Best Video Editing Software for Windows 2018!

Best Video Editing Software for Windows 2018!

– This is our roundup of the
best video editing software for Windows 2018 edition. Now, just like our Mac roundup, there’s a lot that’s changed
with some of the major players on PC since our last roundup
about six months ago. So we’re gonna take a look at what’s new, and we’re gonna provide our
feedback and recommendations on every budget for you Windows
video editors out there. (soft music) Hey, it’s Justin Brown
here from Primal Video where we help you amplify your business and brand with video. If you’re new here, make sure you click that subscribe button, and all the links to everything
we mention in this video, you can find linked in
the description box below. So let’s jump into it. So video editing software
changes and updates so fast, and that’s why we do a video like this every six to 12 months for
both Windows and for Mac. And every time we go totally
back to the drawing board. We restart all of our research
and all of our testing, and we test and retest all
of the options out there so that we can wind up
with our recommendation for the best video editing
software on every budget. Now, as always, there have
been some pretty big changes since our last video. Some of our prior recommendations
still make the cut, whereas others have fallen behind. And there’s some newer options that have stepped in to take their place. And just like last time, I’m
gonna break this overview down into multiple pricing categories so that you can see what’s
available at each level. You can hear our recommendations, and if you’re starting out
in one of the lower brackets, then you can know exactly
what you’ll be unlocking if you do jump up to a
higher pricing bracket. And while you’re watching this video, make sure to drop a comment down below. And let us know what
video editing software you’re using right now and
what your number one pick is for the best video editing
software on Windows in 2018. And once we’re done
with my recommendations for every pricing bracket, we’re gonna wrap it up
with three quick tips that you can use to level
up your video editing and edit faster in any
video editing software. Okay, so here’s the pricing brackets that we’re gonna break this down into. We’re gonna start off by
looking at free software. Obviously that’s all the free stuff. We’re also then gonna look
at the sub $200 category, all the software under $200. And then we’re gonna
look at software options above the $200 price point. Now I do wanna say that with each of those three pricing brackets, we are actually gonna look
at all of the software that is available for you
in that pricing bracket. So obviously the free is just
gonna cover the free stuff, but the sub $200 category
is also going to include the free software. And, likewise, the $200
plus or over $200 category is going to include the under
$200 category as well as free. So that you can really see what the best video
editing software is for you at whichever given pricing bracket. Including, the previous
categories as well. So the whole point of this is
to make the decision process easier for you so that maybe
if you were gonna spend $400 on video editing software, is that the best piece
of software for you? Or is it maybe something a bit cheaper in the sub $200 category
or even free software. So first up we’re gonna take a look at free video editing software on Windows and there’s a heap of them
out there to choose from. Now typically with free editing
software you’re normally getting a cut down experience, or a limited video
editing experience versus a lot of the paid options. I do say, usually, it’s
not always the case and we’ll get to that in a minute. But typically with free
software you’re gonna get a lot less features, a lot less control. Normally not as good of a user experience but also in some cases and a lot of cases specifically
with free software, you can also have watermarks or branding that is plastered all over your export. Now I do wanna say here
that we haven’t included in this list or in this video any software that will put a watermark or
any branding on your export. So all of these are unwatermarked. Some in this category we’ve got software like AVS Video Editor, VSDC,
the free version, WeVideo, the free one, HitFilm
Express, Lightworks, Shotcut, Avid Media Composer First,
and Davinci Resolve. Now all of these pieces of
software are totally free and they’ll all let you
edit your videos down without any watermarks. Now once again after testing
and playing with all of these, there are a few clear standouts. WeVideo is a solid option
if you’re looking to edit in the cloud or edit in your web browser. So this is perfect if you
don’t have a powerful computer or you wanna edit on a
less powerful device, something like a Chromebook, then this is going to be awesome for that. It’s also really powerful
for working with teams or working with people remote. You can start the edit
and then they could login and they could finish the
edit for you or vice versa, but it’s a collaborative thing and it’s awesome that it’s all
just run in your web browser. The biggest downside though
with the free version of WeVideo is that it is limited
