenal free coaching program. It’s included with your purchase of Body Beast. If you’ve already got Body Beast, that’s cool. I’m happy to help you with that if you don’t already have a coach. What we do, we get people together in
what we call Challenge Groups. Basically, bundle everybody together
in a private Facebook group where I coach the people in the group through a program like Body Beast. Usually what I do is I bring in a couple of other people… other coaches with me who are
experienced with this specific program. Usually somebody who has gained a lot of weight purposefully. Right? Gained a lot of lean muscle.
Right? So we have that perspective on it. And, then also somebody who does the
workouts as more of just a regular basis and not like to, you know, get super huge, which is kind of why I do ’em. I just love the workouts. They’re super, super fun. Keep an
eye out for that “What is Body Beast?” video where I’m gonna talk more about that. Alright, thanks for your time. Make sure you go to the website. Get the copy of the Body Beast calorie calculator. Get your number right and don’t eat crap.

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  1. Dave and Monica,
    I'm ready to go!!!
    I have followed your site as well as other coach's and I am ready to order p90x3.
    This program, I feel, will fit perfectly in my schedule and I feel you guys will keep me committed to achieving results.
    Instead of ordering this program through the beachbody site, I would like to support your business and order directly through your site.
    Please let me know how to proceed and we Dan get going!!!
    Just an FYI, I will not be ordering shakeology or other products at this time, do to finances.


  2. So on every block I have to recalculate my calories? I'm doing the lean beast so pls explain how my calories would look like on every block pls use 3,000 calories as a start point (block 1) what would block 2 calories look like and what would block 3 look like. Thk u in advance for ur help!!

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