Best Portable Keyboards for Work – Hands on Review

Best Portable Keyboards for Work – Hands on Review

portable bluetooth keyboards are the
perfect accessory for any road warrior or minimalist these six keyboards
feature low-profile portable and wireless design to keep your work bag
light and your desk clutter free the anchor ultra compact bluetooth keyboard
is the best choice for anyone on a budget it’s a solid well-designed
rechargeable keyboard that offers a comfortable typing experience there’s
nothing great or terrible about this keyboard it does exactly what you needed
to do and nothing more the only thing I didn’t like is the placement of the
control and function not standard across keyboards but I prefer the control key
to the left of the function gate when they’re slops it’s normally not an issue
but on this keyboard the S key is also tied to the Bluetooth function so every
time I tried to hit ctrl s to save a document in Word I disconnect my
Belushi’s instead the Minor Drive but something to consider if you also have
strong feelings about your control and function – you control T aside it’s a
reliable functional keyboard that you can purchase for just twenty four
dollars on Amazon I wanted to love this tiny keyboard just for the fact that it
features a built-in touchpad but the I clever tri-folding wireless keyboard
with touchpad was my least favorite keyboard that I tried it’s small and
compact and the touchpad useful for Windows 10 and Android devices but the
tiny keys are spaced too closely together and the keyboard never lays
completely flat because of the design the space bar was unresponsive and so
were some of the keys that fell along the folding joint the touchpad itself
works well but I’d only recommend this if you need an extremely tiny keyboard
to occasionally use with a tablet or smartphone you can get the I clever
trifold and wireless keyboard with touch pad on Amazon for $60 which is a seat
price for a novelty keyboard the I clever try folding Bluetooth keyboard is
a completely different story it’s larger than the I clever folding keyboard with
touchpad and it offers a more realistic typing experience
I use this keyboard all day comfortably and I loved the soft travel of the
chiclet keys it’s also backlit which is one of my favorite features in any
keyboard you can choose between red blue and green which I thought was an
aesthetic choice but I clever says each color works better in different low
lighting scenarios I often work in low lighting at the expense of my future
eyesight and found the green lighting works best for me the backlighting isn’t
even as that’s hard to do on a regular keyboard let alone a budget-friendly
portable keyboard that also folds into spots the most surprising feature on
this keyboard might be its price because even with bosch lighting it retails for
just thirty seven dollars on Amazon Microsoft’s universal mobile keyboard is
slightly smaller than the keyboard you might find on an average 13 inch
notebook the chiclet keys are slightly smaller than average and have a soft key
travel I have smaller hands and sound it’s difficult to type with my normal
accuracy so I imagine it’s even worse if you have larger hands what I loved about
the keyboard is the detachable cover that acts as a tablet or smartphone
stand it made it even easier to use my iPad air 2 as a third display at my
workstation and I appreciated how easy it is to switch between three devices
the universal mobile keyboard is $80 in Microsoft which makes it difficult to
recommend at such a high price point I think you can get more for your money in
another keyboard the Microsoft Universal foldable keyboard is the slimmest and
most compact bluetooth keyboard I tried when it folded up it’s thinner than the
I clever keyboard with touchpad making a great option if you want to travel light
the foldable design is unique and it doesn’t affect the user experience the
keyboard lays completely flat and the layout is comfortable for all day use at
first I wasn’t crazy about the split keyboard layout but after a few hours
abuse I barely noticed the design the universal folding keyboard is $100
making it one of the most expensive keyboards on this list if you can afford
the high price tag this keyboards a great choice if you need something
extremely low-profile portable otherwise I’d recommend looking at other cheaper
options the logitech k310 bluetooth key or the circular keys gave it a unique
design without affecting the user experience I also found this keyboard
perform best when rapidly switching between devices I didn’t experience any
lags pushing between two windows 10 notebooks and an iPad air 2 every other
keyboard I reviewed had a rechargeable battery but the logitech k310 requires
triple-a batteries that doesn’t bother me for a device that will live on my
desk but for travel and portability I prefer rechargeable keyboards if
you’re cool with throwing some triple-a batteries in your bag is backup then I
highly recommend this keyboard it’s also priced affordably at just $29 on Amazon

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  1. I agree about the Logitech though my favorite is the Logitech K810. I have been using mine for years and it really holds up. Backlit, rechargeable, 3 BT switcher, not too big and great to type on. I have used a lot of them and it's the one I keep coming back too.

  2. iClever Ultra Slim Wireless Keyboard suffers from a lack of documentation of an important feature which is described in the Amazon entry but not in the manual. There are two small stands that steady the keyboard very nicely but they fold down very stiffly from the black plastic tab that looks like a finger grip to assist in opening the keyboard. With these unfolded, the keyboard is ready for work on a flat surface. The fact that the keyboard can be connected either wirelessly via Bluetooth or wired via the charging wire to a USB device might be handy. It is a unique feature among portable keyboards but is well documented in the manual.

