Best Video Editing Laptop under $1000 2018 : Best Video Editing Laptops 2018

Best Video Editing Laptop under $1000 2018 : Best Video Editing Laptops 2018

In this video I am going to show you some
laptops that would be good for video editing that is under $1000. Welcome my name is Marlon, one this channel I provide Photoshop tutorials and other Photoshop related content. If this is something you interest in make
sure to subscribe and click the bell notification so you are notified when I upload a new video. These laptops can also be used for graphic design. Make sure you watch till the end because I will tell you a way to find good a deal on laptop. Before looking at the Laptops, lets cover
what hardware is needed for a laptop to be suitable for video editing. I have seen some videos recommending laptops
under $500 for video editing, yes they might work, but the question is how well. Keep in mind that the core hardware components
in a Laptop such as the CPU and the Graphics card is not upgradable. So if you purchase a laptop with an underpowered
CPU and Graphics card in order to solve that problem you will need to purchase a different
laptop. Which will end up costing you more than $500. There are Five important hardware specification
you need to look at when selecting a computer for video editing. One is the CPU (Processor): When it comes
to video editing the CPU is one of the most important component. You want to get the Fastest CPU possible with
multiple cores. I would recommend an i7 Quad Core Processor
minium an i5 Quad Core Processor. Having a good CPU will help with the overall
performance of the editing software. Two is the Graphic Card (GPU): You want a
laptop that has a dedicated Graphics card. Dedicated graphics cards have dedicated memory
which frees up your system memory for other task. Also video editing software such as Premiere
Pro utilizes the Mercury Playback engine which allows Premiere to utilize the video card
in conjunction with the CPU which will enhance your overall video editing performance. Three is the amount of Memory: Having enough
Memory will help streamline your video editing workflow. The minimum memory I would recommend if you
are editing 1080p video is 8GB. The ideal starting point would be 16GB. Forth is the Hard Drive: When it comes to
storage you have two options a Solid State Drive or Mechanical hard drive. Both will work for video editing but the Solid
State Drive will give you much better performance. So if you can fit it into your budget having
a SSD for the primary drive is the way to go. Some laptops have the capability of accommodate
both a SSD and Mechanical HD internally, which would be ideal for a video editing computer. Fifth is the Screen, you want a laptop with
an ISP display. So now that we have the hardware specification
covered let’s look at some laptops that would be good for video editing. The first laptop is the Lenovo Legion Y520
series. The base model comes with an i5 7300HQ Processor The system comes with 8GB of Ram, the max
memory that the system supports is 32GB. The system has a AMD Radeon RX 560 dedicated
video card with 4GB of dedicated memory. This laptop does not have a SSD Hard drive
the system has a 1TB Mechanical Hard Drive. The Models with the Customize option have
the capability of accommodating both a SSD and Mechanical HD internally. If I was to purchase this laptop I would purchase
the SSD separately and install if my self because it would be cheaper, that is something
you can do if you know how to in order to keep the purchase price down. The next laptop is the Dell Inspiron 15 5000
Series Gaming Laptop. You can get this laptop with an I5 or i7 Quad
Core processor. The system has the capability to accommodate
both a SSD and Mechanical HD internally. So you can purchase the system with that configuration
or you can purchase and install the additional hard drive separately. The system has a GTX 1050 dedicated video
card with 4GB. The system comes with 8 GB of Memory that
is expandable to 32GB. The next laptop is the Dell Inspiron 15 7000
Series Gaming Laptop This laptop has an i5 7300HQ Quad Core Processor. For Graphic card the laptop has a NVIDIA GeForce
GTX 1050 with 4GB dedicated memory. The laptop comes with a 1TB Mechanical HD. However the system has the capability to accommodate
both a SSD and Mechanical HD internally.>The next laptop is the Acer Nitro. This model has an i5 7300HQ Quad Core Processor. The system can be purchased with a 1TB Mechanical
HD, or it can be purchased with 128GB SSD and 1TB Mechanical HD. However 128GB is not a lot a space so it might
be better to get the Laptop with the 1TB HD then purchase and install a larger SSD separately. For Graphic card the laptop has a NVIDIA GeForce
GTX 1050 with 4GB dedicated memory. If you are looking to get a deal on a laptop
check club stores such as Sam�s Bj�s and Costco. From time to time they have good deals. For example this month Bj�s has a Dell Inspiron
I7559-2512BLK on sale for $599.99. I hope you found this information helpful. If you are new to this channel I would love
to have you subscribe. I upload new Photoshop Tutorials every week. Thanks for watching and I will see you in
the next video.

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  1. I recommend you ((personally)) and everyone to buy the MacBook Pro 2017 base model 😊 : As the system of this company in it’s products ((scientifically)) worths the extra amount of money it adds ((unlike other companies)) and is characterized by having the best quality , safety and keeping abreast to all fields of life ((unlike other companies which concentrate on one side and neglect the other sides)) ((That is the scientific proof for me)) 😊😊😊

  2. I've got the Dell 5577 with dual drives and it totally sucks. The 113 SSD is too small and will not run Adobe Premier Elements without issues. I'm looking to either upgrade the SSD or get a different system.

  3. I have a Dell Xps L702x that was 3d and vr ready stock. Stock it also had a Core i7-2820QM and 12 gigs of ram. I was able to upgrade my processor to a Intel i7-2860QM CPU @ 2.50 GHz 8M Cache, that can boost to 4 GHz and the laptop stays cool.I Also added 32 gigs of ram and a Samsung 850 Pro 1tb. And also have the option to add another two more ssd's as well with the 702's layout.. It's not bad for a Laptop from 2009.
    Now days with all these 5000$ gaming laptops almost every reviewer complains about how the track pads are not that good or accurate and cheap feeling, more so with Asus or Msi especially. If those 5000$ dollar laptops would use the synaptics/dell track pad approach from the dell Xps 701 and 702x's they could fix that problem easy.

    The dells trackpad and track pad buttons feel like professional quality and they last . To spend 5000 to 6000 dollars on a laptop and have a track pad that isn't percise and cheap feeling is a bummer and to have cheap feeling plastic feeling track pad buttons and a flemsy feeling keyboards is even worse.
    Even the layouts for all the usb and power connections being on the side of the newer laptops is in the way I think. Its nice with the 702's having one 2.0 usb on the left side of the laptop and one usb 2.0 on the right side as well as your line in and two headphone inputs . And having two SS 3.0 usb's on the back of the laptop keeping your external hard drives hooked up is a plus as well having your power input,hdmi, and eithernet connections all on the back opposed to them being in the way on the side of the laptop where they are running the risk more of getting broken or bending the inputs on the side….

  4. U also need to worry about how color accurate the displays are because the acer nitro 5 is not very accurate making it good for gaming but i wouldn’t recommend it for video editing

  5. look:
    adobe pr & after effects – video copilot effects 3d. plugins
    **Note: Intel Graphics cards are not supported with Element 3D**

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