Best Mind Mapping Software (Tutorial)

Best Mind Mapping Software (Tutorial)

hey is Hoz and I’m super excited because today I have a great resource to share with you and it’s only the best mind mapping software on the planet and get this it’s free! Ok so this is a tool that I’ve been using for years now it’s one of my favorite all-time tools – this is how I do most of my brainstorming my planning it’s so quick it’s so easy to use and it’s so intuitive you’re gonna love it. Now, this is the website and the tool is actually called X mind and you can see on the website that it says the most popular mind mapping tool on the planet. I think I said the best mind mapping software on the planet but you know what for me it is because it’s free and it’s awesome. Now, they do have some paid plans and I think those are mostly aimed at corporates because there’s all kinds of team sharing and all that kind of thing and you’ll notice that on their page they have huge clients global companies. So as I say I’ve been using the free version all these years and it does way more than I needed to do. So let me show you how I actually use this tool and then and you’ll see why I’m so excited. Ok so this is what the tool looks like when it loads up and let me mention by the way that there is a Mac version and there is a Windows version so whatever you’re using you’re covered. I’m not sure about Linux but at least Windows and Mac are covered okay. So these are gorgeous templates that you can use to get started, there’s also a templates tab there that you can toggle and there’s a lot of things there. Now, to be honest I don’t use any of these although you could easily spend a day just playing with all these but let’s just click on blank and let’s just click on this one so I’m just gonna click on this one. Now, I have to say that I haven’t actually seen this before – they’ve obviously updated the software and this there’s a lot of templates here and you’re getting all this for free by the way. So I’m just gonna go with the usual one the professional one when I say the usual one it’s the usual one that I use – I just go for the simple one. This is the one that I go for but you’ve seen in those templates that you’ve got all kinds of templates with different colors to make them really snazzy because the thing with this software is that you can actually export this to PDF or to a graphic and if you have a client or somebody that you need to share something with you can create a gorgeous mind map and then send them or if you’re creating a course and you have a list of subscribers you could use this software to mind map all the steps that they need to do for whatever the course is about and just create a really nice graphic or a really nice presentation and you can even create lead magnets that people can download if you have a blog and you get subscribers that way this can be a great lead magnet creation software. So for that I would look at the templates and really make it look snazzy and have the design pop but as I say I only use probably 10% of what this thing can do and I just use it for brainstorming and I find it super easy. So what I do is I let’s say for example I click on this and I’m gonna call this today so this is today’s plan okay. So I use the keyboard keys for shortcuts it will take you five minutes to just sit down and figure out all the key shortcuts you’ll find all that information on the on the software anyway and yeah from there on it will just make life so much easier. So for example I’m gonna click on the tab and you can see that what’s happened there is that I’ve created a branch okay. So I’m gonna call this a.m. Now I’m gonna click on enter and what what happens what it does is it creates a new bruach there. So I’m gonna call that p.m. and then I’m gonna click enter again I’m gonna call that evening okay. So I just created three branches there really quickly – bear in mind that I’m talking as I’m doing this. So I’m going to use my navigation keys now – that’s the arrows on the right hand side of your keyboard – just to go to the a.m. and again I’m gonna hit the tab key that’s the one above the shift here so I’m gonna click on that and I’m gonna do tasks that says tast task 1 then I’m gonna click enter; task 2 then I’m going to click enter; again task 3 ok. Now, here I want to do the same: task 1, enter, task 2. Now let’s say that task 1 then I’m gonna do let me just I’m actually going faster than I’m speaking so what I did there I was on task 2 I then pressed the up key on my navigation to go back to task 1 and then I hit the tab key here to create another subtopic. So I can do that here I can do that there as well ok. So you can see how you can very quickly brainstorm and the good thing about this is that when you’re planning your day or when you’re planning a project or you want to put together a course again these branches here could be module one module two module 3 and then you can quickly create all these steps well you know very well that when you’re thinking you’re thinking too fast to actually write. When you have to type out what you’re thinking then that’s just a hindrance because you’re three four or five thoughts ahead by the time you finish the sentence and of course by the time you type in the second sentence you’re now ten thoughts ahead, so this enables you to try and keep up to speed with your own brain as you brainstorm these thoughts okay. So let me show you some really cool stuff here. Now, depending on what mood I’m in, I suppose, I like to change the structure so if I right click on this I’m gonna go to structure here and I’m gonna go for look at all these different structures here okay and you’ll see what these are in a minute; sometimes I go for this structure it makes more sense to me sometimes to do this kind of thing this could be the week by the way and this could be Monday Tuesday Wednesday I’m just gonna click enter then Thursday Friday – I’m not gonna start changing the the writing everywhere else because it’s just gonna be a pain in the butt but yeah so if