Billing Software for Retail Shop Lifetime | Download Free | Best Accounting Software

Billing Software for Retail Shop Lifetime | Download Free | Best Accounting Software

Today we are going to discuss about new features But First Our existing Customers instructed to Click on Update Now So that They also can get these New features in their existing software! we updates our software according to market’s latest trends and new features . First of all when you open this software You will see an attractive chart that indicates Your Financial Year’s sale and purchase And in this grey line indicates your purchase and blue your sale. First of all how you fill our company details For that you will go in more Then company If you have Multiple companies Or you want to manage more than one company in one software Then you can create more companies From Add new option and add your company If you want to edit your old company Or edit any information then click on edit Here you will fill all the details of your company And in this after fill the details You can add your logo from choose file option And fill your details And these all details will have shown on your bill so make sure it is correct If you have GST number then put it here and choose your tax type here If you comes in regular GST Then select this and if in compostion then select this With this if you don’t have gst number then keep it empty And with this select no tax in tax type From here you can change your company and login in any of company And with this from here your financial period change, which is start from 1 april to 31 march In this period your financial reports are prepared Includes billing and accounting To manage inventory click on inventory In this all items which you have created is shown When you perform sale or purchase it automatically updates the items in inventory In this all data get updated with all details You can check your product quantity how much it left Product ageing which show us how old your stock is you can also check it from here If you want to check in details Then click on an item and details will have come You can fill brands, size, category in inventory If you want to manage multiple brands, sizes, categories so put in it First of all we will go in brand here we add our brand But if you want brand wise discount Then add discount when you add item and then save it As like this, you can add your sizes Next We will go in category here we add our category But if you want category wise discount in category Then add discount when you add category And according to government rule Retailers like garment and footwear there is a condition Below 1000 rs there is 5% gst and above then there is 12%gst So you can set this condition from here If you want and create your category The stock of the items you have already lying You will add them in inventory at add item option And with this fill the details of the product If your items already have bar codes you can fill it here Otherwise keep it empty if you want to generate bar codes from this software Net sale option is shown here is (include taxes) Or sale rate(excluding tax) And in the opening stock you can add your quantity and you can also add purchase rate Here you can see reorder quantity This is your minimum stock value And if your stock goes down from this point then it will automatically indicate So that you can easily create purchase order If you want to generate your bar codes for this there are two methods Firstly systematically add your purchase then generate your bar codes Which is shown in previous video And second method is new feature which is added in new update Directly bar code generate from inventory In this click on generate bar code From here you can see print bar code page In this enter the quantity of bar codes you want to print Then click on check box and generate the bar codes If you want generate all bar codes then click on select all And print bar codes by click on print bar codes option For the bar code customization you have to go on bar code settings Here you can set your bar code settings Here you can add your company name on bar code Here you can also show ,MRP, seller invoice number, and quantity Here you can see crypto cost Which is incripted For example z meaning is 0,A meaning is 1 You can set this according to your understanding So that you can understand and save the settings If you don`t have bar code printer So you can print bar code on normal printer like inkjet or laser on A4 label sheet You can buy it from the link that is given below Most important part is sales So now click on sales Now i am going from here so you can see sales in full view You can operate your sales from mouse as well as from keyboard But you are recommended to operate this from keyboard Because this way your billing become faster Wholesaler remember their customer by names First of all type name Existing customer can be selected from drop down option And fill the details for new customer Retailers have many customer with same names So you can identify them from mobile number Press enter key first of all add mobile number then press enter again. Existing customer detail will be filled automatically Fill the name of new customer and then press enter key If you want to fill the address you can fill it Then press enter key And then come on to description You can add your item by typing item name You can also search your item by rate And you can select it from drop down option Or you can add your item by scanning the bar code You can scan bar code anywhere This will come automatic in bar code box Then press enter key and come down to payment in cash Enter the cash amount that is given by customer And the returning amount come in change given option In second case if customer take all goods in credit Then enter zero in payment in cash In third case if customer give you some bit amount in cash Enter it in payment in cash option And remaining will be the balance amount of the customer Then press enter key and your bill will be save and print If so many customers came in your shop If any customer require their bill first You can hold the bill of first one and issue the bill of second customer You can see hold and view option in sales From hold option you can hold the bill And from view you can view your hold bill If any customer came to exchange their goods The process will be remain same just like sales The goods which customer want to exchange The quantity of that goods lies in negative And the goods customer want to purchase The quantity of that will comes in positive If invoice total comes in positive the customer have to pay If that amount is in negative then you have to pay back to the customer If you want to see sales invoice then click on view and come on to sales invoice Select date here from to from which you want to see Here you can see all the invoice Click on any particular you can view the invoice from here If you want to edit this you can edit this from edit option If you want to print you can also print this And with this if you want to see profit on particular invoice Then click on show profit Here you can see the cost and as well as profit With this you can also see the total cost and total profit If you want to search your invoice You can search it from invoice number You can also search it by party name You can print invoice on any paper For this come in to more Then click on settings Here you can select A4, A5 or thermal paper From here you can select gross or nag by adding one more column The rate printed on invoice come as @net rate You can change it from option yes or no You can change your invoice format from select invoice format From show