Best Video Editing Software for Windows 10: Top 5 Video Editors Review 2018

Best Video Editing Software for Windows 10: Top 5 Video Editors Review 2018

well what’s up guys
George from filmora here and today we’re gonna go over the top 5 video editing
software for Windows 10 so if you’re new to video editing or just looking to
upgrade I’m going to break down all the available options for you so you know
what’s right to choose and by the way we just updated our own video editing
software filmora to include a bunch of crazy features that you guys have been
asking for so if you haven’t downloaded already you can try free by clicking the
link here or in the description box below and if you’re new to filmora
make sure you leave a comment alright let’s get started number one Windows Movie Maker now this
free software is the simplest one to use from our list it doesn’t officially come
with Windows 10 anymore but you can still go download it and install it on
your PC we recommend Windows Movie Maker if
you’re just starting out in video editing and want to explore the basics
you can make a quick video using clips and images with simple audio tracks
however you’ll soon realize that the more advanced effects like transitions
filters or overlays you might want to consider a more advanced program better
suit your needs number two filmora Valora has an
intuitive and simple approach to editing if you’re trying to make videos look
more professional without the steep learning curve that comes with software
for more on removes that hassle please with our giant library of music nuts and
effects you can easily spice up your videos with a wide range of support of
video and audio formats you can work on your projects worryfree you can even
import your files from Facebook and Instagram and with our latest update
Tamura now has even more effects available like camera shake p IP blend
modes and speed control and if you’d like to try for more and you can try it
for free from the website gomorrah wondershare com number three Premiere Pro you know there
it’s my my shot number three Premiere Pro if you’re into video editing you
most likely already heard about Premiere Pro it has been one of the most well
known tools used for professionals for its simple interface and large selection
of effects with its flexible trimming tools unlimited multicam angles and
effects like warp stabilizer and an internal color grading feature Premiere
Pro has all the tools you need to make your videos start to finish the best
thing about Premiere Pro is an intuitive link between Adobe’s other products at
Photoshop and After Effects for a more advanced workflow although quite popular
Premiere Pro can have a steep learning curve for beginners and a complicated
user interface now the only way to get a hold of
premier is through paying a monthly subscription fee of $40 and you can get
that from Adobe’s Creative Cloud number four the Vinci resolved for a
long time DaVinci Resolve has been the go-to software for color grading
professionals in Hollywood movies now with its free version of DaVinci Resolve
14 it comes with a full on editing some built writing we’re going to be honest
it’s really impressive at what the free version can do you can trim your Clips
add transitions modify audio and of course use its flagship color grading
software the tracks facial movements for more precise coloring
however DaVinci Resolve is known to crash for the average consumer as it
requires eye and CPU and lots of RAM now for beginners that are relatively new
the program has a really steep learning curve especially for the advanced note
based color grading system we recommend the soccer only if you’re already an
advanced editor looking a switch to a more professional team last but not least number five hitfilm
hip film has a really simple editing interface but what distinguishes it from
other softwares it’s basically like a combination of editing and special
effects software in one like Premiere Pro and After Effects combined so if
you’re looking to make action sci-fi or other crazy videos or 3d special effects
you might want to consider hip film but beware it has quite a steep learning
curve and can be laggy at times also hip film is known to crash for consumer type
footage such as the iPhone and is pretty sluggish unlike for more okay guys so these are just simply tools
to get the job done but if you really want the best result you have to work on
the process before editing you know working on things like shooting lighting
audio and if you need help on that we put together a bunch of tutorials you
can check out here I hope you guys found this review helpful because we’ll see
you next time don’t forget to like we’re gonna break down all the available
options so you know what’s best for you and if dammit so you can try it for free
I hope you guys like that but if you really want the best result you have to
do my feet hurt you

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  1. I bought pinnacle studio 21 ultimate and I just want to worn you guys – DON'T EVER BUY THIS CRAP!!! Now I have only problems and less $$$ in my pocket. Filmora I give it a try but even after register I still have a watermark and now I am just sad. 🙁

  2. Hit Film crashing not on 4K, just on most videos. I was trying to use that for a while and just get to the moment when I couldn't take it. Uninstall button worked like magic that day.

  3. Well I give it a try and bought it, so far crashed only ones, so it is okay. One thing what I really don't like about Filmora is – I need internet to export the video which I am working on and that ,buy note' coming out all the time if I am offline 🙁

  4. Help me i need an movie maker app with the most popular memes in the social media like vine boom run sound effrct and the dundundun sound effect for my vlog

  5. Filmora promises great features but provided a huge ass watermark instead and crashes when it laggs. Fix this and you'll be on the Editor's top list.