to 480p for your export, so it’s a lower quality export. But that’s something that’s easily fixed with their paid versions so
we will take a look at that in a minute. But the interface is really easy to use whether you’re an absolute beginner or whether you know your
way around a timeline, you will be able to get
great results in this. HitFilm Express is another
really solid option. This will work in both Mac and PC and it’s more than just
video editing software. There’s also a heap of special effects and a heap of advanced tools that you can get access
to in here totally free. Shotcut is another clear standout and another really popular
option there as well. While the interface itself
isn’t super intuitive, it is a pretty powerful piece
of editing software and yeah, once again it’s free. It’s also got some pretty
powerful hardware integrations as well. Depending on the system you’re using you could take advantage of
your video card to do things like GPU rendering and to
speed up your rendering or exporting as well. Personally I think the biggest
downside though with Shotcut is even though you can get
some great results with it and it’s pretty powerful, I think the interface definitely
could do with some work. It’s a bit outdated and it’s
definitely not intuitive, but there’s a heap or YouTube
videos and training around getting up to speed with Shotcut, pretty sure we even did one,
it’s linked in the cards. And the last one then in the shortlist for free video editing
software is Davinci Resolve. Now this is hands down the
most powerful video editing software for free across any platform. This’ll work on both Mac and PC and this is really professional
video editing software. Meaning that there’s people
actually editing films and documentaries and things
on this free software. So if I had to pick a winner
in this free video editing software category it’s gonna go hands down to Davinci Resolve. There’s really nothing else
that comes close to it, when you look at the
feature set, the power, the professional tools that
you get access to for free, there’s nothing else that comes close. Now if you’re not someone
who’s not after professional video editing software and
wants something still powerful but a bit more basic, then definitely check
out Shotcut or HitFilm, both of those will give you solid results. So now moving onto the sub $200 category. This is the paid video
editing software under $200. Now obviously in this category as we said, this is also going to
include all of the previous video editing software that we
have just mentioned as well. And it’s also now gonna
open the selection up to new software, like VSDC Pro, Filmora, WeVideo, the paid version, Vegas Movie Studio 15,
Magix Movie Edit Pro, Vegas Movie Studio 15 Platinum, Magix Movie Edit Pro Premium,
Adobe Premiere Elements, Cyberlink Powerdirector,
Lightworks Pro, and Vegas Pro Edit. So you can see, your choices now have opened
up quite considerably. Now once again, after trying
and testing all of these again we’ve narrowed this list down to make it a little bit easier for you. Now typically what you’ll
find with paid software is that you’re actually
getting a better experience when you’re editing your videos down. So the video editing software
is usually more intuitive and easier to use but also
you’re getting a lot more features and control over
your editing timeline as well. And typically what you’ll also
find is that you’re able to get more power and performance
out of these video editing software because they’ve
got better integration with the hardware in
your computer as well. Now I do say typically, because obviously there was
a couple of really powerful standouts in the free category,
which can’t go unnoticed. So out of all the programs available in this sub $200 category, I’ve narrowed it down to a
short list including Filmora, WeVideo, Adobe Premiere Elements, Cyberlink Powerdirector
and Davinci Resolve. Now WeVideo once again
is a solid recommendation for anyone looking to edit
on a less powerful computer because the computer hardware
doesn’t actually matter because it’s all run in the cloud, or through your web browser. It’s also a really powerful
way to collaboratively edit your videos down and
work with team members anywhere in the world because they can just log
on to the WeVideo website and have access to your
timelines from there. Now looking at the pricing currently, there’s a few different
plans to choose from. There’s a power plan for $4.99 per month, which will let you publish
30 minutes of edited video in 720p quality. Up from that is their unlimited
plan for $7.99 per month this will let you publish unlimited videos at up to 4K resolution. Now to be able to edit 4K video
in the cloud is just insane. And it actually does
it really really well. They’ve also got a professional
plan for $17.99 per month and a business plan for $29.99 per month, both of these also include
access to their stock footage and stock media, or stock audio library and the business plan will let you create and save your own templates as well. Now Filmora is another
really solid option, especially on the beginner
end of video editing if you’re someone who doesn’t
need all the pro tools, then Filmora could be the
perfect option for you. This is one that up until
