Best PC for Video Editing? — Custom 4K Video Editing PC Review

Best PC for Video Editing? — Custom 4K Video Editing PC Review

– In this video, I review my new, custom video editing PC, as well as share a few tips on what to look for in a
video editing computer. Coming up. (camera shutter) (techno music) Hey, what’s up guys? Sean here with THiNK Media TV, helping you go further, faster in media. And on this channel we
do tech gear reviews, video gear reviews, as
well as computer reviews, just like this one. So, if you are new here,
consider subscribing. And hey, at any point during this video, I’ll list out everything that
I talk about in the video. All the specs of the computer, as well as links that you can check out, and anything like that. Let’s jump into the review. So, recently my main
editing computer died. I actually hadn’t upgraded since 2009. Which was probably a little bit too long, and so, at first I kinda panicked. I actually went to Fry’s locally here to look for a computer. Horrible experience. I ended up buying one, returned it. It just wasn’t right. It was too expensive. So, I actually found
this computer on Amazon. And what I love, is that
you can actually pick up this exact computer,
spec-ed out a certain way, just ready to ship out on Amazon. So, I’ll put links to the
Computer Upgrade King’s site there. But, what’s also cool
is their site itself, offers more customizability, if you want to go and
literally piece by piece put together the machine
exactly how you want, and upgrade different parts. So, ultimately what I
wanted was a computer that would of course,
crush HD video editing. My last one did that. I also wanted to be
able to edit 4K as well. So, I was kinda going for a 4K build, and what I ended up
getting was the Sentinel. That’s the case, I believe. And I love the matte black. It also comes in white. It has a 6th generation intel core i7, 4 gigahertz processor, and an NVIDIA, 1088 gigabyte GDDR5 memory. Which is huge, right? One of the reasons why I
wanted to go with NVIDIA cards is because it leverages
the mercury playback engine in Premiere Pro. So, I edit on Premiere Creative Cloud, and because you have that NVIDIA card, it actually moves some
of the realtime rendering onto your video card. And that’s been out for quite a while, but I wanted to be able
to just crush that. So, I got that card. This computer is actually liquid cooled, and so it’s really intended
as a gaming computer, and maybe over-clocking. But actually it’s super practical for me, because especially living in Vegas, during the summer, it gets so hot. I noticed a lot of electronics
can heat up your room, depending on the airflow,
in your home office, or wherever you are. So, I’ve noticed that it
just stays completely cold, even in the midst of
really intense renders, because it is liquid cooled. So, it’s a great benefit. It’s got a killer MSI motherboard, and it has a lot of cool features. I think one of the most
important things for me was having the USB ports. A lot of USB 3.0 ports, but also, USB 3.1, generation 2. So, that’s the new USB. It’s not even super relevant yet. There’s not a lot of perpetuals
or accessories for it yet, but it’s I think 10 times
faster than typical USB 3.0. I think it’s even faster than Thunderbolt. Somebody, tech out there,
could probably correct me with the specifics, but
definitely something cool, to be a little bit future-proofed. 64 Terabytes of RAM, 64 gigabytes of RAM, which is definitely probably
overkill, but great to have. A one terabyte SSD Drive. That’s where the operating system is. And then a second one terabyte SSD Drive. That’s where all the media
files are going to go. And I’m going to talk more
about that in a second. And then a four terabyte
hybrid drive for data. That’s all internal, and then
I’ve got a lot of externals. Because I haven’t really migrated much of my content over yet. So, that’s the specs of that computer, but here’s what you should really look for in a video editing computer, and sort of my thinking, whether you would want to
check out something like this, or anything at all in a video editing PC. Number one is the processor. At the end of the day, a lot of the heavy
lifting of video editing, simply takes place on the processor. You know, I thought about
doing the hexa core, but this processor is crushing. But one thing that you want, is as much processor speed as possible. And so this definitely is killing that. The second thing is a
multi-drive work flow. Like, if you want to do 4K editing, or any video editing, and you want speed, you want a multi-drive workflow. And so, basically how this is set up, is that you want your
operating system on one drive, preferably a SSD Drive. Then you actually want your data file, so where you tell your
video editing software to save your working files, the project files, the render files. You can just assign that in your settings. You want that on a separate drive, and you want that drive
to be fast as well. So, I’ve got the two SSD’s, you have the OS, and the softwares on one. You’ve got the project files on another, and then the third, actually if you want to do 4K, this is one of the variables. And I’m not quite there yet, but they actually, people would recommend
a link up in article that breaks down in detail
what you should really look for in a 4K machine. They really recommend that
you have a data stripe, like a raid, array of drives, and tons of speed on
your actual files for 4K. HD doesn’t really get affected at all. And so in this case, I’m
either editing off of a USB 3.0 on an external hard drive,
which is not the best, or on those internal drives. And so, a multi-drive work flow
will make a huge difference in your editing performance. The next thing I was really looking for was the USB 3.0 ports. You know, obviously you
wouldn’t be watching this video, if you were interested in a Mac work flow. But, definitely having every, think about it like this, every piece in the chain could
