BEST MacBook Pro Cable Management! Above the Fray Powerplay Review

BEST MacBook Pro Cable Management! Above the Fray Powerplay Review

– If you have have an Apple
MacBook or MacBook Pro, you’re probably tired of carrying around this tangled mess. So in this video I’m
gonna tell you all about a product that solves
this in a super easy way. What’s going on, tech squad? Andru Edwards here, editor
in chief at, and if this is your first time here, this channel is all about
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subscribe button down below, and notification icon, so you
don’t miss any future videos. Now, as I just mentioned,
Apple gives us a tangled mess when you buy one of the new
MacBooks or MacBook Pros. On the older models, we
had these little clips, these little wings that would clip out that you could then wrap
the charging cable around, and it made it all nice and tidy. They no longer do that. Now they just give you this brick, which has no way to store anything, and so you end up with a mess. Or at least unless you
have this guy right here. This is the Power Play
from Above the Fray, and this is the missing
cable management system for the MacBook, MacBook
Air, and MacBook Pro. Let me show you how it
works and how easy it is. By the way, big shout
out to Above the Fray for sending over the Power Play, and for sponsoring this video. Now check this out. This is for the MacBook Pro. The new one, it’s for
the 2016 MacBook Pro. You take it and you take the Power Play. So you basically just open it up, and slide the MacBook
Pro charger in like that. So it has an elastic band right there. But again, I’ve got the MacBook
Pro charger in there now, as you can see, right inside the elastic, and on the other side, right here, is where the magic happens. This is where you simply
take your charging cable and wrap it around. And on the inside of that area, it makes sure that you’re
not wrapping it too tightly to avoid snagging and
messing up your cable. So you just wrap that up in there like so. Then other thing Apple
did with these cables is they took off that little notch. There used to be a little thing on there that you could notch on and
click the cable to itself. That’s gone too. So what they’ve done is
they’ve built this in here. You pull the cable through
and lock it in, like so. Now the cable’s not going anywhere. Now you have something
that makes a lot more sense when you’re trying to travel. So you just take this,
throw it in your bag, and you’re on the go. Then, whenever you wanna use it, simply unlock it, unwrap it a little bit. You can just unwrap it to
the point where you need, then lock in the rest so it doesn’t get all crazy all over the place. Plug in to your MacBook,
MacBook Pro, et cetera, and then take the other side, again, just leave this whole thing on there, and plug it into the wall. Super easy, super
creative, super simple way to manage your MacBook charger. And by the way, this turns, so if you really wanted
to keep the cable short and sticking out, you
could just turn it like so, and then pull and lock, and now the cable is right there. Again, this works with the
MacBook Pro 13 inch and 15 inch. So those are both the Apple 61 watt and 87 watt USBC power chargers. It also works with the chargers for the pre-2016 MacBook Pro. So those are the 60 watt and 85 watt MagSafe and MagSafe 2 power adapters. Inside, the cable reel stays
attached to the adapter, even when it’s plugged in, eliminating the need to deal with a pouch or any loose accessories. And it comes in multiple
colors, by the way. So it’s vegetable-tanned leather, and again, available in different colors. So this one is called the black striped. Here’s one of the other
colors for the Power Play. This one is mahogany and ivy. And there are a couple other
colors available as well. You can pick up your own Above
the Fray Power Play for $35. I’ll leave links down
in the description below to where you can get it. Let me know what you think, guys. I actually like this a lot. This makes it a lot easier to travel with the MacBook Pro charger, because usually I’m just
kinda trying to bunch it up, and trying to fold it up,
and trying to roll it up up on itself and everything,
and it’s just not the most convenient thing to carry around. This makes it a lot easier, and anything that makes
my tech life easier is something I appreciate. Let me know what you think, though. Let me know if it bothers
you as much as it bothered me when Apple, number one,
eliminated those little wing tips that you could use for the cable, and number two, got rid
of that little latch that allowed the cable
to latch onto itself. Those two things, pet peeves of mine. Drop a like on this video
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so much for watching, guys. As always, I’m Andru Edwards, and I’ll catch you in the next one.

13 thoughts to “BEST MacBook Pro Cable Management! Above the Fray Powerplay Review”

  1. What's up #TechSquad? What do you use to keep your cables neat when you're on the go?? Any cable management tips?

  2. Agreed. The power cable was very travel friendly before. Why would they take away the wings and notch?! So annoying.

  3. I love apple people. Apple makes something inferior and gets rid of tons of the features that are great, and people have to buy 3rd party devices to fix the problems that the left.. and people are ok with that.. smh

  4. I don't get why apple would get rid of the built in cable management function. Those cost almost nothing to add, and increase the overall value of the product.

    Anyway, for such a simple accessory, it is really overpriced. While not leather, there are many cheap cable management accessories in the sub $5 range, or if you have a 3D printer, print one of the many clip on cable wraps. Beyond that, the leather looks nice, but the markup is really steep to get it.

  5. cool video, yes losing the cable management solutions and MagSsfe were/are incredibly annoying. I personally manage my MBP 15" charging cable with a large 20¢ rubber band, but this is much more versatile a solution.

  6. really dig the channel and the gear that you showcase! came to the channel looking for a TV and found a world of other stuff I now want lol ! got my subscription.

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