Big Questions Ep. 20: Brown University

Big Questions Ep. 20: Brown University

(jazzy music) I’m Sam Clark with Crimson Education and we’re here at Brown University to ask some big questions. Check out this bear. No one knows why it’s here. Let’s get down. What’s the best thing about Brown? – It’s a really laid-back vibe. Everyone’s really nice here. This is really bad. – You’re great. No, it’s going great. Okay, you ready? Or are you not? Do you want in? Yeah! Group, group, yeah! – I don’t wanna do this alone. – Okay, team effort. – That has a particular kind
of learning environment that really encourages personal development, rather than just GPA resume-boosting. – Academically, beyond academics, I think. It’s like, you are your own person. – I enjoy the shopping period in open curriculum that we offer. – I guess it’s definitely
the open curriculum. I came to Brown wanting to
be a cultural anthropologist. And now I’ve never taken a
cultural anthropology class, but that’s still my advisor. So I’ve been taking classes and lots of different random things, but no math. And that’s been great. No math. – I think so far for me
it’s probably the Ivy Room. Just I love the food there, and I love going with
friends every night and… On the weekend I get pretty sad, because it’s not open, but the falafel is probably
my favorite so far. – Cupcakes. – Cupcakes! – Cupcakes are the best thing about Brown. Look at that, Look at that. – They want the one Hershey yeah. – And there’s the cookies– – There’s probably some s’mores inside. – There’s cookie–
– There’s probably– – Yeah, some sort of
Graham-Cracker cookie. – That’s the best thing about Brown. – And what’s the worst thing about Brown? – I don’t have a worst thing. – I don’t know. So far I don’t really have a worst thing. – How far the Freshman dorms
are away from each other. We’re so far. – We don’t have enough libraries. – Oh, How many do you have? – I think five. – Okay, are they always full? – Yeah. I mean, people
tend to work hard here, so they tend to be pretty full. – Maybe the food at the Ratty. – Okay. – It’s pretty bad. – And the Ratty is? – It’s the main dining hall here. – The food. – The food? – Yeah. It kind of sucks. (laughs) – We’ve heard that pretty consistently. – The miserably over-cooked
vegetables at the Ratty. – Yeah, I’m just going
to go with the Ratty. There’s bigger issues that
we’re just not gonna get into. – Second worst thing though
is being late for class. – Oh okay, are you late
to class right now? Alright, go to class. Go to class. Good segue. And what do you tend to do on weekends? – Going out. You know, maybe
pre-game with some friends, head out to a party or two, and if not, find something else to do. – You have the plays and the
art exhibits for the hipsters, and the football and basketball and soccer games for the athletes and… It’s just a lot of stuff to do. Depends. – I probably really
spend it with my friends. I just keep watching things. Yeah. – I got my haircut last weekend. I don’t do that every
weekend, but it was fun. But that was last weekend. – It looks great. – Thanks. – A lot of homework, especially
around midterms these days. But I try to relax with
friends, go out sometimes, and sometimes just stay in, watch a movie, sleep a lot, yeah. – Great. – What did you write your
application essay about? – I don’t really remember actually. – I forget. – So I’m a transfer student,
so I wrote my essay about why I wanted to transfer to Brown. And… that was the community that Brown has that I fell in listening here. And I really wanted to have
that and be a part of that, and see how that molded me. And it’s been a great experience so far. – Great, I wrote about puzzle hunting. – Mine was about a frog. It’s a really long story, so
I’m not gonna get into it. – I wrote mine on the identity one. I talked about mixed communities and how an identity that
may seem like a hindrance was actually an asset to
my personal development. – I think I talked about
my love for heights. So, climbing things of various natures. – So I wrote about life on
me and where I come from, and the country I come from. And I felt like that would be
a very good way for someone who’s reading my application
to come to know about me. – I wrote my personal essay about pottery, because I did a lot of
that through high school. And then, there were
the various supplements. I wrote about why I liked
Brown and about the community. That kind of stuff. – Great. – Anything to add? – Go Brown! – Go Brown!
– Go Brown! – Alright, thank you so much. (jazzy music) – If you liked this video and want to learn more about top colleges, don’t forget to subscribe
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  1. They call it the laid back ivy! Self assured and maybe even somewhat aloof!  That's the vibe I'm getting for the majority of these students. Looking forward to the 'Day in the Life' to follow. Most looking forward to Dartmouth now, and Columbia!

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  3. Now you know what Brown University students wrote about on their college application – what are you gonna write about on yours? You don't need to be a genius to gain admission, you just need to know what colleges want to see!

  4. Hey Sam, I've been watching all these awesome Crimson Ed videos and I am really curious to know,
    What school did YOU go to?

  5. in the video the most interesting and different aspect of this university was the weird teddy bear sculpture… everything else sounded very ordinary, I imagined Brown to be more interesting and different somehow… I am disappointed

  6. “ nothing homophobic or racist “ I loved that and the no math part but then again I want to be a surgeon /:

  7. You Brown people really got to make a concerted effort to get that horribly ugly excuse for art off the campus – it totally ruins an otherwise gorgeous campus. It's your school. Speak out and do what it takes to make it happen. That think looks absolutely horrible!

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