bottleneck your work flow. So maybe some of the things are fast, but the external hard
drive you’re editing off of is on a slower connection, and it’s on old USB, or it’s not on a very fast drive. And so, all of those
connections were huge, and then once a USB 3.1
Generation 2 is more relevant, I am going to be leveraging
that for even greater speed, similar to what Thunderbolt would be. And then, the last thing that I looked for was the aesthetic. You know, I really liked the quality, the matte black of this particular case, the look of the whole thing. And so that really
stood out to me as well. And I think that is definitely something that I’m sure you appreciate as well in what you’re looking for. But when building a PC, thinking about the look
of your whole environment, because it’s going to be something that you probably be
using for a long time. So, as far as some things I still need, I’m keeping my same monitors. You know, one thing with
editing 4K is technically if you don’t have 4K monitors, then you’re not really
getting the full experience. So, my monitors, I need to
upgrade those at some point, and then probably do something
like network area storage, super fast for data files
as I move more into 4K, so far the renders of HD are just smashed. It just devastates HD files. If you want to export
like a 10 minute file, it’s only like a few minutes
out of Premiere Pro CC, and so this computer is obliterating HD. You know one thing that
can speed up your work flow is if you can convert your files, because if compressed files off of a DSLR, and some Go Pro files and stuff, they’re so heavily compressed they actually edit really slow, but for our work flow, we don’t change file formats at all. We just throw whatever content straight onto the Premiere timeline, and just work on it. So, it’s crushing HD. 4K it does fine with. I edited some DJ Mavic 4K footage, edited some G7, Panasonic
G7 4K footage altogether. It was about minute for
minute on the exports, so a 10 minute video file took
about 10 minutes to export, and render out. And so, it’s crushing all
of that really, really well. And one other super cool thing
about Computer Upgrade Kings was actually their warranty. And so like I said, I had to pay extra for the Fry’s warranty. Not only was it cheaper, but they include this. It comes with this super cool sticker that says, “Hey, warning. “Product may contain
performance-enhancing upgrades. “Side effects may include,
but not limited to: “faster computer, fewer expletives yelled “while waiting for your computer to load, “and an additional three year
warranty on upgraded parts, “and three years of diagnostics.” It’s really, not only do
they have killer prices, a great experience, everything through ordering, and just customer
service has been amazing, but the fact that they
include that warranty, which would normally be multiple hundreds of dollars somewhere else,
to have all your parts, you know, if your graphic’s card goes out, or something happens with your
motherboard, for three years, just included, is super killer. And so then also, just to kind
of talk about my experience with Computer Upgrade Kings, I really fell in love with these guys, and this website, you know, especially after
having a bad experience at Fry’s and actually the computer
I bought cost the same, it actually ended up costing more. I added a warranty thing
for a couple of years, that covered parts if the
graphics card died, or anything. And it all came out to about $2300 there. With the promo code that they usually have on Computer Upgrade Kings, this one came out to about $2100, and you know, you might be thinking too, to build yourself, or not to build. Could you save some money if you build everything separately, put it together yourself? Of course. But I’m kind of at a place, especially with life, business, and work, and everything that’s happening, where I was just like, I want this done for me, done right, and so what I love about
Computer Upgrade Kings, is that, again, they’re going to build
out machines for you. I actually just ordered a
laptop from them, as well. So, anyways, if you
want to check them out, definitely, there’s links in the description, and you can use the
promo code: THINKMEDIATV, and you can get 5% off your entire order. Which is super cool. So this video, actually,
it’s not sponsored. And I bought this computer, I bought the laptop, But I loved them so much,
I actually emailed them and said, “Hey, can we do something “if anybody wants to check you guys out “on THiNK Media TV?” And so they said, “Absolutely.” So, if you use that code, you can get 5% off, and they’ve got a ton of stuff. Again, a lot of their stuff is
oriented more towards gaming. I love the fact that it’s
kind of a both-and thing. With this setup, it did come with Gears of War 4. I’m not really a gamer, but I’ve been playing Gears of War, and this thing just
smashes gaming, obviously. So, that’s kind of fun. But in the process, check out what they have. I’ll throw some links in the description. THINKMEDIATV is the promo code. That’ll get you 5% off. Question of the day: What do you look for in a
video editing, custom build? Let me know in the comment section below, and remember that some of
the best tips and feedback come from you, the THiNK Media TV community. So, definitely connect with everybody in the comment section. So, thanks so much for
checking out this video. Definitely subscribe for
more videos just like this. And if you haven’t downloaded the THiNK Media TV Video
Gear Buyer’s Guide, it actually goes through all the best cameras, lighting, microphones, that I use to create YouTube content,
and online videos. So you can grab that for free. Look it up on the YouTube cards, as well as in the description below. Until next time, THiNK Media TV is helping you go further, faster in media. Keep crushing it, and we will talk soon.

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