Blow Dry Mistakes You May Be Making and HOW to Fix Them!

Blow Dry Mistakes You May Be Making and HOW to Fix Them!

we're talking blow-drying today I'm sharing all the tips and tricks I can for just a basic blow-dry I've been getting ready at my gym and I see women dry their hair a lot and I see a lot of the same mistakes happening with different people and probably they don't even know they're doing it wrong so I thought I would make this video to help you if you have never been told how to properly blow-dry your hair again this isn't like a professional round brush blowout we're just drying our hair with a brush I wanted to keep it really basic for you guys so I shared some mistakes that I've seen made how to change those to have more success and then just offered a couple other tips and tricks along the way so let's get into it mistake number one is drying hair too soon it shouldn't be dripping wet like if you can run your hand down and get a drip out of there it's too wet you're gonna waste time you're doing the excessive damage to your hair that you don't need to do either wrap it up in a towel for a couple minutes as long as possible or let it air dry I find that my hair dries just an open-air faster than in towel so I'll only leave it in the little in a towel for a little while and then I let it air dry for the rest of the time but give it a chance to get to like at least 60 or 70 percent dry the more air dried the better unless you have a particular issue that you need to combat with heat and a dryer like frizz or curls or something like that another mistake I see people do is applying your hair product like this I'm ready no that doesn't do anything all you're doing is spraying the outer part of this side of your hair if you're gonna spray a product and especially this is the orb a foundation mist this is new to me I'm giving it a try but any kind of spray product that's like a blow dry primer or a heat protector or anything like that make it work for all of your hair not just the front top layer so get your hands in there lift it up and spray it throughout if you're applying a product that is like a serum this is the shoe Mira ultimate remedy extreme restoration duo sore serum that my colorist gave me about year ago if you're applying your product that's a steer and pump it into your hand rub it through your hands and then focus on mid-shaft to ends but just like we were doing with the spray go on all parts of your hair not just don't do this my product has been applied you only got it on one part so get your hands in there open up your fingers and rake it through all of your hair you may find that you need to use more product but if it's a good product for your hair it's doing good things for me since my hair is at this length I tend to get some tangles down here so I like to put a little bit of extra serum specifically on that just stab myself I like to put a little extra serum down here to keep this hair from tangling up pretty bad sweaters and scarves and that kind of thing so if you run into that issue try that this is probably the most forgotten part of hair when we're applying products because we focus on this area the last product I'll show you how to apply is my favorite root lifter this is bike wash this is the uplifting foam you'll see in the nozzle here that you can apply it directly to your scalp and get that root lift going right at the root so it makes it really effective so what I like to do is just do a rough parting and spray it right in there look at how many sections I'm taking a lot of people will just spray and then be done go ahead and get it in there make it work for you if you're gonna take the time to use it make sure it works so now the root lifter has been applied I'll take my fingers also open palms and just rub that into my root area so now that I've applied a bit of product my hair feels a bit more wet than before I started so I'll give it another couple of minutes to air dry and then we'll start the blow-dry so we are not doing a salon quality run brush blowout today I'm doing a basic blow-dry straight just let's get the hair dry in the best way possible this is fast I think a lot of people dry their hair this way so I wanted to show you how to do it so we've got the products in there let's get to the blow dryer another mistake I see is turning that heat all away up to max no don't do that you don't need to do that put it on medium just see where life takes you on medium heat you're burning your hair dry if you put it all the way up to hot if you have very frizzy very difficult hair to straighten let's say you can bump it up to that hot setting and pull the brush through it to really smooth a particular section but in general I urge you to stay I'm kind of that medium heat range may take a little bit longer to dry your hair but your hair is gonna be so much better quality than if you burn it dry all the time so I will turn the dryer on on medium all the way up to the fastest speed and what you want to do first is do a rough dry of your hair before you start introducing a brush into it so I want to get it to the point where it's like 85% dry or 90 before I start smoothing through it with a brush another mistake that I've seen people do before is drying their hair like this I'm gonna be here for two hours that's not gonna do anything you got to move girls turn that thing on so you can see how I'm trying my best to keep the blow-dryer aimed in the direction of hair growth I'm not drying my hair like this blow-dry it down conversely if you were flipped upside down to encourage volume you would want to blow toward the floor since your hair would be hanging toward the floor so I'm gonna be doing that for you today but that's a lot of times how I dry my hair at this point I get it kind of overall dry by flipping upside down it's a lot faster the air just separates the hair so that's a trick as well once we start incorporating the brush in there you want to do the same technique where you're blowing the hair in the direction of growth so it's always root to tip you want to brush through with a flexible brush preferably one that has vents in it you don't have to use a vented brush but a vented brush means that air is going through there so it may make it a little bit faster and you want something with bristles that have a little bit of give since wet hair tends to be more elastic than dry hair and you don't wanna be ripping through it and kind of snapping it as you're blowing it dry so I'll show you what I mean here so I would just continue working my way around the hair drying each section brushing through it so I'm smoothing it out always in the direction of the hair growth and then when I get to the part area up here I always part on this side of my head so I like to blow it all dry with a flipped part so on my right side just to encourage a little extra volume and I'll show you also once I get to the bangs section how I dry this all forward so I have a nice swoop at my bang so off-camera I dried my hair a little bit more but going to continue blow-drying it this way and then flip it over to the other side and then I'll just from there blow-dry forwards you can see how I get kind of that soft swoop around the front this is the easiest thing you can do even if you're not blow-drying your hair fresh one morning but you want to just give a little bit more life to the hair right around your face you can do this even on dry hair but it'll give you a nice swoop and softness instead of your hair being like plastered back from having slept on it the night before see how that gives you a nice softness right around your hairline there definitely try that trick if you haven't already so off-camera I finished my hair after it was totally dry with a flat iron I'm just bending the ends under a little bit but I do hope these tips helped you the biggest takeaway I think I would tell you is to make sure your hair is either towel dried or air dried before you start that's gonna save you so much time oh but I also want to say you have to apply the product by lifting your hair you just do all the things and your blow-dry will be so much better you'll be so much more pleased with it and do share your results with me come over to Instagram and send me a direct message I love talking to you guys on there it's easier than kind of clicking around to all these different places and reading comments I'm always hanging out on Instagram so if you have any more questions or if you had a good experience with that I would love to hear that so you can find me my handle is right here you can put me over and Instagram and join the conversation

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  2. Wow…amazing. A hairdryer seems self-explanatory yet I've been using it wrong my whole life. So glad I stumbled upon this video…thank you!

  3. I'm guilty of drying it too quick and have noticed my hair condition worsen. Your hair is beautiful! Thanks for the tips

  4. I can't seem to blow dry the back of my head very well. Ive been told different tips and I can't seem to figure out what works for me. I love your videos! please help!

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