  6. Maybe Filmora is good software. Maybe. I wouldn't know, because I'm steering clear of this based on company reputation and practices.

    God I hate wondershare's advertising, software, and customer support. I can't speak for Filmora but everything else I've tried from them is cancer. I emotionally react to seeing the word "Wondershare" the same way I react to seeing a hidden "install our toolbar" tickbox or an advertisement disguised as a review or top-10 list. Utter disgust, annoyance, and the strong urge to swiftly kick a marketting agent in the balls.

  7. Wondershare Filmora's pretty good! I just wish for the free edition, I get to move the watermark to any parts of the screen wherever I want, or make it transparent…

  8. Filmora just crashes please try to fix that and when i reported these issues i didnt got any response from the support team please see to that and yes please if you can add a intro section so that where we can make awesome intros then that would be my pleasure

  9. i need a little help. When I put music into the muted video the music stops after 3 seconds and plays a different one that is supposed to play in the next frame. how do I fix that?

  10. What software would best suite a beginner looking to make a tribute video which is basically a compilation of video clips with some music in it? I would be using clips perhaps from youtube

  11. I really like Filmora9 but i hate that the Watermark is so big so could you please fix so the Watermark i smaller and that the watermark is on the right bottom?

  12. Wow I can't believe Filmora made a video about other editors! Thats interesting. I really do love Filmora, its so simple and it works pretty well. ^^ Its just I would like to have an animation feature, where like you can animate images/keyframe them, so you can move your images during the video, and if you could, maybe add a feature where you can add more as many layers like Camtasia can! And if you could just make the watermark smaller like off to the side so it doesn't take up so much space over the video. 🙂 Anyways, Filmora is still an amazing editor! ❤

  13. I love this editor so much, but I'm unable to pay for the full version right now. All I ask of you guys is to make the watermark smaller, or at least put it in the corner of the video. The audience is barely able to even see the video with that giant watermark in the way.

  14. I am very satisfied with your program but it is annoying that if i use it for free at the end of my video it shows a big advertisement .i suggest you to do it smaller. You are loosing many downloads from that

  15. Don't waste your time. I spent like 30 minutes editing a video and when I wanted to publish it, it wouldn't let me unless it had a huge watermark because I hadn't paid for it.

  16. 1. 0:43 Windows Movie Maker – Free, Great for beginners, Slideshow maker
    — Limited functionality, Freezes&Crashes, Not supported by Microsoft anymore
    2. 1:20 Filmora – Easy to use and learn, Huge library of additinal plugins for special effects, Inexpensive for the power
    — Registration to do without watermark
    3. 2:15 Premiere – Many advanced tools, Clear&Flexible interface, Easy Integration with other Adobe Software
    — Requires additional application like After Effects sometimes, Steep learning curve and complex UX, No keyword tagging for media,
    Subcription based pricing
    4. 3:15 DaVinci Resolve – Free, Optimal for colour grading, High-end results
    — Steep learning curve, High system requirements, Not consumer friendly, Editing timeline not very intuitive
    5. 4:13 HitFilm – Ready to use visula effects library, Large selection of online tutorials, High-end software
    — Steep learning curve, Large storage and memory needed to install, Odd download process, 4K footage crashes often
    Большое спасибо. Всего хорошего~^^;


  18. AHHH nothing for a beginner, trying to find a software program to use on my windows 10 pc, look like I have to stay with apple imovie… shoot!!

  19. Anyone know a free video editing software for windows 10. I make Mashups of songs, so I want a software to make the videos for the Mashups

    Edit: I have FILMORAGO's software on my laptop I'll try that first

  20. u guys really helped me out, i had been struggling to get things fixed in movie maker, from last 5 hours, but i'm happy now after looking at the contents in your video …

  21. I would enjoy Filmora( I already do) but it’s just the big watermark in the middle I would love it much more if the watermark was smaller and in a corner

  22. Uhm.. no render button… and no motion tracking…. if you buy, thinking.. dawinchi resolve 16 better. (if paid)

  23. I had filmora on my android so I can already judge the app and

    I love it thanks for making such a easy to use (after a few failed attempt … but still ended well) app guys 🙂

  24. Hey mate, when I try to fast forward certain clips out of my movies using filmora on Windows 10, it doesn't fast forward it correctly, it goes all choppy and I can literally hear the winding of the tape increasing like we are in the early 90s fast forwarding on a Walkman. Why is that?

  25. "Try Filmora FREE"

    ME: Me okay… cool. Very easy to use and have alot of animations etc.

    Me: Puts hard work on my last school day video. Clicks export.
    Clicks the video. A big ass watermark. Why say it's free on you website.
    Kind of dick move to lure people in!

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