recently, I wasn’t recommending, but it’s come a really long way. You can actually pick it up
now for a one time fee of $59.99, so it’s not an
ongoing rolling subscription. One fee and you own it for life. But the biggest standout features with Flimora is how easy and
how intuitive it is to use. This is something that for anyone who has never edited before, you’ll be able to get up
to speed really really fast and start editing. But even for someone who
has editing experience you’d be able to jump in
here and feel right at home. Adobe Premiere Elements
is one that’s been around for quite a while now and has
also been one of our top picks in the last few variations
of this video for both PC and for Mac. It’s an amazing piece of software,
there’s lots of features, lots of performance in there
and it’s the cut down version or the little baby brother
of Adobe Premiere Pro, the professional video editing software. So it’s got the logical upgrade
path that if you do want to start and learn Premiere
Elements and you wanna upgrade in the future to Premiere Pro, then they make it so easy to do that because the interfaces are fairly similar. Cyberlink Powerdirector is
another really solid option for video editing software on Windows. Now whether you are an absolute beginner, again right up to pro, you can get great
results in Powerdirector. There’s also some really
powerful hardware integrations that Cyberlink have put in and I would say it’s one
of the fastest pieces of video editing software
when it comes to render times and hooking into your GPU and hooking into your CPU
to get that power out of it. There’s also some really cool
features around 360 video editing as well and some good integrations with title designers and things to really take your videos up a notch. Now you can you see with
that shortlist there that some of our free
video editing software like Davinci Resolve
from the first category is actually beating out a lot of the paid video editing software as well. It’s really important to
remember here that the best video editing software for you could be totally different to someone else. It’s gonna come down to your experience and the type of videos that
you’re looking to create, as for which one is going
to be the best one for you. Treat these as just tools
to get the job done. Personally I use different
video editing software depending on the type
of video I’m creating. So you might not be
looking for just one piece of video editing software here, but find one that is the best fit for you, where you’re at, with
your editing experience, but also the types of videos
that you’re looking to create. Okay so narrowing that shortlist
down into our top picks for best video editing software on Windows in the sub $200 category,
this is where it’s at. If you’re gonna be editing
on a low powered computer or you wanna be working
remotely with teams and people in the cloud,
hands down goes to WeVideo. Now I am talking about the
paid versions of WeVideo here. Now if you’re an absolute
beginner up to intermediate level, then checkout Filmora or
checkout Adobe Premiere Elements, both of those are really
solid video editing solutions. Obviously Filmora would probably be easier to get up to speed fast, if
you’ve done no editing before. Whereas Premiere Elements is
going to give you more features and more control as you progress through. So it might be a little bit more of a learning curve initially, if you haven’t done anything before, but it won’t be too hard to learn and it’s going to give you
more features moving forward. And Premiere Elements also
has that clear upgrade path through to Adobe Premiere Pro
if you really wanna upgrade and take things to the next level once your experience grows as well. And the overall winner and my pick for best video
editing software in this category will go hands down to Davinci Resolve. It’s just insane what they’re
giving you access to for free. So this is what we’re talking about when free software will
give you more value and more features and more tools and more power than some of the paid options out there. Davinci Resolve is hands
down the most powerful video editing software in
this category and it’s free. So now we’re on to the
last category which is, video editing software in
the $200 plus category. Now obviously for this
video we’re also including in this category all the
other video editing software that we have recommended to you so far so that you can see which
is the best pick for you. So the new editions in this
category is software like Adobe Premiere Pro, HitFilm Pro, Camtasia, Avid Media Composer and
Davinci Resolve Studio. Now generally with the
video editing software in this category, this is the professional
video editing software. This is what the pro’s use. This is what people are
editing documentaries and films and these sorts of things on, the amount of control
over color, over audio, these are the pro tools. Now in saying that, I do think that Camtasia
doesn’t really fit in this category. The only reason it’s in this category is purely based on it’s price point. It’s decent video editing software, but I don’t think it’s
in line with the other video editing software in this more professional higher end category. Now once again after trying and testing all of these
editing applications and putting them up against
