Best Laptop Speakers under 30$ (Mixcder MSH-169) – BSR #4

Best Laptop Speakers under 30$ (Mixcder MSH-169) – BSR #4

Hi everyone, Gio here, and if you want to
step up your laptop audio game, I’ve got something for you. The Mixcder MSH169 are a set of laptop speakers that are pretty surprising given their price tag. First off, the design is on point: the gray,
black and gold color combo is quite awesome, and they sport simple and elegant lines with
a compact form factor. They’re extremely light, which makes sense
for a couple of laptop speakers, but on the other hand they don’t feel terribly solid,
given that they’re mostly made out of plastic. They sport 4 single diaphragms, two on front
that work as main drivers, and two on the sides for some extra bass. Besides, while the top is completely clear,
on the bottom you’ll also find some anti-slip feet to keep them in place. To plug them into your laptop you’ll just
need a free USB port to power them up, and your 3.5mm jack to transfer audio. I’ve tried them for both music listening and
video watching, and as expected they blow off the water any built-in speaker. You can control the volume through the scrolling
wheel behind the right speaker, and they do get really loud despite the just 6 watts of
power required. The sound signature is definitely aimed towards
the lows, with a clearly present bass in all cases. Speaking of bass, you do lose a bit of detail
on the very lows, as they can only reach 100Hz, but it’s in line with most speaker sets in
this price and size range. Apart from that, I’m pretty satisfied with
their overall response for both music and movies. One minor complaint I have is that the cable
linking the speakers is a bit too short, so if your laptop is larger than 15″ you won’t
have much freedom to move them around. All things considered, if you use your laptop
as a media consumption device, they represent a decent upgrade over your built-in speakers,
and they’re a super affordable option at just 30$.

16 thoughts to “Best Laptop Speakers under 30$ (Mixcder MSH-169) – BSR #4”

  1. Great job Gio. The video looks great.
    I actually tried something similar to these a while back. I don't think they were that good though.

  2. You have SO MANY speakers and headphones. If you ever run out of storage space, don't hesitate to send me a couple.
    Jokes apart, great review man! Loving BSR! And of course beautiful shots as usual!

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