BMW E46 OBC Tests & Tricks on Board Computer (Bulgarian & English) – Whole Video HD – Secret Menu

BMW E46 OBC Tests & Tricks on Board Computer (Bulgarian & English) – Whole Video HD – Secret Menu

Hi. In this video I will show you the hidden functions of the OBC on BMW E46. You will see how to activate the hidden menu, how to go through the tests and what they show. This video is in Bulgarian language, but I created English subtitles for the wider audience as well. This is BMWE46, pre-facelift, end of 2000. The information appears on this display here. There are total of 21 tests. Tests 1 and 2 are always enabled. Tests 3-21 should be enabled first through Test 19, I will show you how to do this, as well. Sounds a bit complicated but in fact it is really easy. How to activate the hidden menu? Insert the key into the ignition. Now, as I hold the camera, I need to press and hold the left button on the dash. Press and hold… While we keep it pressed, roll the key into the ignition to one position forward. You see, the screen shows “_test”. Now rest the button. And we are now into the hidden menu. What it shows here? It means we are in Test 1 and Subtest 0. You can move through the tests by pressing the left button. After you release the button, the subtests are shown. While you are in subtests, press and hold the button to go back to the main tests. Hold for 1-2 seconds. The main tests go from 0 to 21 and then start from 0 again. While you are in this secret menu, you can start the car if you want and drive around. The test you are in stays on the display so you can monitor the values. You cannot go through the different tests, but it helps if you want to monitor the RPM, consumption, voltage… I will show you how it works in the end of the video. You can go out of the secret menu by going into Test 0 and waiting 2-3 seconds OR by switching off the ignition. To enable all tests, we should first go to Test 19. See how it works. By pressing the button quickly, you go through the subtests of test 1. However, to go back to main tests, press and HOLD the button. Now quickly press the button to move through the main tests, to Test 19. This is Test 19. It is used to enable or disable tests 3-21. This is a bit difficult here… You see On/Off on the display. What you need to do is when the display shows OFF, press the left button. It shows __test and 0. [and here I stayed far too long on Test 0, so I was kicked out of the secret menu… Showing it once again.] Remember, Test 0 exits the menu after 2-3 seconds. First – plug the key in ignition. Second – Press & hold the left button. Third – roll the ignition one position forward. Finally, release the button. Now, going to Test 19 again. While it shows OFF press the button TWICE to move to test 1 and not to stay in test 0. When you unlock through Test 19, the important part is to press the left button twice, not once, as it will kick you out of the secret menu. Now – going through every test and subtests. Once again, it shows the Test and Subtest. 1.0 means Test 1 and Subtest 0. 1 Car Engine and cluster data
1.0 46nnn Chassis nr/VIN serial number (last 5 digits)
1.1 4nnn K-number
1.2 690236 Cluster Part #
1.3 045210 Coding (04)/diagnosis (52)/bus index (10) 1.4 1200 Week (12)/year of manufacture (2000)
1.5 09_160 Hardware (09) and software # (16.0) of cluster
1.6 Not used
1.7 04__44 CAN-version (04) KI-revision index (44) Now, to go back to Main tests, press and hold the button and go to test 2 by short pressing it again. 2 (test) Cluster System Test – Activates the gauge drivers,
indicators and LEDs to confirm function Activate it by pressing the button. 3 SI Data
3.0 1098 Used fuel in liters since last SI (Service Inspection)
3.1 0231 Periodic inspection days; elapsed days (since last SI) 4 Momentary Consumption
4.0 0145+ Instant fuel consumption – 0145=14.5 liters/100km
4.1 0018 Instant fuel consumption – 0018=1.8 l/Hour 5 Distance Gone Consumption
5.0 082 Average mileage; 082=8.2 liters/100km
5.1 0536 Calc. km to refuel (momentary distance to go) 6 Fuel Level sensor inputs in liters
6.0 109330+ Fuel level averaged; Left half sensor input=10.9 liters; Right sensor input=33.0 liters
6.1 0439+ Total tank level averaged; vlgs 6.0: 10.9+33.0=43.9 liters
6.2 0442+ Indicated value (44.2) and tank phase This index here shows 1. If it is 1, it means both fuel sensors are fine. If it says 2, there is issue with one of the sensors. 3 means both fuel sensors are faulty. 7 Temperature and Speed
7.0 021+ Coolant/Engine temperature (2.1C)
7.1 130 Ambient/Outside temperature – chg met 5 pts. 125/130/135
7.2 + Engine speed / Current RPMs 1/min
7.3 + Vehicle speed / Current Speed in km/hour 8 Input value in HEX form
8.0 1d0+ System voltage ADC-Value Hex code
8.1 26C33C+ ADC Values HG left/HG right
8.2 0000 ADC Value brake degradation sensor (000=o.k.)
8.3 18C ADC Value outside temperature 9 Battery
9.0 140 Battery Voltage – 140=UB 14.0v 10, 11, 12 and 14 are not used. Test 13 is Gong Test. In my case it does not work. 15 Status cluster I/O-ports (bit codes) 0=low; 1=high
1 belt contact, seat belt fastened=0;
2 ignition lock contact, key inserted=0;
3 door contact, door open=0;
4 clock button pressed=0;
5 SI reset=0, for reset=0;
6 EGS transmission failure=0 16, 17 and 18 are not used. 19 is used to enable/disable the other tests. Now I will go to Test 7.2 to show you how the secret menu works when the car is started. It shows the RPM Now you can start the car and monitor the values. and the display shows the RPM in digital view. That’s it! Any questions – ask in comments 🙂

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  1. Може ли да направиш клип на сервизното меню на навигацията за e46.
    Благодаря предварително.

  2. При Х5 знам ,че има хронометър. Знаеш ли как се пуска? И дали го има при е46?

  3. Пич можеш ли да ми кажеш как да исключа напълно блокажа със същото бмв като твоето съм и виждам че ръчната ти свети в жълто

  4. Помогна доста с този клип, но искам да попитам дали има начин да се проверят реалните километри

  5. а как да виждам външната температура (вместо часът) на нормалния ми компютър (а не когато съм в програмите)?

  6. hello. do you know maybe how to see a real kilometers on the car? some guy told me that e46 have this function…? thanx

  7. Искам да попитам това Bmw e46 какъв разход на гориво има някои ми викат че е нисък някои висок и се бъркам моля кажете !

  8. Hi
    Could you post a video showing menu number 6 with a Full tank of Fuel. As mine only Shows 57L when full even though the tank on E46 holds 65L.
    Also could you show number 20 as I have a facelift model & apparently the pre facelift shows some info

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