the other applications that we’ve mentioned,
both free and sub $200, this is our complete list for
best video editing software available on Windows in 2018. And again, this is taking into
consideration all the options you have available to you
in all the pricing brackets. So this shortlist
includes WeVideo, Filmora, Adobe Premiere Elements,
Adobe Premiere Pro and Davinci Resolve. So looking at the new editions
on this shortlist now, Adobe Premiere Pro is probably
one of the most popular video editing applications
out there right now. It’s used by a lot of top YouTubers, it’s used for a lot of films, it’s used for a lot of documentaries and a lot of corporate videos as well. It’s got an amazing feature set, really really powerful editing tools, and it’s also got really tight, really well done integration between the rest of the Adobe Suite. So things like Adobe After
Effects, Adobe SpeedGrade, Adobe Photoshop, if you’re
using any of those applications in your workflow, then Adobe Premiere Pro works so well with those. Now you actually can’t
purchase Adobe Premiere Pro outright anymore, you can only access it on a monthly or an annual subscription. For just Adobe Premiere Pro by itself it’s gonna set you back $20.99 per month, or you can get Adobe Premiere Pro with the rest of the master
suite so that’s including things like After Effects,
SpeedGrade, Photoshop and a heap of the other Adobe
products for $52.99 per month. Now with Davinci Resolve, the one that we’ve mentioned a few times in this video already, there is also a paid version
of Davinci Resolve Studio. Now in this paid version you do get access to a lot more professional effects and things that you can use in your video editing environment. So the free version
will let you edit videos up to 60 frames per second
and 4K UHD resolution. Whereas the studio version, the paid version will let you go higher. So higher frame rates, higher than 60 frames per
second and higher than 4K UHD. So if you want true 4K, or if
you want 6K, 8K video editing, then you’ll need to
purchase the studio version. But I would say for most people, especially if you’re looking at just creating YouTube content, you’re probably not gonna
need to spend the money on the studio version
and that the free version of Davinci Resolve that’s been winning out all the other categories in this video, is going to be more than
enough for what you’re after. Okay so wrapping all of this up, heres our top recommendations
for best video editing software on Windows in 2018. No matter if you’re
looking for free or paid, these are our best options. WeVideo wins hands down if
you’re going to be editing on a low powered computer or if
you wanna be able to edit collaboratively with
your team or other people anywhere in the world,
then that goes to WeVideo. Filmora is a really solid
option for someone that is an absolute beginner,
right up to intermediate. At that $59.99 price point, it’s not gonna break the bank either, and I’d say it’s probably the equivalent to what iMovie is on Mac. Filmora is that on PC. So it’s more than powerful
enough for anyone that is an absolute beginner up to
say an intermediate level and just wants to create
their videos quickly, without all the extra
features and confusing stuff. Now for someone looking for
something still relatively simple but maybe with more
features and more control, then that’ll go hands down
to Adobe Premiere Elements. It’s got the added bonus
that it does work on both Mac and PC as well so you can
transfer projects between the two, and it’s got that clear upgrade path to the professional
version, Adobe Premiere Pro if you’re looking to upgrade and really grow your editing and progress your editing
up to that at some point. Now for the overall winner of
best video editing software available on Windows in 2018, right now, it goes hands down to Adobe Premiere Pro. In my opinion it is the most professional video editing
software on Windows. It’s got an amazing feature set and it’s gonna be great for someone that’s sort of an intermediate editor right up to top level professional. It’s got amazing integration with the rest of the Adobe Suite, and it’s really easy to work with teams and it’s actually what we use for a lot of these YouTube videos, but also for editing documentaries and corporate projects as well. Now I do wanna throw
in an honorable mention and that is to Davinci
Resolve, the free one, that’s taken out most of
the other categories here, it is an amazing piece of software and I can’t believe what
you’re actually getting for nothing, for free. What they’re giving you
there is just insane. Its an awesome feature set, the color grading tools
there are top notch. The performance that
you have in integration with the hardware is
really really good as well, but in my opinion it’s not quite there yet when you’re comparing it side by side with Adobe Premiere Pro. But it is definitely one to
keep an eye on because where it’s come in the last few
years to where it is now is just insane. And again, it’s totally free. Now I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I really wanna stress this point, treat your video editing
software as a tool. What is the best tool for
me to get this project or this editing job done,