I click if I am on Thursday now you see that if I click on tab you’ll see that what it does is it branches down now because I’ve changed the structure of this. So if I hit tab again it branches down again; if I hit enter it branches out that way and that way so if I hit my navigation key up and then I hit enter I make another subtopic under Thursday and then if I hit tab it branches down you see. Now, you’ll notice these icons here and stuff you have: these are called markers. So if I just then bring that up you’ll see that you’ve got loads of different markers and I use these because you can very quickly create a massive mind map with branches everywhere so what I do I have a simple system – if something is urgent I just click and drag a flag there and then I can very quickly visualize or rather I very quickly see what is urgent and what isn’t and if I’m waiting on something then I use a blue flag. So for example if I’ve emailed a support email or a support ticket to something usually some software that I’m using because I need to fix something or something isn’t working as it should be and I’m now waiting on that then I just put a blue flag and that helps keep things organized. I also use these a lot I really like these for example let’s say Friday I tell you what let’s change the structure let’s just go crazy here let’s go to the ok let’s go back to the logic chart again so let’s say that you’re creating a course. Do you know I like the other structure but let’s not waste time so let’s say that this is module one and then module two module three you know you can use this as well for creating chapters if you’re planning an e-book you can just plan the entire structure here if you’re planning a webinar you can map it out here if you’re planning a presentation you can map it out here it’s just brilliant. I use it for brainstorming ideas but you can also use it to create structures for anything you want so as I was saying I’m gonna go to task one and I’m gonna click on this hit thing here and this just means that I haven’t done this and then task two and then task three okay. Now if I get started on something let’s say task one is… I don’t know – get a logo design – and I’m halfway through that then I might just in fact if I’m almost complete I might just do that and then you get all these really snazzy icons. It just makes things look good but it also helps you present things better and there’s a ton of things you can do. Let’s say for example just bear with me one second while I change the structure because it just looks nicer whem I do it this way. Okay one of the things that you can do here well one of the many things is I’m gonna right click on this and go to insert and I’m gonna go to relationship okay. Now you see that I’ve got an arrow here okay so I’m going to click on this subtopic to and then I’m gonna manipulate the arrow so it’s out of the way like this and in this relationship box I can actually type in what this relationship is let’s say for example design okay so now you can see that you can really do wonders with this software and it’s free! Okay and there’s a lot more you can do for example let’s just highlight those two in fact no let’s let’s highlight those two boxes there right click on that and let’s make a boundary around those two boxes because those two boxes are going to be two tasks that are related and important and we just want to create a boundary around that yeah making sense and you can double-click on the screen here and have a floating topic if it’s not actually related to that let’s say this is hosting this is a new hosting that you want to try out so you’re gonna do that there and you want to get all these tasks done and when you do those tasks I’m gonna insert a relationship there and then I’m gonna go here and let me just get that arrow out the way okay so I could do something like this okay so if I was planning out my day I might want to get on with these tasks first and then when I get to this task then go and get some hosting although I wouldn’t do it this way I would just make a new box there called hosting and that would be a task, but there’s no right or wrong way of doing this. Okay and as I say the cool thing is you can map out almost anything you can insert links hyperlinks to other websites for example if you need to check something out and that’s one of your tasks then you can insert the link there and when you come to that task you click on it and it launches a browser and it takes you to the page that you wanted to check out for that task. You can insert images, audio, just about anything and you can save this of course as an Xmind project or as I said earlier you can export this to a number of formats. I usually export it to image. I can’t actually remember with the PDF… no I see you need to be on the pro subscription to do it as a PDF but what I do and here’s a tip I export it as an image then if you open up let’s say a Google document you can insert that image in there, embed the image, and then save that as a PDF okay. So there you go. So there it is: mind mapping software, absolutely solid. I’ve been using this for close to 10 years now and this tool just gets better and better and as I say it’s free and once you start playing with it you will never ever need another mind mapping tool. It’s brilliant. I’ve had something like five or six different computers since I first came across this software and I always make sure that I install it when I get a new computer because it’s one of my essential tools. So just to remind you the website is xmind dot net but if you just type xmind in Google then I think you’ll just find the website. So go get it, play around with it and I think you’ll love it. I hope you enjoyed this and I hope you’re super happy – happy enough to subscribe to the channel which will make me even happier and that way you can keep up to date with all these cool resources that I’m gonna be dishing out one by one. Okay take it easy and I’ll see you in the next video

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