Billing and Barcode Complete setup for your Shop Rs.13,990/- (Best Combo Pack)

Billing and Barcode Complete setup for your Shop Rs.13,990/- (Best Combo Pack)

If you are in a business like retail or wholesale Or you planing to do so Then this video is for you Let`s start this gstpad company give you best offer Company give you complete billing And bar coding setup for your business First of all thermal printer of three inch is given to you In which you can print receipt and as well as bar code With this you will also have a bar code scanner From this you can scan your items And you will also have receipt rolls As well as one bar code roll On this you can print your bar code In this you will also have GSTpad billing software Now you can see how to adjust receipt roll into the printer First of all hold the clip and open the printer From here adjustment roll will be kept outside Enter the receipt roll inside the printer keep this in left side as like this keep some paper outside from the printer Then close it This process is for receipt roll As like this for bar code roll Open the printer again And remove the receipt roll from printer Now adjust the adjustment tool In bar code roll like this as you see Enter it in side the printer keep it to the left side with settings Now set the paper into the clips This is the setting for the bar code paper keep some paper out side the printer Then close it Now start your printer from here Now your printer is ready for to give print Now you can see how to enter the stock in software And how to print bar codes First of all come on to purchase for this Fill the details If you want to fill otherwise keep it empty Then press enter key And come to description and create your item Existing item can be selected from drop down option Create your new item just like this Then select category Then select size Enter your quantity in (Quantity option) From here fill your purchase rate If you fill profit into profit column Then you have no need to enter sale rate It will select automatically As like this if you want to fill manually Then keep this column empty Set gst from here And from here select sale rate Enter MRP here then press enter key As like this you can edit your item from below Here enter more item from drop down option which is already exist You can edit quantity from here As like this you can enter more item Now your stock is ready Then save the bill Now come in to more option Then click on generate bar code From here you can print your bar code That item which is you created right now Click on check box Then generate bar code from generate bar code option Remove bar code as like this And fix this on your product The detail of your product Like company name, Price, MRP and purchase rate which is incripted will comes here Now you can see how to issue sales bill For this come in to sales First of all fill the customer detail here Like name, address, mobile number Sale SMS is sent to the customer which is a benefit of entering the mobile number If you don’t want to fill this detail then keep it blank In description enter your item by typing If you have bar code then you can scan it to enter item As like this then press enter If your customer take sale product in credit from you Then enter zero here Otherwise if in cash then enter amount here As like this you can see the returning amount in change given option If you want to edit something you can edit it from here Your bill print by press the enter key Your printed bill is like this Here you can see product detail, MRP and total bill in below Here total saving is also shown to your customer You can buy this combo from website You can call on the contact number that is given below for any kind of help Thanks for watching this video

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  1. i recently purchased Marg silver for my Clothing Business it's cost 22000/- with barcoding, But your combo offer at 13999/- is great,

  2. Interesting. It is a nice software and very friendly don't think go for it. Every option with EDIT facility. No one else gives you this type of platform. Thanks GSTPAD team keep it up.

  3. Meri new shop di opening 18 april nu hai, isto phela menu amritsar vich thodda eh setup lena hai , mein isnu kidda order kra ……….

  4. I received your package yesterday i learn many thing from your you tube channel. By the way thanks Gstpad team for your service and support to settings the combo package

  5. ये जानकारी अच्छी लगी है. मुजे इंटरेस्ट हे.

  6. Hello Mam

    I would like to purchase it for my business, so can I have your contact No and office address. I want to visit.

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