or edit this type of videos. Because you might find that
one tool is best suited for one type of video and another tool is
best suited for another. For us personally, we really
use three different pieces of video editing software. We use Adobe Premiere Pro
for all our documentaries and for a lot of these YouTube
videos and for anything where we’re gonna be working with a team because it’s just so
powerful in that regard. For our course content or
training videos that we use for our membership site, we actually use a piece of software on Mac called ScreenFlow, I guess the closest to
that would be either Filmora or Camtasia on PC. And the third piece of software
that I use all the time is Final Cut Pro X on Mac. I like the way that the timeline works, I like the editing workflow,
but it really falls down, when you’re looking to
collaborate with other editors and teams and things
for your video editing. So you can see that there
isn’t some magical piece of software that is the best
one for every type of video and for every person. But overall on Windows right
now, my top pick as I said, goes hands down to Adobe Premiere Pro. I think the easiest way or the best way for you to figure out which
one is the best one for you right now is to try a couple of them. Try three if you can. Grab the trial versions, jump in and see which
one resonates with you. Which one is the easiest
for you to get up to speed and which one is the easiest
for you to start editing and get results and get
your videos out there. Try three if you can and
pick which one is the easiest and the best one for you. Now at the start of this video
I said that I would share three tips to help you edit faster in any video editing software. So the first one is to focus on editing your content down first. Now what I mean by this is a lot of people will jump straight in and starting adding color
grades or color effects or transitions and all
these sorts of things to their footage before they’ve
started editing it down. And when you do that, you’re
gonna put your computer under a lot more load because as
you’re scrubbing through or playing through all your footage trying to add all your cuts in, you’re then playing
through all those effects and all of those color
grades and things as well. It’s got to render and
process all of those, which slows down your system. So focus on editing
down your content first and then at the end, or towards the end start to
then apply all of your effects and transitions and things to
make your videos look good. The second one is to
match wherever possible the video footage that you’re
editing to the timeline that you’re editing in, to the output that you’re
gonna be saving out from your timeline. So if you’re recording
your videos in 1080p, 30 frames per second, then make sure that
you’re editing timeline or your editing project
is also set up to 1080p, 30 frames per second and
likewise that you’re exporting at the same. So that you’re not mixing frame rates, you’re not mixing resolutions, so that you’re not
unnecessarily losing quality of your video or creating
any different motion effects with any frame rate changing
from where you’ve originally recorded your video, right through to the export. So keep them all the same. And the third tip is to learn some of the keyboard shortcuts. Now not saying go and research and learn every single keyboard shortcut, but there’s definitely some there that are going to speed up your editing. Now you can normally find
a list of all the keyboard shortcuts for your
piece of software either in the software itself under help, or just Google your video editing software and keyboard shortcuts and
you’ll find a full list. Now two standout ones that you wanna find that will really speed
everything up for you is either, ripple edit left and ripple edit right, or trim top or trim tail. Look it up, you’ll thank me later. Now these are just three tips
from our full video editing process guide, the Primal Video Method. This is the complete guide
to help you edit much faster, without any wasted time or
any rework in your editing. So click the link onscreen
now to grab your copy, and I’ll see you soon.

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  31. Hey can you help me? I'm a beginner and poor. I need a free editor for my laptop that gets everything done fast. I just want to add a preset animated title that's pretty. Maybe some choices and rotate my video. For upload on youtube. Now when I take it straight to youtube it uploads in seconds. But every program I tried is either complex(hitfilm), video quality went down (movavi), apps are crazy with the storage game (imovie, adobe rush) or the "preparing" for export takes foooorrrrevvvver. Help me please! It seems like theres gotta be a better way. Everyone cannot possibly be experiencing this.

  32. Justin, I use Videoshop on my iPhone. If you are not familiar it has stickers I can use like your video here that has the “Subscribe” in the corner. Can you or anyone point me to something I can use on my laptop windows 10 edition?? Please?!?! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  33. Very informative video. Will try Davinci Resolve as all I need the software is for making videos for YouTube only.

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