  3. Best review yet – thanks for getting into details and comparing across the models instead of just reading specs! Did you try the "iClever Wireless Folding Keyboard" with the ergo split?

  4. Super good review, thank you! Haven't seen many reviw videos this short with so much information and no BS.
    I was looking for a backlit BT keyboard WITH a touchpad, but can't find such a divce.
    But that foldable backlit keyboard and a small mouse could possibly beat my purpose!

  5. Great! I'm a writer and I have a hard time toting my laptop everywhere. I would like one of these so I can pair it with my S7 Edge so I can literally write anywhere and not have to lug my laptop around. I think I'll look into these. Thank you so much for the vid!

  6. Hey @CIO awesome video! I just created a product review video of the Jelly Comb foldable keyboard on my channel. I would love it if you would check it out and let me know what you think. 🙂

  7. Best wireless keyboard is Logitech k810, its the one made before k380, it was back-lit and a top quality product, aluminium and rechargeable.

    Only drawback was price like 100-125$.

    To bad Logitech stopped selling those 🙁

  8. Hi from Venezuela and thanks for the video!!! I travel a lot and I switched from a laptop to my iPad Pro 10.5" and now it is my main device. I am looking for the best features, price, reliability and durability keyboard for my iPad, please let me know which one you recommend the best. Thanks again! PD: I travel a lot making Real Esate Videos, I edit in my iPad and my backpack is always full, I broke a Magic keyboard =( and I will be more careful with the next keyboard I get

  9. can anyone explain to me why keyboard companies always cram in as small space as possible the arrow keys or any other navigation/control key but they always leave the space bar long? who need the space bar that long?

  10. In 2018 a keyboard without Backlit keys isn't a good keyboard. Wired or Wireless. I am waiting for the "one to rule them all". Key features :
    – Lightweight;
    – Backlit (Dont need fancy rgb or programmable lights, but of course its a plus)
    – not TOO flat, not too high;
    – Rechargeable batteries;
    – Easy to disassembly (To change the batteries when they die);
    – Option to use as Wired keyboard (to a zero lag experience);
    – More than one channel for bluetooth, or dongle. That's a hard thing to conclude what is better since both has a lot of pros and cons;
    – Height adjustment (Retractable and small);
    – Rubber pads to not slip on the table;
    – Options with and without numeric keys;
    – Not a bendy design (Aluminium is the king);

    Utopia ? Probably. lol

  11. Question. Is iClever and MOKO the same company or they are ripping off each other ? I found almost the same keyboard using the 2 brands. In Canada i could not find iClever, only MOKO (on Amazon). And it seems the same keyboard (but more expensive… 🙁 )

  12. bluetooth keyboards emit radiation, so does wifi, we should always use hardwired devices whenever possible. unless you want cancer, that is.

  13. I am typing on the K380 Logitech right now. It feels a lot better than the Apple smart keyboard for ipad, which has less key travel and tactile feedback. The k380 also allows you to set the first "function" keys row to emit F1-F12 keys instead of forcing you to use "Fn-F1" to "Fn-F12", which can cause strange problems: Alt-F4 becomes Alt-Fn-F4 and either Left or Right Alt combo would stop working.

  14. This video is not accessible to people with hearing loss since the free closed captioning available from YouTube was not activated. Please activate the closed captioning for this video.

  15. THE keyboard that you say dose not lie flat has tabs at the end which fold out ( skip >> 1m 10s )
    —- ICLEVER Tri-folding Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard with touchpad
    LOOK skip >>2m 25s

  16. the problem I face is that i like to wear bluetooth headphones, so using two bluetooth devices simultaneously makes it problematic

  17. Better keyboards at a cheaper price from Aliexpress can be exceptional, and only requires a little research.

  18. iClever Tri-Folding Bluetooth Keyboard feels so good. I really recommend this. It's solid. It's fit your (men) pocket. And more than anything, it really works! I barely feel different to desktop writing. And sometimes I feel that it's way better than most keyboard I've used (I'm using Apple Magic Keyboards). Thanks the iClever guys who make this.

  19. I prefer wireless keyoards , mice with the receiver , works well with ipad pro through a usbc adptor and no hassels trying to connect through bluetooth which is not always reliable .

  20. Thanks for the review. Appreciate mentioning the issues with the iClever Tri-Folding keyboard with Touchpad regarding the Space and other keys. By the way, you mentioned that it won't lie flat on the table. Have you tried the Balance Stand on each side of the keyboard?

    Picture on this site.

  21. Great Review 👍 any recommendations for someone who wants a portable keyboard with a touchpad mouse that is better than the one featured in this video ?? Thanks

  22. Why aren't you monetizing your videos by adding Amazon Affiliate program's links?
    I was about to click on the Anker keyboard. That is a gorgeous keyboard (the position of the Fn and Control keys is identical to the one in Mac and I am already used to it)

    Please, PLEASE add Amazon Affiliate program links of every product you review in the description of your videos.

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