BEST VALUE IPS 1080p 23inch Monitor AOC I2369Vm Unboxing & First Look

BEST VALUE IPS 1080p 23inch Monitor AOC I2369Vm Unboxing & First Look

this is Mike from Mike’s unboxing reviews and how-to and today we’re gonna take a look at the AOC 23 inch IPS monitor [Music] okay so you’ve built your nice shiny PC and you’ve got your RGB and you’ve got your RGB keyboard and mouse and you’ve spent pretty much all your budget but there’s one thing missing no display so what you’re gonna do you’re gonna spend all that money on a PC and then cheapout on a monitor mmm-maybe or you’re gonna borrow some money off your parents or the bank and you’re gonna get something expensive monitor and get yourself into debt hmm possibly but maybe you don’t need to do either one of those things maybe you can get a great monitor a great price and not break the bank as I look at the AOC and see what it’s like so this is the AOC i2369Vm and as you can see from the box it’s a IPS display but the great thing is it’s not an expensive display so if you’re gonna be doing some video editing some photoshop work or just playing games and you want the best possible color accuracy but you don’t want to break the bank this is the one to go for this at the moment is retailing anywhere in the region between 100 and 120 pounds here in the UK so obviously change that $4 in your country or satyrs or whatever is you used to pay for things in your country so let’s say it’s at a box and have a look and see what it’s like so we’ve got a monitor unpacked and unboxed and set up on the desk there’s a really easy thing to do literally all you need to do is put the the silver base on the bottom and tighten with a thumb screw you can do it by hand or use your screwdriver if you feel really necessary but it’s mounted on there and it’s ER it’s actually really quite sturdy considering the price point it’s actually really good quality now let’s um look at the connections on the back because obviously I haven’t shown you this in the unboxing so let’s go through and quickly now on the back you’ve got power connection which is Quetta lead so the actual power supply is built into the unit so you don’t have a power brick hanging and range so if you want a nice clean look on the desk that’s not gonna be a problem running along the back you’ve also got a display port connections so modern modern peripherals are accounted for so if you want to output from your MacBook or whatever you can plug into that on DisplayPort and no problems at all next that you’ve got a MHL style hdmi port so you can run output from your mobile phones so if you want to show family or friends pictures you’ve taken on your phone got album that facilities their an MHL will actually you can use that port to charge your phone at the same time is viewing from it so if you want to be watching youtube videos well you go to bed at night or whatever and you want to leave your phone on charge for the MHL port not a problem you can do that so two hdmi ports on the back one MHL one standard next that you’ve got a vga port so going old-school you can still connect up the old vga connections and next that you’ve also got two audio jacks one input and one output for headphones speakers built into this not particularly good but they get the job done so that’s the connections covered also on the back of interest because this monitor is only till two adjustable there’s no up-and-down movement on it there is a seventy five mil vessel mount on the back so if you wanted to use a wall mount or some kind of bracket or a multiple monitor setup with the various arms on it you can do that just make sure it covers the or concludes the 75 ml bracket so let’s go right to the other side and we’ll choice in games and applications and see how well this thing does gave it so we’re going to the other side of the monitor an outside look at some applications and games and see what the color accuracy and what the experience is like so in a second up our edge browser and immediately I can see you’re done if you guys can pick it up but the color accuracy and the black quality is is much better than the TM so the IPS has come true as a winner there and the the colors in general it doesn’t seem overly saturated it looks more natural which is a very nice thing to have and doesn’t seem to be any obvious lag and scrolling IPs obviously is known for slightly less fast response times as opposed to TN panels so yeah it looks pretty good let’s open up Photoshop select premiere so we are a premier is open and you can see there’s my timeline and all my workspace so it’s quite a nice size I can tell already from the actual image which is displayed there it’s actually looking really nice and the color accuracy is fantastic so if you’re doing video editing or doing sort of Photoshop work then this is gonna be a great panel for you and especially if you’re trying to do some color grading or something like that it’s gonna work out very well for you so really impress with that as it stands so let’s have a look at some game in and see how that looks so there we have it there’s those dying light or curry run in 60 frames per second and just looking pretty nice so you can get somewhere where there’s a bit more action going on so again because there’s an IPS panel the colors are looking looking great so the choice between having a larger TN panel maybe a 27-inch against having a 24 inch IPS depend then what are you going to be using it for if you’re going to be looking at a place and you want a great color reproduction then this AOC 2369 VM it’s gonna be a great choice and actually does look really nice it’s a the bezel at the bottom although slightly chunky that does avoid the need for having a separate power supply brick and it actually the look of it it looks a far more premium monitor than the price would suggest so yeah it’s uh in the game this is a relatively sore high powered game and doesn’t get exceptionally good frame rates on modest hardware but it’s looking pretty good and it doesn’t seem to be any obvious sort of tearing or any problems with the 5 millisecond response time big guy okay so that’s enough for that so in summary you see IE 2369 UVW great monitor great price it’s not gonna break the bank but it’s gonna give you fantastic color of representation and is far superior than any TN panel in and around the same price point so if you don’t want to go forward kind of 200 300 pound monitor if you want to stick more around the hundreds 125 mark this is going to be a fantastic addition to your gaming or video editing PC so I’ve been like this is Mike’s unbox and reviews and how-to this has been the AOC ie 2369 VM and we’ll see you again in the next video thanks for watching [Music]

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  1. Nice monitor fair play. Just to small for me since iv been running a 32" screen for some time now although its a TV 🙁 lol. The 27" one though now that's tempting.

  2. love the thin bezels, would be perfect for hooking them up to a triple monitor arm for that cool, multimonitor look

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