item category you can change it to yes or no, In this you can show party balance In purchase tab you can show sale profit margin You can enter EMI and serial number in sale tab from description add on option you can also show purchase rate from sale tab From here you can update last sale rate Here you can choose brand, size You can click on yes for automatic payment in cash option from here You can select dark theme of software from here For stock check click on accounts In this you can check the stock of item If you want to check stock of a particular item click here If you want to check the stock of all item For this click on all In this you can check item vice account of all sale and purchase How much item you sale and purchase or how much item are left in stock With this if you want to see your profit then click on show profit option And every option in this stock come with edit feature You can edit your stock If you want to see the further details of this Click on particular item then you can check detail And press escape button for exit Here you can check which item you have purchased or sales in more quantity And item that remaining in more or less quantity So sort this in ascending or descending order In this you can check which item is selling more or less And which item lies in more quantity In stock summary you can check anything about stock You can update your software With one click from update now option This feature are not available in many software Your software should be update with one click Automatic update option is very important Government give changes with time And we are also add new features in software So for your software update this feature is important This software is highly user friendly and easy to use You can manage complex work like billing or accounting easily in this With this you will get lifetime access Let`s talk about accounts Account management is important for any type of business This software manage account very easily First of all come in to accounts Here you can see all the feature of accounts profit and loss, trial balance, balance sheet First of all come in to clients Here you can see clients name, balance, Click on particular Here account of that is open which is also known as laser here you can see all the detail of account First of all select account and then select cash if customer paying in cash Select date from here In narration enter anything You will deduct amount from this account by entering amount in Goes OUT column and submit it You can see all the detail of accounts here You can see four hundred is balance two hundred is paid now so two hundred is balance Same process is for suppliers Click on to suppliers, you can see the balance which is payable First of all create the bank account Come in to manage accounts Write the bank name And with this select the bank account from group and create account In this enter the opening balance from edit option Save it after enter the opening balance Come in to supplier Select particular account which you want to pay All details of the account are shown below Select the account which is payable Then select the way you want to pay As you paying through bank then select bank In narration if you are paying from chq enter the chq number Enter the amount in Comes IN and after it Click on submit All the details of suppliers account is shown here and with this you can also see the chq number The balance is zero now and SBI balance account is twenty thousand now became less to this Let`s talk about expenses For this come to manage accounts Create laser of expenses from here First enter any type of expense just like petrol After it select indirect expenses from group and create the laser Same like this enter one more expense salary and create the account If you want to do transaction in these account You can do it from here by click Click on top and petrol account appear then select cash if you are paying in cash Enter amount in comes IN and submit it Now petrol account is open and you can see all the details below Same like this you can enter your other expenses, like salary Select salary account on top and select cash below In narration enter employee name Which you want to give salary enter salary amount in comes IN Then submit it Same like this if you want to give salary to more than one employee Select other account In narration enter employee name with this enter amount in comes IN option Then submit this From here you can see all the detail and balance of salary account In profit and loss you will see all expenses here With this you can also see net profit, sale, purchase and loss from here You can import all the invoice, inventory and clients For this you have to export excel format first Here is the example of inventory import For this you have to export excel format first After export excel format fill your value in excel sheet Import this excel sheet in software Now you can see how to create user in software For this come in to more click on users By click on Add new you can add users First of all enter detail of your user Then after it you can assign particular permission Like you assign permission of sale and purchase You can also assign permission of particular company By this users can login in particular company and do not login in other companies Then save this And enable multi users with yes option When ever you open the software after enable the multi users Then it will ask for user id and password So make sure first user id and password of Admin is manage For this edit user one first of all enter details of Admin, id, user id and password After this no permission is assigned which means Admin will have all the permission And then save it Now let’s discuss about back up You can see auto Back up option on home screen You an change your back up by click on change You can set it in anywhere like D drive, pen drive or cloud And with this you can take your back up by click on take back up option Let`s discuss about loyalty & discount program For this come on to more and click on loyalty & discount program First of all you need to know what is loyalty program If any customer purchase from you Like on two thousand purchase you can set condition on it On two thousand purchase two hundred is discount But discount will given on next time First of all enable this feature from option yes Set days in which loyalty program will expire And with this set the condition that two hundred will be discount on the purchase of two thousand Then save it You can see the discount option below If you want to give discount like brand vice, category vice, item vice then enable it On the time of sale loyalty point of customer is will be shown through SMS and as well as in bill Good news for existing customer In next update we are giving you loyalty card feature In which you can give your customer gold, silver, diamond cards extra. You can send balance due SMS to your customer Whom balance is due Come In to more then click on balance due SMS The customer which have due balance you can see here You can send the SMS to all by click on all And you can send to particular with the click on check box and send SMS Balance shown here is party balance it will print automatically You can promote your business through software For this come in to more then come in to custom SMS From here type your offer The name is shown here the customer name it will print automatic If you want to send offer to all then click on all If you want to send particular then click on check box and send it Please like this video and subscribe our channel Thanks for watching this video have a great day

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