100 thoughts to “Black Guy Gets Hilarious Revenge On Racist White Lady Who Tried To Cut Him In Line.”

  1. sometimes people need to be put down in order to rise up. This woman could have ended up with someone willing to deal her a worse hand than a little humiliating post. I have learnt in my 60 plus years that there are 2 types of prejudice. The first is Ignorance and that is absorbed by the environment around them and fed by unrealistic fear. The good part is that ignorance can be educated and with education the fears diminish great examples from the 70s are All in the Family and the Jeffersons. These shows poked at our own actions and reactions and changed us and opened our eyes and through humor we got it, we all have pockets to work on. The other type of prejudice comes from stupidity and that can not be fixed. The greatest problem of the stupid is they will not and do not want to change. I think the best labels for them are assholes and in all fairness assholes have very little real joy in their lives. They come in all colours and all backgrounds. They never achieve that pure joy the rest of us can. Worst of all, they seem to be negative against everything you can think of. I think it’s important now, when someone is prejudiced we have to ask ourselves is this person prejudice or just an asshole.

  2. I'm so sorry I have never treated anyone different than I would want to be treated because that's how I was raised. Please now more than ever we need to pray and fight for our Country!

  3. It doesn't sound racial, it just sounds like a rude wealthy woman. Sounds like old money VS. New money issue, I have been cut in front of, and told I didn't belong in all kinds of places. I have even had stuff taken out of my hands and it given to another person. It wasn't because of racial issues, I just didn't look wealthy.

    And I was unaware that the D.R. moved lol!!!! That's impressive

  4. Si pones el titulo en español, al menos asegúrate que los subtítulos funcionan.
    11 subtítulos y el único que no funciona es el del idioma del titulo..¡Bravo!

  5. This may not be the right place to get my awful experience off my chest. However, I’m 74 years old and not at all aware of the the many ins-and-outs of present day technology. Just the basics to text and email my family and set up my bank to pay my bills. Anything else I have to find someone to help me. To the point, I just got scammed this passed Tuesday. I am still suffering in shock that someone can do this sort of thing to anyone let alone to poor unsuspecting elderly. The man in question put me through hell, telling me I was going to be arrested for drug trafficking and money laundering because someone was using my Social Security number!!!
    The final chapter of this story is that he got the last of the money I had to my name. A thousand dollars may not be much to a lot of people but it was all I had and with the little S. S. money I get it took months and months for me to save that for some dental work I’ve needed done for over a year! After being on the waiting list for two years, I was fortunate enough to get a small apartment in a HUD subsidized building. This was a great relief to me financially. I have been happy and worry relieved money-wise having moved here. Then some low-life does this to me. While he was telling me what I had to do I spent about $50.00 on taxis since, I had a stroke & can’t drive. I was getting so exhausted and frightened I had to take a tranquilizer! When I finally got home after a 6 hour ordeal, I found practically every penny I had was gone. I was or am devastated. And my rent is due. you don’t get a grace period from the government. My S. S. check doesn’t come for another 10 days. My real point of all this rambling on is that many people, young and old may not realize (as I had no idea) that in a situation like this, losing your money that can’t be replaced is only part of the problem. the emotional hell these people put you through in order to get your money is something horrible. it’s something that takes an elderly person a long time, if ever, to get over, or come to terms with. I’m a wreck! having to take medication for anxiety to prevent the effects of this, like panic attaches, etc. it’s been constantly on my mind trying to understand how any human being could do such a thing to any other. I could never have imagined. Which is probably why stupid but trusting people like me get caught in such positions. As I said, I don’t know if this is the right place to lay out my story, so I’m sorry if I did wrong. However, I hope other elderly people will be able to learn and avoid going through what I did. Thanks to all who read.

  6. Too bad he didn't have a wife or girlfriend with him , bitch would have been seeing stars with the quickness !

  7. I am pleased there are people who can say sorry when they actually know that someone should have said it….. you are a big man sir.. that on it’s own is a blessing.. wish to have more people like you ..lol

  8. I am astonished by people who think they're better than anyone else. Of any skin color. When will we stop doing this crap to each other??

  9. OK…who's the MORON who inserted a map showing a flight path from Reagan Airport to EUROPE to portray this guy's trip to the Dom. Rep.???

  10. If a man hurts you, cheats on you, takes advantage of you and/or simply steals you, that makes him a woman abuser, a cheater, a predator and profiteer, and a dishonest robber and you are fully entitled to leave him and complain about his behaviour. Any woman would. And if that man happens to be a man of colour or from a different community than yours and if you, the victim, are white or western descent than does not make you a racist for complaining about the guy bad behaviour as any woman would for not being treated properly. Those who label the white woman for complaining or defending herself for real prejudice suffered as a racist because of her colour are the ones who discriminate and are racist because they are denying the white person her rights based on the colour of her skin. I says it because I am one among many others who were denied my rights just because the perpetrators of the abuse and crimes were from a different community and origin than I who is from wester descent.

  11. Manito, that was awesome. You did humanity justice. As for Facts 1st. Wth. Maybe "the" embassy, but the flag. Come on now… Bless manito, you got that. Cause feeling for a person that wronged you is what we should thrive for. Que dios te bendiga manito

  12. No no no no no no! Do NOT feel sorry for dealing with racists by spreading their face over the internet. They are a cancer to society and need to humiliated for their cancerous behavior. They spread hate with every breath they take; do whatever the fuck you want with them, but never, ever feel sorry for it.

  13. I mean in her defense usually black people who have money will go above an beyond to let people know they have money with jewelry , crazy clothes , cars , grills etc , so I can understand the mix up I’ve never met a black person who has money who isn’t trying to show it off lol

  14. Yes!!! Black People if you have people being racist or mean to you just RISE UP and be a good person and get on with your life , stop crying about it and just rise up

  15. Dude you are not that woman and she knew what she was doing and it was her choice to be a racist, stupid bitch. You did her a favor, maybe she will shift her thinking and feeling.

  16. If people of color just ‘rise up’ above racism then racism doesn’t get dealt with and remains there, it doesn’t just poof out of existence. The same racists continue to walk the earth, making people of color’s life shittier in a way that white people will never experience. We need to confront our racism and remember that it’s just another inherited ideology that prevents us from connecting with each other and seeing eye to eye. Let’s fucking talk about it and confront the systemic issues that people of color face so that we can as a species one day stop talking about racism and just be

  17. There's MANY good White people out there, and way more good Black people like this gent.

    I would've don't what my grandfather did in WW1 when on shore leave in Australia and a racist Ozzie walked up and rubbed his skin repeatedly to see if it would rub off…

    Gramps bent down, took his shoe off and calmly said, "Do you see where God put YOUR color on my body?" showing him the BOTTOM of his foot. 😲😧😳😧😲

    I'm betting that's one racist who never EVER messed with a Black person again. 😂😂😂😂

  18. Mr Walker, you set a wonderful example of handling awkward situations. Well done sir, you make the world a better place!

  19. according! You made a video on unsubstantiated rhetoric? And you want to turn it on and against whites? GFY! and your video

  20. All Racist wether they’re white, black, yellow or green, should have there name and a Face posted on the internet If they’re not ashamed of themselves then we might as well believe.

  21. Why do people like her feel so entitled? I mean not everyone has to move or step aside just because she got no patients to wait behind someone.

  22. Yes she deserved the post and he just proved he the better man my hats off to him and as a white American i want to shake his hand made her look bad but he's the better man for keeping his cool

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